$8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta

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“Pasta-la vista.”

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Jeremie Cazes
Filippo Cortivo
Francesco Sinatra

GOD Im hungry...
Jessica Quinones
ADAM ADAM ADAM................. need i say more?
Yume Amanojaku
Pasta la vista
Rakiya Jones
i like Steven
Saga Asmr
Can't eat gluten and I feel like dying right now.
Fishygameing 7890
You should've went to noodle company
Famela Sawali
I suddenly crave for pasta T_T
The bromance is strong.
hamizan nasir
hi im steven.....
Jes F
The camera guy is so awkward
Victory Roldan
I smell something tasty 😋
Meg Pevy
Shoutout to Adam for being the most awesome person at Buzzfeed ^.^
These two guys are awesome! Way to represent the gay community. Great quality content and great hosts. Keep it up!
just an average potato who does stuff i guess
i love it when you call me big pasta, throw your hands in the air if you're a true player
Anna Mcdearmond
go to Vicenza italy
Domanique Pham
The pasta is way better than the truffle pizza
Ashley Mendess
Andrews smile is so cute
jack backy
I feel sorry for the camera guy.😄🤤
Megan Montgomery
And here I am eating ramen
a drianshipperqueen
I hate cos I live ten minutes away from buzzfeed building and plus all those places are by me AND I MUST NOW GO
Adam is the best part of every video. He cracks me up
Steven is adorable
Do they always go for the cheapest thing because it always seems when they have the most expenisve one they talk about it as if thats the best but they always goe for the cheapest one
cat lover
$1 french fries Vs. $50 french fries
Mirian Aguilar
they should've gone to olive garden lol its a bit pricey too and yes I know it's not authentic italian
Girthologist Gaming
4:32 "You can be too FAHST, you can be too SLOOUGHGHO"
Noah Roberts
"Adult Version of Root Beer" You mean beer?
Miss Yandere Chan
Shane and Ryan coming out of that elevator to film some buzz feed unsolved.
Guolin Wu
What is your favorite type of steak:blue rareraremid rare mediummid wellwell done
Song 8:54
Shyla Marie
"the perfect pasta for me is when the noodles combine with the sauce"

... as apposed to?
Nur Sabrina
adam is so precious we need to protect him
You don't need 100$ to eat you just need the recipe
Kaito Kaze
I wonder what happen if ramsey star this show.
jonis tv
How culd 7tn peapool dislike this video?!?
R W.
My mom makes the best pasta in the world
4:36 "shows machine making pasta"
Crystal Thompson
camera guy should be more involved. these two are my favs. buy I always feel bad for camera man, like he's left out!
BB Facts
who else thought they were worms at 5:00?
Grand thief
5$ vs 150$ french toast
Dominic Morris
you should do one anout shrimp
Shani Black
oommmggg I want that gnocci
I heard Joc Cu Bâta in the background and I was jamming out! I played that in orchestra
Naim Haque
I'm from italy !!!!
why did you do in a French restaurant to eat pasta??? I'm offended
greenis penis???
Cameron O'Hair
Their foodgasm shots always make me feel a little uncomfortable hahahahaha.
XX Angelcraft Xx
Am I the only one who thinks that the camera guy is cute af?!😍
Amy Lucas
Who says pasta and who says parsta, like those guys do? I say pasta
adrian saucedo
they always give the scraps to camera guy
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