Dora the Ratchet Explora | Lele Pons & Inanna Sarkis

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Lele Pons
😂😂😂 THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Like the video if you want to see more like this!
Maddie Purtill
This was really cringy
No Jam Bro
"Oh no Swiper no swiping"
Best map ever!
Kittenfight_ 326
One of my favourites
KG Pink
HA! HA! HA! Ha, ha, ha! hee, hee, hee, I was laughing that day and people I know asked me!
ㄕ҉R҉O҉X҉Ⴤ҉M҉O҉D҉z δκετhεr
GET the mac
Stephanie Lopez
this dora for teenagers
Ivis Samuel Peralta
The part Dora jumps over the chair made me laugh so hard.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Khoi Nguyen Vlogs Nguyen
No no😭😭😭😭😭
Selma Nordstrand
wtf its this XD
Omarion Maldonado
Do we go thanks for nothing idot
Wenlud Lang
Ha!! I like the map
XXXArcticWolvesRule XXX
Yasmeen Payman
The swiper scene made me laugh l played it over and over soooo funny!
The Unknown
Dora wearing a frozen book ironic.
Starlight glimmer
I love it 😄
Abigail Serrano
Can you find the twerkers ??? Map map map 🗺
The hidden Seal
lol best vid ever
Suliana Muliaga
Inanna Sarkis actually looks like Dora the Explorer and sounds like Dora
Donnie- kun
The rap tho
بدر البدر
WhoTubes GT
that rap was sick do
Foxy The pirate
heyya mami IM THE MAP MAP MAP MAP thats my map he keeps us on track!
this channel has been terminated.
Nice boots.
Madison Dobre
If Dora was actually this I'd watch Dora every day and I'm 12 years old hahaha I love this Lele and inanna I know y'all are amazing
Marylan Ruiz
I love your videos lele 😃😻
Marylan Ruiz
I love your videos lele
Sophia Lozano
If this was dora this will ne lit
AKE Girls
Are ALL of your friends or family members ALL Latina and latino's
salma and chinney doll omar
Look at lele😍😍
master of motion
I laughed through the whole video 😂😂😂
Anime Chan :3
jajajajajaja está buenísimo
that was the most annoying thing i have ever seen in my life
ميار عماد
I laughed very very much, thank you for your efforts❤❤
Silvia Villal
It was. Hot 🌶
Chloe McElroy
Favorite part: we did it dance
Elin Blomström
So cute little boy
Viktorija Kučina
i am stressed out this is so weird XD
Love it
Love pony
jamal eddine belghiti
i love you so much lele and inanna
jamal eddine belghiti
انت جميلة
jamal eddine belghiti
Miriam Eva
skykar yt gaming
OMG😂😂😂 this like the adult version of dora😂😂😝😝 this is so funny😂😂😂😝😝
Rose Pektas
Btw i watched this soo many times
Rose Pektas
The map is the funnyest
Demi Langidrik
This was my fav show when i was little😂
taylor fan
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