David Montoya Fortes
I support Jamie Oliver, i'm Spanish and I don't understand why the people in Spain are offend.
By the way, Jamie, we don't have a president in Canada as you commented at 1:36, so are we another population calling you a Terrorist?
riri r
Talk about tolerance.
So, what's Spanish for "I wave my private parts at your aunties"?
Scott Jordan
The title of this video is everything.
Marina Florez Rodrigo
Really Paella is an amazing dish and you shouldn't mess with the ingredients, it is the same with tortilla
Xavi Sánchez
Ouh well Jamie... Stop being an ignorant... I'm sure it taste delicious, but don't call it paella, cause is not a paella, the Britt's have being doing that for years, boiling rice add some chorizo and call it paella... Should I call a meatloaf beef wellington? It has meat in it! Isn't it?
Jose Werther
So, Jennifer fancies some chorizo, huh?
I only feel bad as a Canadian that he said he was talking to the President... of Canada...
Maria Castillo
Spain, you have MUCH bigger problems than chorizo in paella. 😂😂😂
Jack Goodman
Ferrán adriá should try his personal recipe of Shepherd's pie and stuff it with chorizo, gummy bears and chicken Mc nuggets. Then we would be even.
André Oliveira
and now he just offended the Canadians. You were in Canada talking to the president???? We are a parliamentary democracy, which means we have a prime minister, not a president. By the way how's the president Theresa May doing over there?
Marcos Teruel
I like Jamie Oliver but i cannot accept this, im Valencian and ill tell you, you won't taste anything better than paella
02:12 "you sound delicious right now"
Original paella is a very specific dish from Valencia, other than that it's not paella. Don't take too seriously people winning about it in this comment section, when you are on vacation in Spain you are probably not handed proper paella and you probably still like it. What matters is it was a genuine opportunity to bash jokes on someone who's thought to be cultured on something. No bad feelings.
Jorge Fragoso
Spanish people love chorizo...but that monstrosity can't be called paella....
Sepehr Mn
It's not fare to Jamie. He's the best.
Supreme Wolf MT
Jeez, and I thought Serbs and pretty much everyone in the Balkans was aggressive and salty about this kind of stuff...But these comments here.... I'd take anything over these comments here. XD
I'm Spanish and I prefer the classic paella, with its balance of flavours, but I understand that there can be more modern versions adapted to other cultures. We are very used to chorizo and when we add it we feel it hides other flavours, but for a British that has recently discovered chorizo and doesn't eat it on a regular basis, it can be delicious. No dramas, the original paellas were made with many ingredients not used nowadays like eel, duck, water rat...
Lucas Rackley
0:37-well that's a bit uncalled for.
in his post he called it his version, so why are people so offended by changes of a recipe?
if you want to see great reactions and comments go and see the video "Donal Skehan one pot pasta"
it's GOLD!
Jossan Hernandez
Wasn´t the chorizo, was the fact of destruction of a basic-cultural and ancestral recipe of Spain!!! it's like treating to change the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci (greetings from México)
Kyzeran Peyro
I really like jamie and his recipes, but I can tell you right now there's a reason why such an old recipe does not include chorizo in it. Chorizo it quite strong, it absolutely doesn't fit the recipe, and I don't like abusing the typical: "Hey I'm spanish, I know what I'm doing" because even in my country they call paella to some dreadful recipes, but I'm from Valencia, and I've been cooking and eating paella since I was a little boy so, trust me on this.
Jose Antonio del Barrio Gonzalez
I´m spanish and i´m sure that almost of that people only want to do a joke. Even a lot of spanish people call "paella" to type of rice that ther isn´t. I think that Jamie only wanted to learn about spanish food, culture and do a good job and he got it.
