He likes Margaritas and K Perry. Not a threat.
Aadarsha Subedi
The missiles look like whiteboard markers...😂😂😂 0:05
Diego Jimenez
They say ww3 gonna happen but it might be the shortest war 3
Phoebus Apollo
North Korea fails again! XD
We like high-tech robots compared to these cave men known as North Koreans
Lord Covfefe
it didn't fail. it just has an extremely short range and make the launch pad disappear in the process.
we really don't know yet for sure if the test actually took place, that's just an American claim to save face...i wouldn't believe anything coming from the western media or anyone in the US alliance.
this reminds me of one time when i was talking a bunch of game and went limp right before entry. She laughed at me so hard.
Jameson Sotta
This is now a metal gear plot. Some government hacked that missile to blow up before it launched, dun dun dun
Chris Wilson
Mick G.
Trump knows radiation makes your hair fall out, right?
grouch isk
Hahaha hahaha hahaha
Joe Adkinson
just because we haven't struck yet.... does not mean its not going to happen, "The U.S. will strike at the time and place of our choosing"
where is the proof of this ALEDGED launch attempt?
James Mitchell
you know what this means
James Mitchell
oh no
Great the fat kid is alive again... but how since Seth Rogan killed him in the interview
Master Chimichanga
wow north korea i actually thought we were gonna go-to war for a second. i guess our fellow sailors should just come on home
Santos Fernandez
I thought we were going to strike if they tried that? Well I guess not since they did and we didn't
Jose Rodriguez
no ww3 yay
Dan Banks
cheap Chinese junk...
End of Times. Save yourself and accept Jesus as the Son of Allah.
He blew it up on purpose, too late now.
Anselmo Alliegro
That a North Korean test missile blewup immediately upon firing can create more damage if it is known to have been sabotaged.
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