Alien Attack Cold Open - SNL

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President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) addresses members of the military (Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Sasheer Zamata, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, Kate McKinnon) during an alien invasion.

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DaleRobby rear
Beast Factory Garage
Alec is just a bad product!!! shit person
Illegal aliens.
Ryan Picco
hey i voted for Trump and i still think this is funny shit!!! Love SNL
Idis Rodriguez
X. .
Idis Rodriguez
a ¡

9, y

, migra.
W.M. Aslam
I'm expecting 'Trump the movie' starring Alec Baldwin very soon.
loki apple
This is too much lol
james zwolinski
Your all not realizing something. liberals, democrates, republicans. These are ideas that people follow that are created ideas and cause separation between humans. Once you wake up and realize your Human, and have your own belief system that doesn't associate yourself with a group idea. Ask yourself, do you beleive in every idea of your political group. NO. Your views may be different, so you shouldn't have to associate your self with a group. Don't you see all the social engineering, and manipulation. Wake up people
if trump is the one leading us during and alien invasion, we're all fucked...
Donald Trump, mother fucker! Nothing but money, you have nothing. Nor brain!
May Lee
that nigger didn't look like an alien, it looked like a monkey
Rene' Cruz
Luke George
While SNL is joking around or so we know, I believe the government is really behind a false alien attack that will take place in the near future because we are brainwashed enough to believe it.
Sósúkê Aízén
😂😂😂😂so funny
Man from Dagestan
Жаль что я не знаю английский, хотя понимаю смысл разговора
The Players
Donald trump better watch this plz sub to me if you can
david williams
Babylon shall fall.
Mk DeBehnke
snl is garbage
Media Vizual
Alec Baldwin can suck a dick
Liam Young
Now this is what you call 'illegal aliens'.
Edward Black
Nice to see the failing SNL is losing ratings by the day!!! #MAGA
Alec, you deserve another Emmy. Absolutely.
ibrahim ß
vay mk .d..d
michael hall
my favorite so far
natalie h
If it weren't for Trump, Alec Baldwin and SNL wouldn't be making bank.
николай токарев
чуханы драные
rochelle Crump-mcnulty
Can Arnold please host SNL
Tawny Sunshine
LMAO!! "oooh, okay- no." LOL!!!!
Unreal Engine4
This is way funnier than the republican joke videos. All they do is over exaggerate about what 1% of liberals are like, and the republican is the voice of reason, while the liberal is completely over the top about equality. Somehow how it's funny? Only a couple of them are actually funny, the rest you can since the anger behind it
Kristina Cossa
"humans restince is futile, take me to your leader."
"it's him, he's the presedint,"
"No I'm not you are," "ha this is going to be so easy." favorite part of the video.
peppa pig
Jeez Trump's supporters have drunk so much Kool-Aid I think it's numbed their brains to satire.
Mel Camero
i hate how they always attack trump so am going to watch all the videos on youtube and online where they make fun of trump. lol
Shawn Gober
Alec Baldwin can thank Trump for bringing his career back. Making America Great again Alec. LOL.
They dissed Infowars. SHOTS FIRED.
стадо дибилов млять
M Py
The only good part of the trump presidency is that Alec baldwin keeps his job
norman edwards
@ anyone who gets mad because of a TV show making fun of anyone doesn't have a sense of humor or takes life way too seriously..and for trump supporters who gets mad about baldwin making fun of donald trump who really cares??? if you remember the trump-clinton debates he publically insulted hilary her husband and her family and not once did clinton insult trumps family not once!!! i mean the man has absolutely no class or dignity..and he certainly has no sense of humor..and he publically insults anyone who doesn't agree with him and his administration oh well that's tough shit..every ptesident before hin got roasted and made fun of and they just laughed it off..but not trump you make fun of him and off he goes on twitter tweeting like a baby having a vicious fit and insulting whoever it is making fun of him..and he wonders why hes so disliked and people laugh at him..oh well i guess with a approval rating of 35% percent and a disapproval rating of 57% percent the LOWEST IN AMERICAN AND US HISTORY i guess i wouldn't have much of a sense of humor and tweet like a moron who's paranoid all the time..lmao oh well hes a embarassment and a JOKE anyway 😄😂
Fried-Fish Gaming
OK the trump Jokes are getting overplayed
I support Trump

I find this hilarious
Tracy Vaughan
SNL just isn't funny anymore.
"Even Arnold?"
Ryan Robbins
lot of fat bitches in the military
mchavi 5
Calieb Clemons
18K dislikes are from the aliens at Zorblatt 9.
Daniel Liston
Ehh, about the only funny bit was the joke about the popular vote. The rest of the video was just talking points regurgitated in a comedic fashion. Nevertheless, SNL I'm sure, knows their audience well, and that's why they included those points.
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