Pooper Reel - Animal Show Host Gets Pooped On...A LOT!

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We all know that Coyote Peterson LOVES animals but sometimes they don’t love him back... and if you’ve been watching Breaking Trail then you already know how many of his wildlife friends have decided to POOP on him to prove it!  Since most shows traditionally have “Blooper Reels” at the end of a season we found it a little more fitting to instead have a POOPER REEL! 

Over the course of Breaking Trail Season 1 Coyote has taken some seriously stinky hits from all sorts of animals and this video will help us all remember just how often Coyote gets himself covered in poo to help teach us more about wildlife.  

Although there are only a few more videos left for season 1 we hope you enjoy this episode...it's a REAL STINKER!  

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments throughout North America! 

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Phillipino Puppy
Christine Gillespie-Facer
He didn't deserve it
Julian Rehm
I❤️ What you did ✅
Maia Ysabelle Gutierrez
omg haha I can't stop laughing hahahahahahahah
Maia Ysabelle Gutierrez
haha hahahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maia Ysabelle Gutierrez
Kristin Chia Bao Yi
A bird pooped on my friend's sandwich and she almost ate it but her sister yelled, "STOP! THERES POOOOOO!!!!!!" 😂
Lps Fire Crystal
"And poop slime that smells like the end of the world"
minecraft quartzite
lol pooper reel 😂😂😂😂
- Jai
Right now i inhaled some toast painfully do I have it worse
little claw paws
how to troll someone

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Ariel Gavrian
yes I saw that part too and it was really funny I was laughing really hard I think coyote should be careful when looking up and a better booty cuz you know they say what goes up must come down
Chantelle Desrochers
can you get pooped on by a elephant
Madison Ho
Go Diva
...I don't have a sense of smell...
John O'Callaghan
I love you .
Vince Huerta
ewwwwww good it not git on his mouth
Alivia Cupcake
Banana, do more poop!😅😄
Maria Clayton
coyote can u do more episodes with poop PLEASE~
Vulture Aid
guess what coyote....

Carolyn Gergely
I've been pooped on by a duckling
Killer champ
shahan ali vlogs
Mike Ng
I would not liked to get pooped on
Mike Ng
I'm eating chocolate ice cream while watching this
Jack The Ripper
3:42 just close your eyes and listen 😂
Owen Davis
I'm going to wash the poop out of my eye in the poop infested water. But then he noticed it.
Owen Davis
It seems like everyone loves this sh#%
Noha Kassim
Mary Anne Lauriano
💩😝 gross man
Lightning PRO
Smells like the end of the world 😂😂😂😂
keem all
Is Gila monster poop venomes
ThePugLord // JoinThePugArmy!!!
1:42 : "I think he deserved it..."

Me: *Takes to monkey cage at zoo
Me: Pushes her in
Me: "Hey boys, go crazy!"
the pets
marjoria Owens
can I call you poop man 💩💩💩💩💩💩
Joshua Knapper
at 5:29 u can see the poop dangling from its butt hole
Well Lucky Oreoz he was standing under them looking up so they were not mean
Bhavishya Chandak
your so dirty man
taeryn blevins
does coyote know that the girl and that boy are talking crap to him?
taeryn blevins
that girl was to mean!!!! we have to many bad people in our world!!!!!
Emily Gonzalez
"What a beautiful little turtle" then it poops lol
dylan gutierrez
it is poop
Maria Roblero
hasta ha ha ha !!!!
Makenna James
That piece of poop was not big at all my poop is sometimes bigger then that
Harper Agee
Een zwarte
100! Poep
Kevin Parra
Hayden Adams
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