8 Little Known Facts That Made Michael Keaton's Batman Awesome

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Richard Jackson
so Michael keaton made the avengers
Is a horrible fighter? I didn't get that impression. It's badass the way he takes down that knife wielding dude in the alley.
delon a
Micheal Keaton is a far much better actor than Christian Bale will ever hope to be. Bale is over mannered, joyless and too stiff of an actor who ruins every movie he is in by taking any joy out of it!
Miguel Rivera
Christian Bale ain't close to being the best Batman lol. Michael Keaton was the greatest hands down.
Well done, plumps.
Synyster Shadows
Keaton is best and Batfleck is better then Bale.
his bat mouth
I LOVED Keaton's Batman! All of it, all elements! He made me believe in this rich man as a Superhero.
Sam Ace Rothstein
he's still the best batman after all these years and that's not likely to change. hell, he's the only batman.
Lasheem Richardson
Without no keaton there would be no bale
Shame they didn't make a third to make it a burton/keaton trilogy .
Manny Chavez
You guys also forgot that he's wearing Jordan's in the movie!
Keats P Keats
I would say this case is a little over stated. He was quite good. The problem with Kilmer was he and the other key players changed. The movies went from somewhat campy to very campy, and very cheesey with the Clooney one.
Kellic AnonymousTiger
Hmmm yes, he's my fav Batman. However how much of what you listed is due to the director...well directing and what Keaton did? I have no doubt the actor brought a lot to the roll. But I suspect Burton did as well.
Rafael Pelayo
Michale Keaton, best Batman.
Christian Bale, best Bruce Wayne.
Wise Guy4U
Dam! I am going back to rewatch those 2 movies. theme music already playing in my head.
Joe Max
Keaton is best Batman ever and I absolutely loved the hero turn he does in movies was so dramatic.
I wish Batman Beyond live action film became real with Tim Burton and Michael Keaton!
Ruben Cocilion
Keaton and Nicholson are the definitive Batman and joker,and Batman and Batman returns are the greatest Batman films.

Keaton brought the character of Bruce Wayne to life showing us what the actual Bruce Wayne is like,nicholson brought the wacky,insane clown price of crime to live action better than ledger ever could,he was terrifying yet funny and he was a genius just like the joker actually is,not to mention everything in Batman and Batman returns was pretty comic accurate and the way keatons Batman used fear as his skill to compensate for the lack of fighting abilities was brilliant.
Deborah Shaw
I don't know anyone who prefers Bale to Keaton as Batman. Bale is the most boring actor in the world. he was good in 1 or two things but in general, method actors just need to stop and Bale, in particular, seems to be a giant asshole into the bargain. I am so over hearing how Great the new Jokers are as well. Jack Nicholson can't be beat.
Comic Book Paul
Still my favourite Batman. Then Kevin Conroy. No harm to Bale, they just defined the character as I was growing up.
Will always love Batman Returns too. Michelle Pfeiffer will always be my Catwoman 😍
Micheal Keatons eyebrow facial lining fits the Batman mask on point and that's what creeps me out in the most awesome odd way and in detail of Bruce wayne. This talent comic dark acting of Batman is somehow to me is much more as what I said earlier creepier than any other. Well losing your parents is really tramatizing and Keaton nailed every hit Nostalgic.
Steven Buick
Best soundtrack too on the first Keaton movie. Jack Nicholson was epic too
Mazrim Taim
Peter Weller is the best Batman.
Ethan Skys
Keaton vs Nicholson
With Tim as a directer ?
It's not going to get better than that
Mason Walsh
Dumbass vitamin really looks likeffntasticlong
when christian bale spoke as batman, i really didnt understand certain words, but with keaton every word was clear. michael keaton is the best batman
It's a pity his understated performance was overshadowed by Tim Burton's godawful cartoonish look. The series was extraordinarily improved when they used Chicago as a stand in for Gotham.
There's one more thing Keaton did that was genius, and I'm sure if it was on purpose or not. That grin. That grin he would sometimes have as Batman. That creepy, borderline-sadistic grin that he would flash goons while beating on them occasionally.
mark merzweiler
RIP Adam West!
Joe K.
All good points, I think. Despite flaws and limitations Keaton remains my favorite as both Bruce and Batman.
Keaton will always be the best Batman.
B. Carlsen
Amen...and, Amen. Keaton defined all that followed.
P Ferreira
Batman Forever is such an underrated movie. This and the 1989 movie have been the best movie versions of Batman.
Nicely done, bravo!
Antiquity Scion
The way Keaton plays Batman in the suit is great, and seems the closest to Frank Miller's version of Batman. As for live action movies, Bruce Wayne hasn't really been captured well by ANY actor, though.
Thaylin Is A Nerd
I far prefer Keaton and Nicholson over Bale and Ledger. You disagree with me? Well then,

YOU WANNA GET NUTS?! C'MON! Let's get nuts.
curtis krammer
Mine too.
Orion Pathos
Never liked him,It was mind numbingly boring.
John Quinn
That's Right...there were only Two Killer Cowell Caped Crusaders

Michael Keaton
Adam West.

were the best no Contest.
Taylor Conley
Christian Bale was shit as Batman
john quiles
My Man Michael Keaton Is Purely Untouchable In His Throne As Batman And He's The Batman God!!!!! P.S. He Got The Respect He Truly Deserved When He Finally Debut In The Greatest Batman Video Game Of All Time Batman Arkham Knight!!!!! 😈🏯👊💪♚♔
Rob Chuk
Maximum Payne
Michael Keaton will always be my favorite.
dan last
Better than bale
it gives me physical pain to even look at Tim Burton's Batman.
Nick H
Bale is trash.
Bill Shinas
Still love Keaton as Batman, just seemed so natural for him, just don't get me started on Clooney, yikes.
Michael Keaton is my favorite big-screen Batman. The quality of his acting, and the quality production work of his two Batman movies, are what sets him apart. You can keep Bale and Ledger! Give me Keaton, Nicholson, Pfeiffer, and DeVito. I put Adam West's Batman in a separate category. He was the Batman of my childhood, and was the TV superhero a kid needs - square, noble, and fun. Michael Newton was a Batman for more grown-up tastes. Bale's movies were so dark and violent they took EFFORT to watch.
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