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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets stung by a terrifying Tarantula Hawk! 

Boasting the world’s 2nd most painful sting, the Tarantula Hawk also happens to be the largest species of wasp in North America! These enormous spider wasps are most notorious for their macabre breeding habits but are also becoming well known for their ranking on the insect sting pain index. Only trailing in behind the bullet ant in terms of “sting pain” Coyote felt it necessary to experience this fear inducing sting before taking on the highly anticipated bullet ant challenge.

So will this be the end of the line in Coyote’s sting quest…or will Coyote pass his final exam before meeting the “king of sting”? - the Bullet Ant

Get ready to witness Coyote’s most painful video yet!

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Jonah Trezise
Your allowed to show emotion
Charlene Zinampan
cayote is *AMAZING*, if I see a red ant on my arm, I act like this, my gaaadd
Dragon Hunter
Try moving your body before your arm
Emanuel Cerros
Why doesn't the camera men do it they just keep talking s they don't even know how painful it is
Deven Das
This show is so good man
Deven Das
HOLY CRAP, that intro was hard to watch
Carson Gile
you are crazy brave
Crushingskull 12
Mark: are you okay should we be worried

Coyote: no I just can't move my arm
koda dufour
that made my hand hurt in my arm you are very brave
CoyoteLover B
i fell like you are going to loose that one arm from pain but i love you coyote and i love your name!
Zohin 35
"secret trailer for Fallout New Vegas (2010)"
Rikki H
can you make a viodoe with rhett and link on good mythical moreing
i want you to get stinged by a snake!
Storks Videos
Why did he skip number 3 on the pain index and go straight to 2
Pavel Dhadwar
Picks up rock but doesn't do anything with it
Forbidden videos
you are crazy men woooow i can't believe that !
Ultra 15
Your like one of the bravest people in this world.
maçarico do vlad
Fidget Spinner
Oh my good
you should just stab yourself in the chest and record it
sid smith
Hi there, I was wondering if I may get your attention.
could you do one on
Japanese Giant hornet? what rank is that? I'm quite interested. thanks
Geometry Craft
Ryan Scarlett
I'm coyote Peterson and today I'm going to fight a colony of bears with a twig.
(Gets bitten super badly)
Mark: you okay man
I want mark to be his own meme omg
chris miller
im cyote peteerson im about to enter the fart zone sits on tolet screaming
Pandaz AJ
Coyote: *Gets Stung by Tarantula Hawk then screams in pain *

Mark: Are you ok?
Sweatermittens Minecrafter
Gets stung

Me: |(O-O)/ wut
Jonas Øverby
90% of this channel is basiclly screaming
Aaron Toro
why did you throw yourself on the floor
Amie L
nightmare inducing. I'm sweating.
Choco Boy
deserves more suscribers than pewdiepie
Rifky Zaidani
I think you have a pair of god's hands and a steel valor. Do not forget, rubber lips😗
1972 Ere du stup
Chuck Norris stings them back
Stella L
Victoria smith
I have one important question.why?.
And oh I'd love to see this dude try labour.hehe
Blan Tor
I'm coyote Peterson and I'm going to go shopping with my girl friend
iluminati confirmed
You are my Hero
Gamer and toys Sings Jessica Galea
Why why did you did this oh my god I feel so much bad
ㄷㄷ 괜찮아요?
richi shine
you are awsommeeeeeee.
Plums Of Steel
The camera man always says "are you alright?" 😂😂😂😂😂
Bill the BOSS!!
Gets stung 1 minute later starts making sand angels!!😂😂
Nishant Gogna
If his name is really Coyote, he was born for this.
Iken Villarta
11:47 giggity
Callie Ledford Sings
The welts at 3:25 looked like pimples
Raul Jr Villanueva
love your vids
it looks like a miniature cazadore
Kevin Marcial
Make a video of a tarantula hawk paralyzing a tarantula
Karan Bagri
This guy defies science he shouldn't be able to walk with balls that big.
Masashiro Knight of Cookieland
Okay but why is it called a Tarantula Hawk if it's neither an arachnid, nor an aves. SO WHAT EVEN. (I'd assume because it hunts spiders like hawks hunt mice)

That said, it looks great!
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