TAEYEON 태연_Fine_Music Video

小女時代SNSDGGTAEYEON태연Taeyeon태연 솔로Taeyeon solo태연 뮤직비디오소녀시대소시Girls' GenerationTaeyeon MVTaeyeon Music Video소녀시대 태연Girls' Generation Taeyeon탱구태연 신곡releaseFine파인태연 뮤비태연 파인태연 FineTAEYEON FINE0228정규1집파인 뮤직비디오Fine MV티저Teaser수채화Love in Color커버업Cover Up날개My Voice마이보이스Feel So Fine필소파인론리나잇스위트 러브스윗 러브Sweet Love아임오케이암오케이IM OKI'M OKFireWhen I Was Young웬아이워즈영이레이저Eraser타임랩스Time LapseM/VcomebackKPOPHIT

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TAEYEON bursts onto the Music Scene of 2017!
TAEYEON’s 1st Full Album "My Voice” has been released. The album includes 13 tracks including its title “Fine”.  The title track “Fine” is an alternative pop song with intense melody. Enjoy the music video of the album title track “Fine” and give lots of love and supports to her!

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Angel Jung
still, the best music ever released in 2017!!!!!😻😻😻
An Hong
i love you taeyeon unnie
gumi shuharu
who are the taeyeon fans?
Trinh Tran
<3 <3 <3 <3
show me your hands , sones
infinite isso
this song relaesed in my birthday <3
Novita W
I am very like this song
Lani Lyn
When I saw the guy I thought he's Baekhyun I shook fukc😂😂
waiho chiu
waiho chiu
Red Light
Taeyeon deserves more pls keep streaming this mv and like taeyeon's I mv it's 930K let's make it 1 Mlikes for our Queen
Red Light
Sones stream also this mv pleeease !! I hope taeteon will win in the awards
Mansari Amin
love you
Tanya Pop
لقد أحببت صوتها جدا كم هي رائعه💖
Phong Nguyễn Tấn
I Got A Boy 190M fighting 200M before 05/08/2017 #Sonestogether 😁
Phong Nguyễn Tấn
I Got A Boy 190M fighting 200M before 05/08/2017 #Sonestogether😁
Mr. HockFull
лол кек чебурек
연달 #
Tae yun is better then Sonysidae!
Not just this song but the whole album was just purely beautiful. One of my most favourite albums of 2017 honestly.
Francine Denise
2:37 is that Baekhyun or Chanyeol???😱
Siyu Chen
Blackpink Royalties
First of all im a blackjack and i love 2ne1 and before i really hate gg bacause 2ne1 and gg are rival but i still listen to their song but now 2ne1 disbanded i really appreciate gg now speacially their solo albums Taeyon keep slayin 💕🔥
jack junior
Brain point
juliana ortiz
this song kinda sounds like Taylor's '22'
just dream
taeyeon Queen in The KPOP
RealMeh_KpopFan 08
this song? is it about their breakup? 😂 i mean baekhyun and taeyeon? , because you can see it in lyrics ....
chiya kwang
Im YGstan never love SMtown artist but TAEYEON caught my attention so i guess SM also doesnt put engsub? I love her song so much. this song express feel like for your ex? But i dont like went there voice talking erghh
I think these lyrics are about Jessica, she's thinking about Jessica, no body else.
Nadra Rahelya
Don't forget our project SONE😢
IGAB 200M!!!!!
고 고
노래 부를 때 목소리가 진짜 예쁘다 ♡
imagine this song is about Hyun
asung siao
Taeyeon i
You are my Youth
Giao Edo
I was crying when I watched this MV ... Taeyeon is so sad :(
20M .. FIGHTING !!! We can do this, SONE
Marjorie Kim
SLAYEON. Still can't get over on this song.
Park Chanyeol
erwin natamia
Iulia Moruz
찢어진 종잇조각에
담아낸 나의 진심에
선명해져 somethin' bout you

Yeah 나를 많이 닮은 듯 다른
넌 혹시 나와 같을까 지금
괜한 기대를 해

하루 한 달 일 년쯤 되면
서로 다른 일상을 살아가

나는 아니야
쉽지 않을 것 같아
여전하게도 넌 내 하루하루를 채우고
아직은 아니야
바보처럼 되뇌는 나
입가에 맴도는 말을 삼킬 수 없어
It's not fine
Ah ah ah ah it's not fine

머릴 질끈 묶은 채
어지러운 방을 정리해
찾고 있어 somethin' new

가끔 이렇게 감당할 수 없는
뭐라도 해야 할 것만 같은 기분에
괜히 움직이곤 해

하루 한 달 일 년 그쯤이면
웃으며 추억할 거라 했지만

나는 아니야
쉽지 않을 것 같아
여전하게도 넌 내 하루하루를 채우고
아직은 아니야
바보처럼 되뇌는 나
입가에 맴도는 말을 삼킬 수 없어
It's not fine
Ah ah ah ah it's not fine

의미 없는 농담 주고받는 대화
사람들 틈에 난 아무렇지 않아 보여
무딘 척 웃음을 지어 보이며
너란 그늘을 애써 외면해보지만

우리 마지막
그 순간이 자꾸 떠올라
잘 지내란 말이 전부였던 담담한 이별
아직은 아니야
바보처럼 되뇌는 그 말
입가에 맴도는 말을 삼킬 수 없어
It's not fine
Ah ah ah it's not fine oh
Ah ah ah it's not fine
Sone Exo-L Forever
Sone Exo-L Forever
19m 🎉
mrs kpop
노래 너무좋아요 ^~^
I got goosebumps when she first sang the chorus. Her voice is absolutely beautiful 😍
입가에 맴도는 말을 삼킬수없어
It's not fine
너무 예쁘다 ㅎㅎㅎ
19 M views ♡ Lets Go for 20 M views Sones ♡
Jang Win
19,008,388 views. everyone streaming I GOT A BOY MV too
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