Alien Attack Cold Open - SNL

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President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) addresses members of the military (Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Sasheer Zamata, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, Kate McKinnon) during an alien invasion.

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1:40 we are going to build a wall to separate us from the aliens
Patrick Laurent
we are going to bring coal bacc lol.nbc been very unfair to me lol
Crisp Cuts Landscaping
"One nacho... under bob... for bimbnity... and bubness... beebol." I fell off my chair.
Elizabeth Øtt
I think Alec Baldwin does a really good impression of Trump. It's on point.
Alec Baldwin you suck! Actually the whole SNL cast is trash now.
He gets his info from Fox News
I thought he would have said we need to build a wall
Gigi hadeed lol
Joseph Stefurak
A possible Alien Attack is no joke ! Their has been many Alien Spaceships sighted recently in the skies over Israel ! Many channelers have received communications from outer space Aliens that Aliens are indeed very concerned over the near future welfare of humanity on Earth ! In fact in Christianity it is taught that not only will their be an soon to arrive Apocalyptic Thermonuclear World War Three but that outer space Aliens are going to participate in this future War with advanced Alien weapons ! It is very much believed that World War Three will be between Russia vs the United States ! Clear evidence has been gathered that Aliens will be on the side of Russia ! American citizens need to start waking up and in a much more active fashion become much more responsible ! Americans need not put themselves in a position of enemy attack and retaliation in the first place ! Americans need to greatly build up the U.S. Military and Americans need to prepare in the way of self defense for a very possible soon to arrive Military Attack from Alien Spaceships ! A good place to start is the massive development of the Wilhelm Reich SPACEGUN ! It has shown itself to be very effective ! Best Wishes -- Joseph Stefurak
Vladik Gryn
The irony is that liberals think that this triggered Republicans but hey, who has the safe spaces?
Big Trump supporter here.....Alec Baldwin doing this never gets old it is fucking hilarious, why cant people take jokes anymore?
Of course its the second infantry division... Lmao!
"I actually heard zorblat 9 was very beautiful, very fantastic."

"oh my God, does he have business ties in zorblat 9?" 😂😂😂
I remember where Alec was doing impressions on Hunt for Red October.
Dilly Rosati
I have a question for you blind Trump supporters. Do you really think a stereotypical, racist, homophobic, sexist president who only feeds on your fears was the better choice then Clinton? Because Clinton has more experience, intellectual ability, and overall is way better at politics then the clearly unstable president we currently have?
Bubba & Princess
Haha, watched this while had Independence Day on in the background. Now there was a good president...
Raging Heretic
As it turns out, this is exactly how Trump acts during a crisis...just ask his staff.
as a trump supporter I find this pretty funny, love when they mention InfoWars and Alex Jones lmfao.
Animation Animal
we can build a wall
Nova AJ
Women don't go into combat
Susan mini Elsa
trebor wollid
this is just comedy, not a news source, nothing to be taken seriously, and a job these ppl are good at. If they can control your thoughts or emotions... the actor has completed their job. Grow up and learn that it is only t.v ppl
This is a depiction of false flag World war 3 planetary attack, fake alien attack brings the worlds governments together under one world order. The nwo.
Devin Cart
snl skits are hilarious but im really getting tired of the liberal left wing bias political views being shoved down my throat by them
Cindy Ibarra
T McGe
So, how long will the hate continue? If I don't vote for a liberaturd will liberal media come after me, bully me? Will they wear mask and riot at my home because I disagree with their ideology? Will liberals while wearing mask and bulling me burn our flag in my yard? Will I be prosecuted for disagreeing with them?
Serenity Rodriguez
This version of trump has much MUCH better hair
Emmie English
NOT FUNNY because its true.
Connor Ross
when I saw this
Connor Ross
I nearly died
Alex Swenson
this was hilarious
Robert Ladin
borg refrence. awesome
Juan Aguilar
At 3:40 butt hurts
Jesus Flores
Sometimes I wonder if trump supporters think that they are trump. Probably why they get so offended easily. Identity crisis
4.56: YAY! UK pronunciation of futile! (FEW-TILE!) rather than US (FEW-TILL)!! (Thank you Patrick Stewart!)
Jeremiah Mendez
Can someone right down 10 bad things that Obama did ?
Гриша Романов
I know this black guy over here loves Trump)))))))
First it was the communists, then it was the terrorists, now it's the aliens.
Dragonkid Shows
Do alotttt moreeeee
Bella Man
i dislike him but tbh he never said anything bad about black people
Dr. Steven Greer. Disclosure project.
Is this what Dr. Steven Greer was talking about..conditioning us for an even more dangerous threat....
So none of the current cast can do a trump impression and they have to hire an old actor ?
Jack Chris Ezio
i dont care for trump or anything but i find this a little corny.... i seen funnier no offense to this video or nothing but i am not feeling it shurgs
introverts unite anti-socialist try to get together
Raymond Carrisosa
fuck you snowflakes disrespecting the national anthem and the military and I just can't wait to see all the triggered liberals to leave comment's on this
I am NOT BUYING any sierras no matter how many ads you show me
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