Someone M
Only 8 seconds in and I'm already lmao
Sooo funny! Too cool!
El Chapo
What's it like being rich?
Kailey Nino
I don't need to film a montage going to Hawaii cuz I live in Hawaii
Rising Market Group
Im so glad I was able to discover this channel!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love your vlogs!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!! instant SUPER FAN!
Wdeemar Wdeemar
You kids are crazy.... ok I love it.
Isabella Hernandez
You montage are the best
Belle Phelps
What's the song used for the montage
Shashi Yerra
I like David's vlog because you can find out it was clickbait faster
•Mysically crown•
O im from sweden..
Demarius Washington
i hate your girlfriend because she was talking shit on Google +
Makenna Sexton
I love the videos but I think they should be longer
Mell Messias
claudio catalano
Kind my house similiae
The intro made me cry 😂😂😂
DJ Alex01
bona la tipa
Jenna Blue
It was 4:20 😂
Laxmi Viswanathan
Liza:I have a boyfriend
Keri Paul Vlogs
scecilia joe
I love them . I could watch them all day
Royce - 808BandGeek
I live in Hawaii psh but I still can't afford myself food XD. It ain't paradise where I live!
What's the montage song?
Delana Trujillo-Johnson
Goofy people like her, I wonder what they are like in bed. Like, super loud and crazy or what?
Delana Trujillo-Johnson
I was about to say YouTube pays way too much. Lol.
Derpy Gaming
The video time is 4.20 YYEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHH
Reem Alsaadi
Puja Chap
Did anyone notice David always wears black
Ginny Weasley
Are you guys married yet come on your perfect
Marquez Vongxay
Carmel XD that is relatable my best friend die at the age of 9 this year and about last month. If u wanna see if he is real and passed away search up 8 year old drowns at rushing river. They got his age messed up then they got it correct after. This was in canada 😭😭😭 pls like whoever saw this
Marquez Vongxay
Literally my baby sister has that exact curious George jack in the box
Shikhar Bhatnagar
Maria Eduarda Do Nascimento
deveria ter legenda em português 💥💔😯
Miguel Valdez Lopez
Next time, I just wanna see Liza showing the entire house in character.

"Is someone pulling in the driveway?"
"Yeah, must be my gardener. Let's go out. Through the back door. Now."
How are you
i want it
I thought polar bears Were extinct! Liza koshy 2k17
'A elavator!'
'A grill!'
'My girlfriends grill!'
'No seriously,a elavator!'
Marios Kyriakoudes
I died at 0:45
Ashly patel
Xx _Kaiz_ xX
I live in Hawaii :3
Waianae, Oahu :P
Amanda Paris
You guys are seriously the cutest!!
Laura Jukes
I love ur bunny and hiiii
juan deag
Mary Armstrong
"The Sauna!"
I fucking choked lmaoo
Britney Lovecraft
Mika playing in the beginning?!?!

I love this video already
Apoc goodman
wait. 14.8 million, at 10k per night, that shit would pay itself off so fast? who wants to invest 14.8 million in me? a perfectly trustworthy stranger on the internet
Counter Doritos7
At 2:06 I heard a ding I check my text messages and I realized it was in the video. Still lonely! (:
rebecca likes potatoes
what is the song they use in the montage????
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