Anyone else watching this MOVIE TRAILER to.. well.. a movie.. but in 2017??
The movie was so glorious and smooth.
Good plot, good story, good characters, good animation.
It is very well done.
Ody Taroy
Cool movie
Evelyn Lorena
Sussie the Chin
This was made by the same company as Free Birds?
rey garcia
The moment whe I heard do or die I wanted to watch this movie. I love the movie still.
Cookie Cat
You got what I need~! But you say he's just a friend
But you say he's just a friend, oh baby you
You got what I need
But you say he's just a friend
But you say he's just a friend~!
Toy Chica
Cute and amzing but somehow a bit werid
Jasmine Johnson
I frking love this movie
dogworld2014 //Maya
You! You got what I neeeeeeed!!!!
Edit: 2:17
The new movie 'Coco' Copied this It has:A boy who needs to get back to the overworld,The same candy skulls,He wants to play guitar but his family wont let him. SEE IT?
My dolls Channel
I love this movie!i have seen this movie and it so beautiful
Miguel de Jesus Cuellar Carrillo
movie i like
Eyal Axelrod
Day of the dead is a common theme. No way is Coco copying this
Luke Burns
Coco copied, well done damn Disney
Book of life is my favorite movie it sad ; (
NumNoms Bolgs 4670
Kinda reminds me like Disney Pixar Coco
This movie could have been so much more interesting than what it was, so many things were predictable. I still like the movie though and It's got an awesome style!
The Twin Gamer
THE story and doll looking animation makes the the movie good
Imelda Martínez Sosa
You little shit you now what you don. Im mexican
30 seconds to mars make this trailer even better!!!
Raeanne Gladue
Iv i have wacht the movie it's reely cool:-)
Austin Dickerson
This is nothing but cancerous and an insult to Day of the Dead.
Fábio Semião
coco is like this quite similar
Fábio Semião
this reminds me of coco
Richard Huff
One of my favorites! Right up there with Moana, Horton hears a Who and Kubo! Definitely on my wierd list!
The Dab
Reply to this if you like jouqukin
Carla Emilia
I love you
Funky Punky X
Joachim got friendzoned
Nell 36 cz
name song 1:34
Michelle Frizelle
Hombre de Mercurio
En realidad no comprendo por que muchos gringos nos odian a los Mexicanos u.u
T3R3 H3R
jejejeje e
Fidel Villacorta
I never got to watch this :((
Retro Games
This new pixar movie looks great.
Raz G
Huh... Coco... WAIT... COCO?!
Amanda Hernandez
I love this movie so much and they also used my favorite song from my favorite band 💖
Kıttycatstylesty AJ
This movie gives me memories
Mangle Cute
I love Mexico
Tre Washington
This animation sorta reminds me of el tegrei
I'm afraid of La muerte
I love the way that the animation looks! It's stunning!
Aria Is Awesome
Could anyone tell me what song is played at the end of the trailer?
movie was pretty good, love the animator
the twins got me E X P A N D I N G D O N G but otherwise, you know, good movie.
Yumi Xx
Guys the sequel is coming out,

it's called Coco
Ultraman Gamers
This trailer i hated it! Because all the humans in this movie was like big nose town!
MLBW Productions
Anybody here because of coco
Love it.
Who all came here from COCO?
Alex Sosna
0:28 thats the hat you want when you need personal space
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