Dipesh Khadgi
Jamie got barbecued on this one 😂😂
Earl Jehosephat Hickey
a hacer paella con cosas a tu pais
Carmen González
most overrated chef ever
He seems to be so cocky and selfish..
nook chorris
yo jamie, you can do paella any way you want (thats the way we all do it), but if you post a picture of it, the paella talibans will attack you if its not the original ingredients, whatever they are (see? i dont even know them or care about it)
because in spain, instead of treating paella like the italians do with pizza, to the point of allowing even pineapple in it so you can export it all over the world, we have to go medieval on you for some twisted reason
ohhh poor lad. I remember it, it was all for fun. People weren't really THAT upset.
We Spaniards have a very dark sense of humour.
so which president was he talking to in Canada?
Totalnic 21
This is hard to understand to most of english speaking people because you don't have a solid food culture like countries from Mediterranean zone and Latin America
Nadie de Interés
Please people, don't think we are savages, we have a dark sense of humour.
Jorge Lastra
So polite this spanish people,they will never learn.
goodaim shield
HAHAHAHA. All the comments were light hearted. They didn't mean to hate on you, they were just playing around, and some are very funny. Excdept the last one, that I must say is rude. Also, the problem is not the chorizo. Spanish people love chorizo, (guess were the word comes from), the problem is adding it to the paella, lol. I love chorizo, and I love paella, I could eat paella with chorizo perfectly, in fact, I did, in England, I guess Brits only like it with chorizo XD. But that is Paella + chorizo, not just Paella. Paella as a traditional dish doesn't have chorizo. You can add whatever you want, paella is cook differently in every Spanish region, but let's face it, chorizo is a strange ingridient to add. However, he is not the first one to add chorizo to rice, we've been doing that in Spain for centuries. I think that most poeple were laughing not only because of the chorizo, but because he thought he had somehow do something original, when he didn't. And again, people were just joking around, though the last comment I would consider rude. I don't think most people were that offended. About the death threats, again, hey were just joking, though I guess some people are way too rude even when joking, but no one is going to kill you for adding chorizo to your paella XD
Sebastian Lee
the name of beauty girl pls
Ami Amaranta
If you need chorizo so the paella is tasty, you don't even know how to make it flavourful!
Saige Connolly
Jamie need to lighten up a bit
lea rodriguez
would it change the spanish peoples minds if hed done the proper traditional paella..and then do hes take on the paella...would it be any different...does it have something to do with the title of the paella video here in youtube,the dark comments about jamie?
Isn't a "paella" if you do it with a casserole.

Paella is the instrument, the dish is "Arròs a la paella"/"Paella d'arròs", if you make with a casserole then it is an "Arròs a la cassola" and there some recipes have chorizo.
Invisible Retards
im surprised this vid has only 19k views, this is outrageous and hilarious
Casrv Sfv
This man doesn't understand our sense of humour...I know people who wrote things just to have some input into the trend, they were thinking of what ridiculous thing to publish! This man should see what we did with the ridiculous Madrid mayor's English during the Olympics campaign XD. It trended too for weeks there are parodies with millions of views on YouTube.
We like chorizo but never never in the paella
Sorry jaime but in spain you are just a cook well not only in spain italy amd france your food is not good enough ✊✊💦💦
It is amazing how unapologetic and condescending this Jamie guy is. I mean, Gordon is just doing his thing, which is to make other people laugh. But the others... God.... how ignorant, all of them. "Chorizo would sound great right now".... That is not the point. Chorizo itself is not the problem. Chorizo is not from the region of Valencia and therefore is not part of the ingredients list on a paella. Paella is not Andalusian. Paella is not from Madrid. Paella is not British. Jamie Oliver is not Spanish, let alone from Valencia. Period.
Nellie K. Adaba
Even his re-imaginaning of Nigerian dishes offended some Nigerians. Poor Jamie
Gonzacrack 56
The paella is our most traditional food in Spain and if we cannot change the hamburger you can't change the paella. But nice try.
A rice dish with veggies and chorizo is acceptable. But the best way to ruin a true paella made with seafood is to add chorizo: you won't be able to taste any seafood LOL.
Yomom Yomom
Way too funny and so uncalled for. We should just congratulate any Brit for even cooking something half way edible.
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