Sanaa Lathan Drunk With Diddy & French Montana

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Sanaa Lathan Drunk With Diddy & French Montana







The Best TV
They drilled that pussy hard that night
Adrus Meredith
Looks like they bouta flip her imo
Please tell me they ain't ran a train on my bae, " Sanaa, Nooooooooooooooooooooo..... " ( in my Cole voice )
Tiffany Cushion
So what? Shoot she having fun!! I love her movies!
Horace Hall
Any time you hang with puff daddy that's not good.
Salvy Badgirl
If you look at her shoulders the whole time you will see another guys arm behind her that diddy didn't show.
R Jones
Choo Choo!
Seh Seh
Not Ms. Goodie 2 shoes...
Dlwilliams William's
ummmmm i think diddy an montana are the 1s we need to be worried bout (sus) 4 real!!
Blue Sky
Sanaa too old should know better! Damn
Blue Sky
French and puffy old asses playing her like that! Wrong! Someone needs to release puffy getting down with dudes!
Nikesha Jones
why Sanaa
Sammy the great
can u say gang banged
Carl Johnson
Ahh Man U know she took dick that night😂😂
Daron M.
Sanaa has a club thumb
Sterlin Jordan
I lost RESPECT for Sanaa after seeing this video Puffy and French are certify bisexuals germs
Üzeyir Cetinkaya
whats the Name of the Song, while they ridin in the car???????
Emily Rose
Typo because I was speaking with my microphone but y'all get the picture
Emily Rose
Wait 😳 Sanaa L is my Girl but I did not know she get down like that it is clearest day dishes back to get a train ran on her ❗️😂😂😂 oh my gosh girl get it together💅🏾 ................but I bet you guys see now how y'all favorite celebrities get down I'm sure she's not the only one a lot of these celebrities are fucked up just pay attention
She shouldn't hang out with guys that would leak her drunk video to get more followers, no class.
man i would have left my balls all up in sanaa oh my
Bnhbj Ujkkk
damn she a thot lol now ik why she single she dont wanna just have one dick she just in it for the dick not no love lol she just a undercover thot only real niggas who no they shit no what im talking bout lol damn
Marcia Creations
so wht she having fun
Reese Anderson
that late night train is still smoking!
I bet those fuckers did the truffle butter thing with that harlot!
People just can't have fun and go out for a night?? C'mon guys.. Now if it was YOU, it would be totally normal for crying out loud
Robin Twyman
I wish I was her
Robin Twyman
Kobey Valentine
What's the name of the second song
Wis Dom
Suckers act like just because women are famous, they still ain't hoes and sluts. Peep game.
Bam Bam
Woooow. Trizznain.........
Niggas got it in that night
mellie Flowers
wtf!! she pays her own bills makes her own money lots of money ,we here judging living pay check to paycheck! !!!lmao
Derty Waterz
Normally when you see a chick this drunk with two guys at the club she gone get smashed now not saying that she did get smashed by both but it could of happened folks and yall have to understand just because they play classy people in movies that ain't who they really who they are behind closed doors plus they only human like us they get high have threesomes and get fucked up like we do they just have more money to do it more often res I talk.
They prolly ran a train on her that night what she kissing puff for
Gernardo Cato
ikno french chop
Brent Gains
damn dat bitvh a str8 rat fucc I got to get rich
Alex Guerrero
I lost total respek for Sanaa yo not even a crush anymore she can literally suck it!!!
elmer ellis
Bet them niggas had fun with that ass
Eugene Rodney
Sad! P Diddy is almost 50 years old, but he is the Black Paris Hilton - I lost all respect for Sanaa - I thought she had a little class, but I see Hollywood got her.
Stones Jones
Most comments are people telling others not to judge.. hahah i was scrolling to see any of those comments.. couldnt find them. Preassuming bias..
Anyway..Sanaa aint the woman she is in the movies..I know we wish she was.. the girl from love and basketball and love and hiphop is that woman who wouldnt even be in such a video like this...i clicked on this heard she was with french..i thought whuuut..naaahh..but on the other hand i dont give a fuck. So fuck it.
Jae Williams
i'm sure they ran a training on her.
Nino Defini
Saanan still hot !!!!
WFAB Network
When I read that Sanaa was pregnant by French Montana. Don't know how truthful it is, but I just thought she lowered her standards.
So many people are assuming that they had a threesome. If anything, French and Diddy were probably banging each other while Sanaa was passed out.
Princess Honeybee
anyone knows the song being played or who singz it plz
Rich Bern
damn I wish I was hanging with her that night... she looked like she was ready to get fucked...
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