Mafia Meeting - SNL

SNLSaturday Night LiveSeason 41Episode 1699Cecily StrongMafia MeetingBobby MoynihanBeck BennettSpace PantsPeter DinklageGwen StefaniSpace ShortsGame of Thronesfunnycomedycomediansketch comedyhostmusical guestGOTTyrion LannisterTyrionLannisterHBOHBO seriesDon't SpeaksingingNo DoubtSong of Ice and FireGeorge R. R. Martinseason 6mafiaconfrontationmobstersmobNew YorkNYCspacethe robotgalaxy

A confrontation between mobsters (Bobby Moynihan, Beck Bennett, Jon Rudnitsky, Pete Davidson) is interrupted by a singer's (Peter Dinklage) performance. Special appearance by Gwen Stefani.

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