Yeah IM Totally Ginger

Cats In a Box Nielson
can you put 3d cities in Guayaquil?
Charles Randolph
My girlfriend has black hair...
Aquias da Silva Valasco
I would like to get an image (of, e.g., an area of, say, 3 acres, ou even a whole country) and use it to print the map in a 3D printer. Is it possible?
David Silva
Digital Earth is near!
Demetris Leptos
how is this even possible? wow
Canal Entretenimento
0:40 cenário gta!!
when you dont have the 3d in your city
Jeff Dearman
How come i can never get anything to work on google earth? I can barely see anything
HM Tamim
Now it's here, 2017
Þorleifr jarlsskál
This is genius. I already feel like I live in the future, can't wait for more.
This is really cool, but sad that it's not done for every city yet
phillip barnard
is there ANY way to get these 3D surfaces into sketchup or 3DS max? or any 3D design software for that matter.
on 0:13 what city is that
Александр Костылев
Донецк ,Буденновский р-н ст Чумаково
Paul Owens
Two years on still no 3D images. Come on Google, what's going on?
alan christo
can i add 3d models o google earth :)
i wish my house was 3d but its flat on google earth
Ross Adams
what is very strange is if you go look at Russia there are almost no 3D rendered buildings other than a few monuments and government buildings. . Also same with almost all Asian countries that are not part of the west . go visit Thailand or Vietnam or Russia . this seems strange to me if its apparently done by satellites . However the evidence suggests flight airspace and taking photos is the real issue , that the photos are really taken by low altitude 737 planes and google would need permission to fly low enough to take such high definition photos . Optically the resolution and clarity makes no sense for satellites or even high altitude planes to take such clear pictures through clouds, since if you have ever been up in plane as you take off the clouds are very dense you will see nothing and no matter what BS NASA or google claim , you cannot clearly do X ray vision unless you are some super hero in a movie . Also satellites are 300 miles away, optically they would not be ideal since the atmosphere alone ,even on the clearest of days would build up to distort the images. Google are now using remote drones to take photos so this confirms my view that the satellites were never used to do this images, just simple planes .The rest is just like magicians trick from google and NASA , "all Smoke and mirrors" LOL !
Nick Revine
i bet the Gogol empire is happy with this one. the Jaicro empire must retaliate!!
Falt Man
Falt Man
Falt Man
Marcus T
the song is called "Til the Sun Came Up" by Michael Holbourn
Joannot Fampionona
Thank you machine learning and neural network!!!
Banana Milk
Why dosn't this work for Australia? >:(
I wish people would give google a break to be honest. Mankind has always sought to map the world and this is our latest effort. So cool!
I was just checking google maps and I noticed my entire city was being rendered in 3D, buildings, trees, and even the ground had elevation. didn't hear anything about it but its very cool.
Jamie Gray
please add this imagery to google maps on iOS and Android apps instead of web-only
Terrance Kenallen
Not only are major cities modeled. Now their doing it for suburban and rural areas. They modeled my neighborhood in detail and I live in BFE. I can do a virtual tour of everyone's back yard now. That is sick. I think their goal is to recreate the entire earth in the smallest detail down to insect level. Google is going to create the matrix that we will all be enslaved in some day.
Black Zaiko
meow master
If only you could look inside buildings...
How do I turn off 3D?
I want overhead photos.
WAY better than the traditional 3D buildings. Even minor buildings like houses and stores are shown! But I think it would be cool if the Time Slider tool could affect buildings. Say, the Trump Tower in Chicago .If you travel back before it was built, the Trump Tower wouldn't be there anymore. And you could maybe add some sorta construction animation to it, I don't know. In my opinion the 3D imagery looks best in Tokyo.
Manit Thamthira
powers lee
It's not there anymore!!!!!! Why????
Joao Almeida
pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, how can I export it for Sketchup for example ???? tanks
Paul Owens
When is this imagery going to be ready to use?
Someday Soon
Millie S
add the ability to explore inside the earth
Gloria Hernández Roman
Te vajas con rus tres D porque aka hay mas de 10 D jaja
Marcelo Cavalcante
Google is fantastic!
Lewis Bianco
lol I bet North Korea's as flat as a pancake though xD
Joshua Graham
This technology is amazing they could do so much with it once perfected like if they made a game using goole earth as the map
Curtis I
finally montreal is in 3d
que bueno que ya esta en mexioc
Sundari kannan
Lovely !
Guy Peche
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