Emily Ratajkowski and Priyanka Chopra Go Inside the Golden Globes for the First Time Ever | Vogue

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For Golden Globe Awards first-timers Priyanka Chopra and Emily Ratajkowski, the big night was all about being themselves and having fun. See these stunning award show attendees go from the ceremony to the after-party in the most glamorous fashions.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Priyanka Chopra Go Inside the Golden Globes for the First Time Ever | Vogue

Featuring: Emily Ratajkowski and Priyanka Chopra

Ann Nax
Gorgeous Priyanka
Tusshar Alagh
@1:15 hey that's Gavin Belson,,
Shajjad Alam
Priyanka You Look Hot & Sexy
Ferst Rangel
Is Natalie Portman in minut 0:34?
tony Stonem
Ohh Priyanka <3
prabhat hati
priyanka love u
73 questions with Melissa Benoist!!
73 questions with Melissa Benoist!!
ko ki
I would like to fuck them both
Why was Emily even there. She's basically an Instagram model, besides that part she had in Gone Girl...
Mayank superhero
priyanka is a shameless bitch.. When they [breasts] are huge, you become very self-conscious...I've learned something though, through my years of pondering and pontificating, and that is: men love them, and I love that.
Azim Malik
What's the music that's starts at 0:15?
0:03 who's the blonde girl?
IzabellaT A
I kinda hate and love Emily Ratajkowski.
Its so nice to see Hollywood encouraging a Transgender to make it big . Hats off !!!
m josh
omg why priyanka always use dark lipstick like a vampire
Love them both 😍😍
Pillo 59
OMG PC with sansa stark on 0:02!!!
They are both stunning!
Turd Ferguson
I'd like to be inside Emily Ratajkowski.
Dorein Paul Emmanuel
that's an ugly dress and ugly necklace ! really sorry. and she looks sick.
POLO & Lifestyle
Very pretty look
Tuğrul Türkmen
Lol @ Jake Gyllenhaal trying to make his moves on Emily
Lana Del Slay
Priyanka is kind of a show off
emily looks amazing but 8/10 times her red carpet outfits look like shit. the golden globes were one of those moments.
Orne Galvez
They were both stunning! I loved their makeup so much!
That Guy Miko
Emily Ratajkowski and Golden Globes, yeah? Hmmm... Sounds exactly like Raw Chicken and Caviar.
India Bliss
Needed to see more of Priyanka
lenor abargill
Priyanka is ridiculously good looking and seems like such a cool chick too! love.
Chanelle mattis
Priyanka Chopra is everything goals!!
Wow!Pee Cee presented award with Negan (Jeffrey D Morgan) from The Walking Dead TV series .
Atiyah A
Priyanka looked amazing
Deep like Deepika
i really love them both!! but why i felt like emily's lips are a bit smaller!!
Zane Silver
WHO THE F IS PRIYANKA CAPRA IDK... Like she is sooooo random wtf vogue please get yourself some real stars instead of trying to create them
sıla x
Hrishikesh C.S.
All of Priyanka's Vogue India covers are out of this world! Would love to see her on US Vogue.
tsering tashi
Can Priyanka get vogue cover
Rishabh Agarwal
More Priyanka!
april kandha
I don't find priyanka chopra attractive but she does blow the rest of the women out of the water with her look
Rishabh Jain
PC u go girl.... Proud ✌
Mahek Chaudhary
I love u Priyanka💖💜💜
prabhat hati
priyanka was best
عاشقة بريانكا شوبرا
Priyanka 😍😍
camilla kerr
Priyanka chopra❤️
I think Vogue realised that name dropping Priyanka Chopra will guarantee a spike in views. (Thanks to all the Indians who love her ♥️) Anyway thanks for all 10 seconds of her 👍🏼
Emily Sanco
Niyati Shah
Priyanka's been my queen since I was like 5 years old❤
Both of them are attractive but Priyanka actually seems genuinely sweet while Emily seems sort of shifty lmao
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