8 Little Known Facts That Made Michael Keaton's Batman Awesome

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Haunted Knight
Your not the best Batman actor, if your completely out shined by your villain actors. In The Dark Knight, Bale was nothing compared to Ledger Joker, and in Dark Knight Rises Hardy stole the show as Bane. Keaton was never out shined as Batman in either movie.
The Young-Napier actor was a great find.
so make adam west, val kilmer and george clooney... next
Howard Bumpus
Michael Keaton in my opinion was the best batman.
Phyllis Hall
For me, Michael Keaton was the best Batman and closest to how the original comic books portrayed him.
Peter Parker
Ben affleck is still better but Keaton is good too
bale and keaton are Amazing
Omar Shehadeh
arent you supposed to be plumpy
still the best suit and batmobile.
David Crawford
Never cared for the Batman character until Keaton. He's my favorite in the role.
New One
Michale Keaton in 100 yrs from now is still gonna be one of the best Bruce Wayne/Batman
A. Clark
Keaton's Batman was the best until the reboot with Bale who played his Batman in much of the same way. Keaton was a surprise to be picked in the beginning since 90% of his work was comedy and many expected a return to the West type Batman.
Once on screen he just blew everyone a way with his more dark and comic book Batman. unfortunately what followed later went down hill fast. The reboot of Batman with Bale saved the franchise, but not sure they know how to keep it.
Todor Mihaylov
Only Batman movies worth watching are with Keatons.
Anas Azmi
not sure how Keaton was a "horrible fighter", considering he generally wins the fights hes in. Also, how many people can swing upside down over a precipice and get a man in headlock with their feet?
I don't think he dropped him on purpose because they made it seem that he didn't realize Jack killed his parents until near the end.
robert shelton
Adam blampied does movies and videogames plumpy does wrestling
Billie Underhill
still the best Batman....besides Bale
Super LuckyMe
I Hope They Make This Batman in the Video Game. Exactly. I Know they Have But I want to have a Video Game 80's Style All and All.
Favorite Batman and Nicholson is my favorite Joker.
do bi
he can fight, wtf you talkin about
If they ever make a batman beyond movie, I want Keaton to play old Bruce Wayne.
Keaton was definitely the best Batman in the first lot of movies. He made the character his own and in my opinion showed what he was truly capable of in being an actor.
Nick Mattio
Btw how much of a mind blow would it be if a new director took a completely unique take where Batman and the Joker were the SAME person SPLIT style but one not knowing what the other is doing at all
Nick Mattio
Is it crazy to say if Keaton played the Joker how fuggin scary he could actually be when he loses his mind? I mean really just think about that for a sec even more than ole Jacky Boy here
he needs to come back and play oldman batman
Robert Moore
Michael keaton was the real start of it all as the black batman
I love Michael Keaton's Batman. xoxoxoxo Awesome, nicely done.
Adam Murray
Kevin Conroy is the best Batman
Geoff Brosamer
I may be wrong here, but it is my understanding that Kevin Conroy was the first person to change the voice of Batman.
Charles Elliot
Best Batman
`I don't think I've even been in this room before` was adlibbed? 🤣
Antony Rose
hes never made qa bad movie
Honeyluster Alias
Maverick Hunter K
He was awesome. He is an essential part of what Batman is today, and this video proves a lot of that.

And after seeing Birdman I totally think he could play Batman today, like, at least an old Batman mentoring Batman Beyond or something.

The world certainly needed more of Keaton's Batman.
Keaton is still my batman. grew up watching his movies. Val Kilmer wasn't bad either.
Ananya Mathur
that smiling face was the best
Nicolas Brandon
Affleck>Bale>Mazous>Keaton> West>Kilmer>Clooney.
watching keaton as batman when i was a kid is what turned me into a life long batman fanatic!
Chain Plays
for me, this is makes keaton (whom i consider the best batman), even greater.
Hunter C
Keaton is the best Bruce Wayne but Bale is the best Batman
I don't like Keaton's batman at all. he's too soft in my opinion. batfleck is nearest to the origin
Did anyone else notice the bat belt drop at 4:10
John White
He's the best to film Batman for me.
Jack N. / Michael K. if still young can do a awesome Batman in 2020!
the amazing Spider-fan3
I don't know what he's talking about Christian Bale Batman was the worst fighter ever
Dont Worry
Batman is Zorro?
His batman sucks
Psycho Clown
KEATON BATMAN IS THE LIVE ACTION BATMAN! best batman in the big screen
David Koester
who came up with the idea for using black make up around the eyes
F Gievski
Plumpy is my favourite Batman
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