Disney Princess Christmas!

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“Disney Princess Christmas!
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I decided to do a, disney princess christmas party, which is where I show, Disney princess, girls, at a christmas party. they show some, christmas life hacks, and you’ll see lots of, christmas decorations, some of them are, diy christmas decorations that you need to try, or just regular, diy christmas decorations, lets see if you can find them! I hope you enjoy, Elsa, elsa from frozen, the movie frozen, and snow white, and cinderella, and ariel the little mermaid, and jasmine, so this is what, disney, princesses, do on a, christmas, I hope you enjoy this sequel to, disney princess carpool ride, disney princess pool party, disney princess back to school, disney princess date night, disney princess slumber party, and disney princess halloween party, i hope you enjoy, love, rclbeauty101

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Jennifer Landin
I'm sad issac and Rachel were such a cute couple
Clemente Ortiz
Did racheal break up with Isaac
The stassia star Journey
You are so lucky
Nhalet and Mylah Show
Did Issac and rhachel really break up
Feveryone None
what happened with issac
Dania Cruz
lest roast some masharmallow
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single bell 😄
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Ok sooooo , her and Isaac broke up
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I'm sad that Christmas is over
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did Rachel and Isacc actually break up
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I love it
Valerie Torres
Rachel and her boyfriend actually break up
Kennan Moore
I love your channel
emilyjoy -DIY Maniac-
diy world's
did you really breakup with Isaac I'm so sorry
Edgar Sarmiento
did you and Alex break up
Fun with the 3 C's family channel
riachel still loves Isaac
Fun with the 3 C's family channel
Rachel still likes her boyfriend
Anupriya Faruque
Rachel & Isaac broke up no no singel bell singel bell 😂😂😢
Harriet Chuck
I subscribed
Rowan Heldreth
Wait did she really break up with the Issca
BM Beauty
did u and Issac really break up?
Araceli Garcia
That broke up noooo wait how do you guys know that Broke up
LolTheNewbs Lol
My dad said if I got 5 likes and 5 replies I would meet my grandpa for the first time (pleeeeease, I'm only 7 and I really want to meet my grandpa, please)
wait are they really broken up
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Rachel actually broke up with Isaac
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My mom said if I get 50 likes she will get me a huge bag of candy.
So funny
Jennifer Meyers
Why did you and Isaac break up you guys were perfect for each other
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Lol carpet cleanr
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I love your super hero vids
Itsme lilly
my mum said if I get 1000 likes I will get a puppy and cat she doesn't think I will get 1000 likes so prove her Wrong!
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I feel sorry 4 Rachel because Isaac and her we're a really cute couple together I wish she gets someone that is special to her and will always make her feel as secure and safe as she did with Isaac
shahid ghosi
I like Repunzel
shahid ghosi
i like bell she is stylish and who is the green suit princess ...... LOVE IT!
SuperSaiyan XxGohanxX
3:03 i dont get it...
niyah nation
i laugthed so hard wen she said boy u
bubble Gum girl
So what if they broke up it's her business and what if it wasn't a good break up and she doesn't want to talk about it I think she's an independent woman and she can stand for herself
Aaniyah Henderson
lol she "roasted" him
Kathryn Henderson
Did you and issac really break up??????
my mom said that if i get one like she will take me to the doctor for my broken arm
Shiseijin SSS
did you see the creepy guy in the background staring at them
AMP Sparkle1118
Jasmine was the only one great full for her present lol
Meredith Riquelme
did bell actually brake up with Isaac?
Tori Kujawa
anyone else thought rapunzel was tana mongeau at 2:07-2:09
Eimear O connor
if I get 20 likes mom said I will get a puppy for my birthday
Kiran Sandhu
Did you guys break up
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