Big Show exits the arena following the destructive conclusion of Raw: Raw Fallout, April 17, 2017

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After absorbing a Superplex from Braun Strowman that obliterated the ring, Big Show makes his way to the locker room as the WWE Universe shows its appreciation for The World's Largest Athlete.

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BAngelZ 09
Nothing but respect to this man
Cold sky Ł¡ઝ૯
Respect for that super human! 0:33 that survived those two giat´s #referee
Sagar Deep
made me cry when, music hits
Rolan Johnson
Big Show is an pain from that thunderous Superplex by Braun Strowman.

Strowman is death 💀 the destroyer of worlds.
King Shali
So, WWE's gonna have to find a new, younger 7 footer yeah
Han Guleli
1:24 little big show in the audience
Homer Montoya
dont worry in about 2 months the hiocritical fans will switch again and chant "please retire"
i feel bad for big show
Jaxon TV
Wait, show is retiring? 😭😭
Bob Bagel
could tell some people were placed just so they could show a heartfelt reaction
Dumbass Stfu.
I think big show hit the worst part of the ring
Tatianna Love
glad he is ok
Ousmane 78 diangana
Luis Miguel López Iza
Pobre big show... Sera q tambien se retire
finally vines did it for over a 10 years
Mary Resendes
Thank you big show 🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏
Silvio Roberto Alves de Souza
valeu bigui xou, vosse cempre foi incrivel na wwe, falou
Josh Boose
is this trash finally done
Is this his retirement?
Leighton Marshall
Well done big show
Joao Ribeiro
Big Show BOSS
zahra alamary
Matthew Goddard
As a WWE fan iv watched WWE for more than 11yrs and I'm 16, and iv always loved Big show. Legit he is my favourite wrestler of all time.
Daniel Figueroa
undertaker got retired cause of roman Reigns
Roy Francis
1:50. that amazing moment. that look. love u Bigshow😢😢
Diamond Mitchell
Thank you big show 😭❤️😇
Mohammed பிடித்த பாடல்
Chris Mulan
I think the spot went wrong the ref was holding on to the rope
Deepak Kumar
bigsaw is greet
Chaquata Thomas
Bless his heart.
The dedication from these guys is just amazing so whether you like them, or hate them, you have to RESPECT them!
Thanks Big Show💜💜💜💜
Gangadhar Adepu
Afzal Siddiqui
tha men pawar
Thank you Big Man you are amazing!
Ayee - WWE 2K17/16
at least big show still has abs unlike before
Elue Chukwuma
big show you and dead man should stop wrestling because you guys are legend , this is the Time to sit and people wrestling
Renee Marceau
what happened to the ring and is big show ok?
britney pugh
does this mean he is retired
the monsters smasher
Markayla Simmonds
We love you Big Show!
Zac blaze
putains dommage je suis française
Manny Gonzo
Amalkurian Pulimalayil
the only wish i have now is 'big show plz dont retire wwe needs u'
Debojit Boro
love from india
It always happens to big show: first Lesnar did a superplex to him, then Mark Henry, now braun Strowman
mr zombie
did big show retierd😟?
Nuzrath Farzana
You are great man .
James YT
Every One, Please Calm Over All This, He Is Fine, He Didn't Hurt Himself!
This Is An Entertainment Sport No A Physical Sport
The Ring Was Functioned To Break!
Fry Javier
Big Show is my favorite wrestler since I started watching WWE and until he will resign. #ThankyouBigShow
Ron A Mcsmith
The Big Show is truly a legend with a big heart and a truly good person. These are times when professional wrestlers like him put their lives in jeopardy. Much respects to him. When he leaves WWE, it will be a sad day. Wishing him and his family all the very best. Thank you Big Show.
Manveer Singh
I guess he broke his arm
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