Define fly subbed now I can act smart to my friends!
Bailey Goodman
psychic harmonic
The force is real, I am learning the ways of the darkside. the earth as we know it is doomed.
great, Star Wars now has Tribbles...
Andrew LeDuc
look at the end where kylo reaches out his hand. he has no scar. so it's a flash back of the new Jedi order being destroyed? maybe suggesting to give his hand to Luke or maybe that's how snoke is mauled
501st legion
Eli Middleman
Just watched it. No Sith Lord on top of the canyon
Cheyne Hessler
Definitely a lot of subtle hints and possible diversions in this trailer. Kylo standing in darkness and looking out into the light at the very beginning. Luke explaining this won't end the way you think, in a scene very similar to a shot w/ Rey earlier in the trailer. Hinting at the all too obvious...
Deon Pemberton
The Darth Maul is a LIE
elieatmoorepizza canada
you're stupid
Lord Grimlock 125
chewbacca is the new badass and the porg is the new chewbacca
Elijah Khaira
His scar goes as at the end it's not there
Elijah Khaira
This is more like 10 import things that was in the trailer
Everyone saying maul can’t be in it cause he died in REBELS?? Rebels has nothing to do with the movies you dumb fuckers
Bradley Bottrell
yes yes
Jared Castro
Bro it is just going to be like the battle of hoth
Joe Gpop
I subscribed
This video was pointless everyone has noticed these things already
Patrick McCervera
i subscribed
Kylo Ren or someone else kills Luke. Finn kills Phasma, or Phasma betrays Kylo. Rey kills or injures Kylo Ren, or Luke saves her from death (thats how Luke dies.)
Tom Hall
PORG - Person Of Restricted Growth
Nicky the Fish
I don't care about anything except seeing this movie .. I have waited 40 years for this ... Yee Haw little doggies
Jon Rasanen
same scenes over over over over and ooooover zzzzzzzz
Alexis Bourdon
I didn't subscribed ! (and I won't)
Who else thinks kylo ren is the son of professor snape?? 😂😂
"10 things you missed, let's start with something you noticed."Not complaining, just thought it was funny.
Louis Varre
So, I'm curious as to why this author believes that these 10 items were somehow 'missed?' Not trying to split hairs to be a douche but really? You'd have to not have a head to consider any of this 'missed.' I'm confused I guess.
Aurora Ruiz
I dont want Jedis fue they aré part ir the móviles of Star warsi miss princess leía
James Barker
If you listen closely when he smashes his helmet he says let the parents die
ryan runearth
oh yeah , I thought of this in 98' after the new editions came out ...'' be rad if luke came back for a follow up , then 1-3 came out , and bam !. 789' life !. lol
o and c and s
I subscribed
o and c and s
The books are the books of the wills
Nathan Combs
The gloved hand on top of the books is a right-handed glove so it cannot be Luke ( his right hand is mechanical) and unless Rey decides to dawn gloves, I think it's Kylo Ren's. Do you think Snoke sent him there to get them maybe?
first contact
Literally didn't miss any of this
shae vvizla
all in all anything is better thnan the force awakens lol
shae vvizla
darth maul died in the animated series
Whisper Fox
The thumb nail is so clickbaited
Fluffy Dusty
These aren't things you missed
Teodor Dimokenchev
This guy's voice is the most boring thing I've heard.
roddy register
Thats not hard core lightsaber training
blabla blacksheep
maybe.. most of the scenes in the trailer didn't make it to the actual movie 😂
Callum Williamson
Enough lie commit strategy lower grand British about development singer.
dikintheass i was really hoping darth maul would return, i really hope this video gets demonetized
Just got clickbated. Again.
Godwin Tiu
kylo didn't die, the planet exploded woah
This isn't a "10 things you missed" video, its simply a "reviewing what was in the trailer" video...
Porgs... pfft...
Can't stand this guys lazy accent, often slurring words together...made it to 5:00 to see nothing new.
Matts Vlogs
Does she actually turn to the dark side
Clinton Mullins
I subscribed. Love it can’t wait to go see
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