Rainbow Dash
Lol if it was a coke freestyle
Motu Patlu
Mayukh Dey
Matt Santellan
awesome brother !!!! awesome !!! love this machine!!!!
ok now after seeing it. i'm going grabbing some cokes
King Lew of The Royal Kingdom of Unboxing!!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎
sc hu
wish more people sent you retro themed stuff
eoghan lemoine
What's the song at the start
eoghan lemoine
What's this music
guess you got that call L...
Ayub Mohammad
WTF! I thought he would make his own cola... disappointed.
Nripendra Tamang
damn that is just too cool
bro I want that
Coca in glas bottles Love it <3
xXteam foxyXx
Who is else noticed it said soda machine
rahul chaudhary
Man you are growing and glowing... Good job
Sophia Morris
Pals spiritual Does anybody see larger than thos one?
Prashant Kasajoo
is that jack in 2:00 ????
"american-retro" MADE IN CHINA good job
Anindya Ishraq
ground beef
I want friends at coca cola.... or friends
Two months later and still no song name
Dylan Pritchard
So much want
Homie Alex
Wish I had one
Daniel 07
I can get a bunch of coca cola's and draw my face on it. Nailed it👌🏽👌🏽
James Dent
Oh THAT'S why LG put a question mark on his face for the cake...
Would pay serious money to have something as cool as that in my bedroom
Reality Unknown By Rounak Roy
You are great man!
Mr. Why
0:48 and yeah I am one of those
Sun Galupe
96 hours into the search and still cant find that song in 2:35
I'd save at least one. That could be a collectors item, people love all things coke and would pay big money to add anything to their collection. But coke in a glass bottle tastes better, I couldn't even imagine how great it would taste with my face on it
Sahil Shah
has anyone finally found the song at 2:35? I've been periodically checking this video since it came out.
Hugo Rivera
Market prostitute

Claiming the Iron Throne Soon
made in china
Abhishek Mohapatra
He must be so happy. Coca cola did it for him
Sun Galupe
36 hours into looking for that song on 2:30 and still cant find it ughh
Daisy Del Mundo
Atha Pratama
is that jack?
Joseph Scott
He was so disappointed opening the box... Lol
Rene Verduzco
God Bless Everyone was just wondering if you got any work you can offer me cause I'm homeless with my lady and 4 kids and I've been looking for work or a place to live for us; we are willing to relocate.
Faze 1 Legacy Enterprises
what kind floor plug strip was Tom using that I seen in this video?
sir please gift me one iphone
Carlos Palma
Who came from 5 cool gadgets under $10?
thinley tsering
Need that song
i like mtn dew which is owned by pepsi so fuck it
Neil Ahuja
Does the coke taste like unbox therapy?
John Doe
Legit looks like a custom Coca Cola pc lol
a machine that turns regular air into coca cola.
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