Alien Attack Cold Open - SNL

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President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) addresses members of the military (Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Sasheer Zamata, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, Kate McKinnon) during an alien invasion.

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Life Of A Fangirl
I think "Oh my god does he have business ties on Zorblat 9" may be the best sentence I've heard all year
Susan da Silva
shape shifters.....
Hilarious! Only thing that could make it better would be if they erased the line and got more vicious about Trump.
Adam Hillman
Snl is very fake news
Snl is soo fucking white who the fuck watches this
Elastic Heart
The lip impersonation alone!! 😂😭😆😄and I love that most if not all the cast is in this segment! 😘
Bella Tavarez
I'm just amazed that my 5th grade teacher is in this video
Dark Vulture
kills alien trump loool
Sarah ndagire
this is us.? oh I love the show this is us but I can't watch it because it's on NBC and NBC has been very unfair to me!
Wtf is this race baiting bullshit? I am sick of garbage like this. I do not care what you think abotu Alex Jones or anyone. You do not have the right to make racist jokes especially pretending that our president and another man actually said this trash! I take offense to it being Black, and a veteran who is sick of people lying calling my commander in chief a racist with all non opinion evidence pointing to the opposite.
I love you USA !!! ))) greetings from Ukraine!
Sebastian Koller
extra female wealthy concerned proposed account rope.
S. S. D. D.
Barry Thacker
The Clintons sold all our uranium to Russia if they are too humane to use it we need it back?? So we can blow up the entire solar system. Not 1 of you can give me 1 good reason why the new world order should continue ruling( HILLARY) A bumper crop of idiots. CNN Reported that Trump puts black women and babies in the white house furnace for heat, that nigger is going to balance the budget. Nobody wants to talk to little old me case closed
I am afraid of Alec Baldwin will not be able to switch back to his personality if he goes on adapting to Trump's in this level.
Michael Hizami
I was actually surprised to find out SNL is still on the air. Even more surprising is the only relevant cast member is the fat kid from Good Burger... (that was 20 years ago)
There's a qualitative difference, and you all know it. All the leftist comedians and comedy networks do it. They might have a good natured chuckle about how Obama has big ears underscored by how great, charming, heroic, admirable and brave he is. It's not the same as the constant and consistent depiction of Trump as a despicable, mentally unstable, stupid, cowardly, traitorous, buffoon, selling America out with zero redeeming attributes. To equate the two is disingenuous. Of course they should be allowed to do it. And people should point out what's wrong with it.
Both Clintons got only slightly worse treatment than Obama, while Bush jr. got only marginally better treatment than Trump on the comedy circuits.
The bottom line, though, is that the palpable sense of pervasive hatred makes it hard to maintain a jovial humorous feeling watching it. It's hard to come away feeling uplifted. Whether or not their political views are the clearest views to have, it's not funny material, because the sense of hatred itself spoils the humorous mood.
Daniel Dixon
Alec Baldwin your not even funny!!!!
J Hughes
Do not disgrace the Second US Infantry Division. I served over seven years in it. Second to None. Why joke about your only hope as north Korea, Russia, sexual deviants, druggies, Iran, and terrorists are not joking
Bull boomboom
the best of the year please take all the oscars donald trump .
Davey Numz
SNL is DEAD hahaha
So bad....
lil Pants
Cecelia Perkins
Not funny! Sad this is all Alec got.
Of course, the two REAL Anunnaki women do not know that they are actually the extraterrestrial Mothers of manKIND. They probably don't know of the esoteric significance of the peacock either. Instead of knowing ourselves, we "Black people" are too busy desperately trying to "make it" in this spiritual wasteland. There's no more food, yet we're still "tryin' to eat!".
Cdubs B
Dude, if you're going to make fun of Infowars, make jokes about gay frogs, selling supplements, the fact that both of them took part in the wrestling scene, whatever. This is basic shit and unfunny.
"Now I've met Alex Jones! Very great guy. We met for dinner after a wrestling match. He is a true patriot, let me tell you. He puts ketchup on his steak. So there we were, eating dinner, and do you know what he told me? He told me that the biggest threat to America are lizard people. It's true. There are so many lizard people, it's disgusting. They have taken over every part of government and the media. They are secret ruling class. And the worst part of all; they're making our frogs gay. He told me 'Sir, you are an amazing man, and I believe that you could stop this. You should run for president.' And things got a little romantic afterwards, we shared a little kiss on the cheek, but I can honestly say that he is a great man with a great body. He cares about the American people and wants all of you guys to have decent water filters and healthy supplements. I'd trust him to have my back if we ever had to go in a brawl with the lizards, believe me."
Crow Migration
Finally original content from SNL
Savcı Beykan
Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene amk
Damon Walter
This is getting old real fast.
Stanky Nugz
Alex Jones is a knuckle dragging mouth breather.
icecream hero
Igarexa Drake
charlie laflamme
this was dumb...
J Critch-Rob
oh and theready500 die in a hole
J Critch-Rob
the only good thing about trump being president is good material for snl nothing else though
Kevin Learner
1:12 was this joke really that funny?
Thomas Duty
this "sketch" was complete garbage. whoever wrote it, is 2 steps away from being legally retarded. and, if found yourself laughing & thinking it was funny, i bet farting in the bathtub & smelling the bubbles, is something you believe is quality entertainment.
Demitri zolnerowich
Some trump supporters sure are huge snowflakes like trump. They get so butt hurt over a comedy show, but what I dont understand... if the show bothers you so much why do you trump lovers and trump keep watching it LOL
Marcus Lee
We're basically going to kill the MSM.
Hola Papa
I got a feeling that Trump is actually an alien.
Trusten Baker
This gets less and less funny the more Trump is being proven to be right about everything he said. I wonder how long SNL will do this for, you think the whole term?
Legend of Zelda 2
No comments about the alien gorilla in this sketch huh? She really does look like a racist gorilla
The only thing liberal media and liberals want to stay relevant is to talk Trump. Sad.
Baldwin is about as funny as a pay toilet in a diarrhea ward!!
Faatonu Samoala
I love this show, keep it coming..
French Pineaplliano
This is the most toxic comment section I have ever seen. It's comedy, I'm a conservative and I find this humorous.
Juan Vasquez
Fire your creatives. They suck
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