Sooubway Part 3

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Were back with another exciting chapter of my life. Sooubway Part three! Even with three of these videos, there are still some stories that I left out. (so maybe a part 4 will come out next year ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
The lesson I want you to take from these videos is be nice to fast food and retail employees.

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Jasper The Bee
James, the people at taco bell started remembering me...
what duress that mean
Lindy Lyda
make a fourth!
Pixie Chan
When I was with my dad at his work I said
"Soooooooubbbwayyy" and my dad and his friends said "subway?"
"No sooubwayyy" shows them the video
I finally found the turkey Italiano
Nikey_Boy Gaming!
At 3:01 to 3:02 look in the mirror!!!
Jayden Nixon
Find the difference
who else seen the angry face in the mirror
Head Reindeer
what does one of the guys look like grian or jazza
Am I the only one who saw that Demon Girl without pausing? 3:01
Lps Hockey
This isn't the hundrend time I've seen this I ate a subway sandwich today
Anthony Lizzie
3:00 creepy girl in da mirror
Hope he does a part 4 his getting a lot views with these videos
HAH. My freezer record is my WHOLE SHIFT. (The trick is to turn of the freezer or bring layers and layers of blankets.)
Jamesen Potr
wow james is almost at 3mill cool!
Soobike This Video
Liam Stewart
make part 4
Mr. Neon
You are really funny and cool to watch! Love the animations so I understand what you say! The commentary is hilarious! This is on way to express yourself in a humorous way. Keep up the incredible YouTube work!
Lulu Taher
Nick Gaming
James can u make me a sub-scriber
Mia Mtz
1:23 Why does he have a knife if he's supposed to handle the food with he's hands?
OkxyAlly MSP
Mary Mi
Almost getttin' that sweet 3 Million
Gordon Kwong
Can you make a sooubway part 4 please!!!!
Radioactive Muffin
I love sooubway
Johannes Hvidsten
Plz sooubway part 4
AgateSubset animates
6:45 did anyone notice this is that tonyVtoons on the corner
Mazhar Ali
Seriously, does every YouTuber work at some random store before coming to YouTube,
And now you work at sooubway
Twenty One Pilots At The Disco
Part 4?
armin theminer
hey, the guy you first mentioned is the only type of guy/girl at the subway near my dorm
Sooway part four??
Jaydn Wilkins
One person recognized me for what I ordered
gabriel judge
Can you make a number 4 plz.
Kyle Camden
Why do you say sooubway
denny jeon
why does he say sooubway not subway
6.9 million views :)
Your roommate looks like the person that didn't give you your turkey sandwich c:
Noah Billios
press s in the search bar and sooubway its the first pick
Sentry Animaker
6:42 Tony
Chara,frisk and asriel Dreemurr
I know ur pain of strangers knowing ur name on a game my name has my real life name on it and people call me "____"(Not putting it there) and I feel so awkward cause I don't know them irl
komajiro army
were is part 4
Yuuri Nikiforov
The subway guy at my near subway gave my nephew a free cookie but you didn't give a girl whose parent died one wjhrkdhdjdjd
Kittycatlover B.
I actually come to a gas station like 2 times a week and the guy there remembers me like I come with my siblings (I'm 10 I kinda have to) and one time we came without my oldest brother and the guy was like "your missing one what happened?" And we told him he was just at Boy Scouts.
Crystal Youth Games
Hey, im from arizona
fighting cookie
this channel needs more sooubway
Llamasaurus Rex
Actually, the Subway I go to, theres this one employee that remembers what I get, I dont even go there that often but.. for some reason she remembers what I get.
Homie Sloth
Is S00ubway an actual place or is he just saying that because he might get copyrighted?
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