Exploring for Sea Creatures!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is joined by Tide Pool expert Aron Sanchez as they comb the California shoreline in search of the mysterious sea creatures that live among the rocks and crashing waves! 

Finding everything from Sea Stars to Monkeyface Pricklebacks, this adventure is full of aquatic surprises!

Get ready to get your feet wet! 

A HUGE thanks to Aron Sanchez and Zach Lim for making this episode possible. Please check out Aron's amazing work on Instagram @waterbod or on his blog  http://waterbodymedia.com/

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Additional Photo and Video Credit: Aron Sanchez

Sean Irwin
awesome video
Golden Deerling The Epic's 2nd Channel
3:35 It's spazzing out! Most worms do that. Land or water. Anyway, nice video
Trippy Hippie
Coyote Army!!!!!!!!
taehyungie's fangirl
You're like the only person on YouTube that doesn't do click bait.
Other people get likes for looking at the camera, while you go all out and get hurt and attacked by dangerous animals.
You deserve more subs!
clammy cheetah2
Were I live we have a stream going through town and it has ton of prickle backs and some of them are huge
Phpkidgamer PRO
Im jedrus nigel and i like brave wilderness
Maria Relina Moises
this real
Ethan Ortiz
you deserve 20 millon subscribers
Mario Ceja
i got goosebumps😷
Valerie Sanchez
my last name is Sanchez I should be sponsor!
entertaining and informational. Great job guys!
Daniel Marks
I love your videos and good work and keep brace and stay wild
Gabriela Galecka
That ain't a starfish. That's a wild Patrick
Zoo Vang
try to find the aftacain bullfrogs
I have been subscribed for about 2 years now
Jasmine Brooks
he is crazy but im crazier
man but he play by my rules
Sir Jakm
I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the bite zone of the dangerous leather star
Jack Colville Mangan
Gr8 content
Ashbob Tightpants
Every Coyote video ever--" I'm gonna touch that."
Knight king Master
What your channel in tv
CooldragonMage 101
I LOVE ANIMALS (especially water animals) 🐢🐢🐟🐟❤❤
Wolfy Kaname
of course it stinks. seaweeds and kelps start rotting very quickly.
Cassidy Tran
Do a video with eels!
Graham M.
lol I live like 5 min away from there
Gina Bacarella
"i'm gonna touch dat"
Alex Villasana
i love you so much i wonder how you finds these animals
Brittney Williams
Fj Alyssa Velarde
love this
this can make me teach very well than science
Fj Alyssa Velarde
i really really wamt your videos

your very brave, thank you for this videos
Hey, if you going to lift the rock, put the rock back the way it was ;)
João Pedro
StarWars 2842
13:39 "Lets take one more look at this amazing animal" Did you mean Fish??
Kitty Chan The Cat
so cool 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Brayden Haines
Love your videos man, you're the reason I don't go to bed early anymore
Zombiekiller 9465
Everyone like the vid and my comment if you think brave is really cool👍👍👍
Sian Lount
Thunderboy Gwen
Amazing I never knew about that eel like fish
Moneke Harris
he said he works by his self what about the camera guy
Basically Ashlee
what video does coyote get hit with the wave
what_is_up1190 queen
that is the coolest tidepool animals
ney mar
you see not all Hispanics are criminals?
Isaac Mora
Hi poop
Gamer Girl
I wish I could do this
aah this takes me back i used to discover alot prickleback in eastern africa.
Louis Cheng
Dude you deserve a TV show so that you can teach more people about the wildernes of mother earth and make them realize that the we have to protect nature than keep on destroying it. You really need a TV show
Bonnie B
Man you should be on TH
Rayyan Hindi
I live in half moon bay lol !
Xx Phantom xX
If you want to know the most horrifying worm of the sea look up to bobbit worm
Andrew Maure
Try to find a kissing bug
Lauren Stone
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