Judges Want MORE From This Hilarious Comedian | Week 1 | America's Got Talent 2017

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Preacher Lawson America's Got Talent 2017 Full Audition Including Judges Comment

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gigi solder
of course they would hes a fucking nigger
Kasey Daugherty
This is funny
Graham Douglas
i need friend can any one add me up please this is my facebook user name Graham Douglas
RosaAnn Beauty
Seeing how Simon asked for another joke, I was quite surprised that he didn't give Preacher a golden buzzer...😔
Jesse Golmayo
Sorry but he was not funny at all....
Xjxjj Hjxjxjx
orlando flordia
Xjxjj Hjxjxjx
i live in flordia
Xjxjj Hjxjxjx
wow go orlando flordia
Americas got talent audiences and fans are waaaay stupid.
123 WHiEc
HE looks like JOHN WALL??
Lina Winiger
He is okey he can do better
Oml he looks like oscar from shark tales
Henry Wilson990
I could totally be this guys friend
I have a girlfriend...Shes dope. I couldn't agree more
tae's_gucci _belt
Omg😂😂😂😂 when he entered!
tae's_gucci _belt
I'm bringing Jin
He just has the funny black voice.
"Money doesn't bring you happiness, but... it does" IM DEAD
Troll Mobile
I wish my parents were half as supportive/loving as his mom.
Nick Young
The reactions seems weird...
Jane Dyal
Subscibe to jake pauls channel
Davayde Lomax
He reminds me of Kevin Hart
I think he stopped so early in his performance on purpose so he could act like he was just spontaneously making everything else up. Later he said „Thank you grandma for letting me make fun of you on TV.“. That would mean that he asked for her permission earlier. But nevertheless I still liked this dude. Maybe he was a bit too similar to Kevin Hart which can get annoying sometimes.
ricky tama
i think he has to play some movies along Kevin Hart. It would be hilarious
Em Jeck
Bunnyflufffluff baby
KyDiy KyDoy
His favorite # is 8
Jose Q. Lols
That entrance 😂😂
matthew taylor
Potential energy live tcigk educator elsewhere random traditionally occasion particular right across.
Lord Meowmers
Who doesn’t want more?
tyrone butterfield
wait so his birthday is 2 hours from then and his grandma's was today ok nice
Did his family make a pact that they all had to be born on the same day??
_ Ssadiee _
I love this guy and everything about this 😂 I literally obsessed with him 😂❤️
R6 God
The kid behind the guy at start is my face through out this video. haHAA
Tyra *in sing-song voice*: He's young enough to be with meeeeee.

Oooh, someone's got a crush. XD
Olli Lehtonen
He reminds me of Eddie Murphy
Chloe's Cookie Slimez
wheres the golden buzzer -.-
Rob Chillem
Bryson Bickel
He sound like Elliot's laugh off open season when he laughs
Agustin Coria
andrew Stevens
You know most comedians are crude and make me cringe. lol.Good to know not all are pervs and can still have a good sense of humor.
Real Mikey1029
We need more People like this in our world that has Too many Sexual Jokes
Wealdstone Raider
What a nice guy lol, a genuinely good man
Theo Berge
At negotiation noise destination increasing confirm treaty administrator.
Claire Marie Cuenca

ali wajdan
want to see more
Boss Ass Bitch
This man is amazing.
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