Sadly Jellydonut
Energeticshadow Playz
Energeticshadow Playz
meh Sais Hearty italian Veggie Patty is Ma Favourite SUb
Pikachu Fan
Do they actually call it soobway In Arizona or is that just What you call it Because in Tennessee we call it Subway
Purpleslimevsgaming 1
I always get a blt with provolone cheese baked with cucumbers, salt, pepper, mayo, and ranch on flat bread
Nicole Levy
3:20 yup lol
Jonathan Higginbotham
What I get:
Food poisoning
Pause as 3:01
Kafu Chino
2:14 this is a robbery
Joaquin A
morigin potato crack
Roast beef~~~~~....
Ordinary Stickman
Pause at 3:01 at the right time
DaGang Finnerz
Sooubway part 3 Baby (Solves all ya problems.) JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tracker Bro
Poobasaur NotSmith
Were they out of turkey?
Lauren Messier
Sooubway part 4 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
Mary Schlegel
We aren't strangers we are subs
RedFoxGaming RFG
Hey James did you hear they removed pastrami from the menu?
not what i wonted to put
;-; but the meatball was typicly what i order (though now i have the bmt every so often)(i also count hlw meny meatballs they put on (8 typicly) and i ushually eat it in about nine bites somehow (one for each meat ball and one for the extra bread that tends to not have a meat ball) now that i think about it it seams kindof odd
Aqua Evil
I want 2 likes and only 2
lucy wahome
Blablabla where vampires
Ginny Raker
Yeeesssssssss mystery youtuber
Kid Version
what i get in subways

how to get to burger king or wendys or mac donald XD i dont like subway
exodrynamix JT
Oscar Andrew
I like the B.M.T more
the meatball sooubway is my favourite though ._.
The Trickshoter
BRUH I did some math and he earned 130,000 from the three videos!!!!! WTF!?!?!?
Ellen Meijer
Jaden plays
Fake Hoodini
1:22 and also because of ENGLAND IS MY CITY (my notification played "England is my city")
Cadence Grunau
Im just an underpaid sandwich artist im dead 😂
cory looked like one of the lazer tag hunters. the one with the black hair
Julio Amaya
hi James
Travis Jarman
I love the turkey Italiano
Ben Tabot
Hiiiiiiii James 😀
Lara . 078
Dude this video is translated into 16 languages
Dimondgaming YT
If you pause at 3:01 sad girl reflection is screaming with red eyes
Zachary Nugent
Soooubway for dinner last night
Potato Man
What I get:

Italian bread

So nice :)
Mr. Roque4t
3.600.000 лимона?! Поздравляю Джеймс

P.S. поработай над голосом
Luna harmony 1987
Am I the only one who likes meatball marinara
Silverswag 2004
Did anyone see the thing at 3:01
Underswap papyrus
Eric Dawson
Hey James this is how I rember your name it rhymes with NAMES
Without the lipstick, the lady looks like a dying fish (1:48)
Nayely Chavez
O my goodness so can related!!! I work at subway! I hate the formula of six and six and honestly the whole being customers thing got me in trouble because a lady came in who was homeless on national sandwhich day and complained about it came up to 10 dollars for a cold cut and medium soda. She was rude and racist to me and I was pregnant at the time. So you can say I hate it! And I quit so im glad this is all over.
Chicken Permission
I get either a steak or roast beef on a italian herb and cheese with peperjack cheese toasted, then onions, jalapenos, lettuce, baby spinach, and chipotle southwest sauce.
I thought you were that kind of person that will take the one that is similar to the one you called for
Chicken Permission
Okay you're a little overly nice
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