TAEYEON 태연_Fine_Music Video

小女時代SNSDGGTAEYEON태연Taeyeon태연 솔로Taeyeon solo태연 뮤직비디오소녀시대소시Girls' GenerationTaeyeon MVTaeyeon Music Video소녀시대 태연Girls' Generation Taeyeon탱구태연 신곡releaseFine파인태연 뮤비태연 파인태연 FineTAEYEON FINE0228정규1집파인 뮤직비디오Fine MV티저Teaser수채화Love in Color커버업Cover Up날개My Voice마이보이스Feel So Fine필소파인론리나잇스위트 러브스윗 러브Sweet Love아임오케이암오케이IM OKI'M OKFireWhen I Was Young웬아이워즈영이레이저Eraser타임랩스Time LapseM/VcomebackKPOPHIT

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TAEYEON bursts onto the Music Scene of 2017!
TAEYEON’s 1st Full Album "My Voice” has been released. The album includes 13 tracks including its title “Fine”.  The title track “Fine” is an alternative pop song with intense melody. Enjoy the music video of the album title track “Fine” and give lots of love and supports to her!

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wen .z
angel cheng
Yeah !!Finally reach to 21m.Keep streaming,guys!!!
Greentee lv
YEY 21M 💕👏👏soon 22M
Scarlet Snow Rivas
Lisa Blink
I Love u Taeyeon.
Byun_ Oh Sefany
Tayeon the Next Taylor Swift. in my opinion
Shin Yong Hee
The legend says that this is for Baekhyun cuz SHES NOT FINE!!! SHE MISSES HIM!! 😢
I'm crying cuz i feel her 😭😭😭
I want them to get together so badly and i guess they too!! 😖😢
No matter how many time i listen to this song I still love as if it was the first time i heard Taeyeon music.i can feel her emotion and souls in her music.Love her cause of that
rexy full
태연 no1
Selena TT
i love taeyeon 😍😍😍😍 queen
Buoi Le
It's not fine
Preeti swiftie
I'm Indian, I love listen Hollywood but Korean stole my heart...and its not fineeeeeeeee!!!
Ashty Salay
Mi Na
I love all of Taeyeon's songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!
TaeTae you are the best forever~
Hiền Đặng
Suju Love
احلى اغنية والله انها بتجنن تايون 😍😍ما تتغير دايما بتجنن...
chaarleyy abirii
I don't know if it just me but I see a little bit of early taylor swift (love story era) in her. Very beautiful song overall.
Doma khl
you are an angel do you know it ?
Stefano Chen
Yoonchi Ya
man, I REALLY love that melody leading up to the "it's not fine" part
Büsra I.
i like it ❤ Türkiye yede bekleriz😆
Taylor Swift God of Music
Who's that guy?
Sarah Leopra
Doesn't the guy look like chen from exo for one moment?
Asus 4
~*taeyeon keep it on!! we love you!! we are sone!! you are the best kpop celebrity for us!!WE LOVE YOU KIM TAEYEON!!*~
tuyen nguyen
I love you 😂
Pat M
Anh Thơ Nguyễn
love....kim taeyeon😙😙😙
mingyu sunbaenim
its not fine
Bagus Lesmana
Taeyeon 😍
Abdul Muhyi
King Taeyeon
Lee Yourim
i think baekhyun love this song
Jonny Yoku
This is the first song I have ever heard from her - and it seriously hits me in the feels so bad. Her music brings out everything.
Criaturita Pambisita
Este video me recuerda mush a el de Troble de tAYLOR
Lance Lance
What if lowkey sponsored by perrier
雨 _
can someone translate their phone conversation at the beginning thanks :)
jasmine demetita
솔직히이 비디오가 마음에 들어요.
United Staes Of America love
TaeYeon is very awesome my country artist!!!and she's very very great when to sing so so wonderful emotion.,..thanks taeyeon
angelica maulidina
Good taeyeon
Mark Lee's Eyelids
she can acting through her voice
Kpop Fans
Adil Game
where is he when taeyeon said she wasn't fine:' (dont judge me, but i love BaekYeon so much)
Ërî Qå
saranGhaeYo mY Queen <3
Ella Marie
I just broke up with my boyfriend two weeks I go and the most painful part is he said that he just played and used me.💔💔💔😭😭😭
태연 언니 진짜 이쁘당~♡
Maryann Lim
2:55 reminds me of Koe no Katachi 😂 Taeyeon really does suit with everyone
Ong Seongwoo and Kang Daniel, Fighting! ᄋᄉᄋ
I srsly hate Taeyeon to be honest, i hate her when she was link to my bias(no, not B) but everything changes when i hear her voice! I start to love her more than my bias! 화이팅 태연 언니! 사랑해
kim taehyungxoxo
its not fine💔
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