-LEAKED VIDEO- Jake Paul 's Team 10 Destroy A Fans Hoodie, Blackmail People And Fake Prank Exposed

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Everything said in this video is speculation or my personal opinion. You may disagree, thats fine. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

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Ayyyy thanks for watching ! Let me know your opinions in the comments ! If you don't agree, it's cool. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Hope you enjoyed anyways !
Amber Playz
tf jake
fuck you when i liked jake and he was gonna get arrested i think i wish he did get arrested that bitch
happy piggy
He's a faggot and his brother
Jake. Paul suck
Doritos and tacos is here Taco master lord1
We need Fanta
Grace Bullock
4:45 MY EARS
lauryn thomson
That was mad interesting
Vane Ordonez
Honestly i knew Jake Paul was so rude
cali e-c
team 10 are bullys, and mean, and Cruel, and noobs at life(lol).
Alex Theretriever
You little stupid A** bi*** i aint f***ing with u this for markie i got 1 millon trillon things i rather be F***ing with you
pinaplle king
I will dab on all of u haters
Christy Randle
The reason Jake is being (rude) is because he don’t want everyone in his personal space
Team ten with Loganpaul
Ur ugly and annoying
Gucci Gang
Lol I'm not a big fan of jake/logan but i mean it doesn't matter if the pranks are real or not cuz it's entertainment to other people
BB Winchester
Oh and when the twins say “all I want is money” they don’t mean to be greedy, they want the money for there family. Which is nice of them. I’m glad the twins left team 10 because jakes a dick.
BB Winchester
When the twins were with nick, I bet they were just following him cause they had no idea what was happening, nick was a dick to the kid that wanted a picture but the Martinez probably didn’t even know what they were saying.😂😂
Mohammed Ismaeel
Jasmine Martinez
Don’t even talk because the Jake Paulers can be any ages and that just makes it stronger
Traig Clark
Markie fuck off you could suck a big bag of dicks dumb ass bitch ass transgender
Julie Skeen
jp is a dick
Katy m
Jake Paul wins cunt of 2017 🏆. He's genuinely a disgusting human being who profits off humiliating his "friends" and being an obnoxious douchebag.
louise mcneely
sonny McFarland
“You’re lord and savior”😂
Lottie Martinez

I'm not hating I'm just triggered coz I'm a fan of the Martinez twins
Lottie Martinez
Can Jake Paul Choke on a meatball rn coz I want that
I hate this dud he just want views
Kaleb kirk
This is why I'm a maverick
Jake Paul is a fucking douche we all know that :)
Zar Zar Productions
Lol u didn’t show the whole video. Ivan’s verse says “all I want is money for my family in Spain” you didn’t finish it. Majority of the stuff in this is fake lol or cut down to make it seem bad. no hate.
jimmi sanchez
I'm in the logang I'm mad
margarita madrid
Jake paul is a Dick
Neville and jansson Fluffbottom TV
Willne clone
morgan's vlogs
morgan's vlogs
Ur so funny
Teya Crichton
The twins want money because their mum and dad broke up when they were 14 their dad took all the money.you are a dickhead😠
Alicia's Vlogs
i love jake paul and he does make good music
Lainey Grace
Jake paul is just a kid from a small town I look up to Jake bc he is a great person and he is loyal he love his fans if he didnt he wouldnt have so may make a wish people over to his house The people who hate and TRY TO expose Jake are asshole and dont deserve to even have Jake Paul's name in the mouth or their title he has worked so hard for what he has no it just didnt happen over night and all the haters do is sit back and hate and be jealous bc of what he has that u dont have Stop hating on Jake Paul he deserves so much more.
Kristianne Raphael Rosales
Hey could you just show us the fucking videos
Sup guys it's Joanna dson
I all raedy hate him
Your so stupid I hate u. What a fake. U can see Jake is joking
Raw Zy
Guys I don't know if you guys know but I was there at the time of the jumper standing on thingy.IT WAS A SKIT jake had told us to just act and stuff! Look there's an article here www.jakepaulsweatshirtincident.com
Kristiy 67
Who else in the logang
horse_life_ 4ever
I couldn't agree more!!
I don't think you kids will ever know how beautiful my videos are....
Misaki .A
BAHAHAHHAHA!! Markie you are so hilarious! Love your accent! Don’t understand the hate- you’re just telling the truth! I look up to you as a person and I look up to you for your roasting skills too!
Gage C
I’m in it for the money 😂😂
It's Yoshi
Yeah he destroyed it because it was his brothers merch and they're competing for subs.
fuck jake the dick sucker
Opal Mia Lively
Gavin Hdk
jake paul is a really piece of shit
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