Brutal Backstage Assaults: WWE Top 10

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The squared circle can't contain all of the battles waged in the WWE Universe. Here are the 10 most unbelievable assaults to occur during a backstage brawl.

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Karunagula Venkatesh
nice but so much struck
Marty Music rules
watching Shane go through a window was the most satisfying thing
#5 was sexy!
BlueSheep <------------- watch
Βασίλης Τζηκακόλιας
BlackEvo | motion design
2:59 why ?
Bagyamma Bagyamma.l
abonner vous a ma chaine
Aniket pandat
he is better and powerful than a j styles
Aniket pandat
shane McMahon is a good fighter
Aniket pandat
hmmm 8
Md Ebrahim RK
Craky-Britox SHOW
How did they forget the Nexus !?!
Cotne Megrelidze
Brodie Fitch
i lic your
thanks vante
what happend to that window
steve mine
Is that you shane
Just game In
I was there but you couldn't see me
Abod Alotibi
تستاهلون ياكلاب
Naman Verma
Hi shane
Hawk Maven
yes, charlotte may be the best womens wrestler in the history of professional wrestling but lita vs trish feud will never be matched in my opinion
Narendra Negi
the dead man is dead
Narendra Negi
I am biggest fan of wwe and Shane o Mac is my favorite superstar
Jermaine Mc
sorry stone cold
stuart lewis
Trish and lita looked like a real fight
Samantha Torres
Make a 1 on20 Match
The MLG Emoji
Number 10 ripped my heart apart
Such my dice
what ta hell
ali The brave
Going Solo
I want the shield back together
marwa mk Kesab
rey mysterio = 💓 💕 💕 😇 😇 💞 💞 💞 💞 💗 💓 💘 💝 💞 💓 💛 💖 💟 💞
طائر حسون
where Roman Reigns vs Triple H
Weelouwee Obdin
hey did daniel bryan says that alexa will defend her title against every available divas at wrestlemania XXXIII so that includes naomi,eva marie and carmella?
Godofgamingxdxd Lol
Heel John Cena and Lita>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Corbin Feud
arturo the boss
lucha luncha lucha lucha
Charlie Williams
Shane is gonna beat aj so Shane can I have 2 front row tickets to wreaslemania
ستيري برو PocKetPack
وش سالفه
Victoria Morales
Came here for rko
Paşa Oğlu
Mr. Neil
It's still real to them dammit.
Muhammad Nasir
I noticed at #10 that Dean grabbed those things to make a loud noise to make the guy piss his pants, go to 0:14 and you will see,look at what Dean does
roman Reigns and Triple H
Where was the fight with Randy Orton and Barret?
Ishrath Fatima
Ahmad Yamlikha
i wonder what happened to every nexus backstage assault/ every cm punk assault/ wade barret assault
well nvm i guess women slapping each other is more brutal
Mr Potato
Liaqat Ali
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