$8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta

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“Pasta-la vista.”

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Jeremie Cazes
Filippo Cortivo
Francesco Sinatra

Lara Bakir
Its funny how every restaurant they went to (pasta restaurants) their accent got stronger 😂
Foxgirl3000 Gamer
Andrew acts like he just despises Steven 😂
kameelah muhammad
"This is wet. Now I'm wet."😂😂
Hayden Daviau
I think Adam is my favourite part of this series.
Boy Bawang
buzzfeed is cancer. but this is the chemotheraphy.
Doroteo Alvarez
I like how the just feed the camera guy.
vincent tan
carbs with sauce should never be more than $5.
Why am I even watching this. I'm on a diet and getting hungry
Syahidah Abidin
I wished I stayed in the US. Pasta sisters looks so good
Sanrika Rana
Jae Eaj
buzzfeed's version of mukbang
Ashley Spratlin
None of these restaurants gave enough pasta.
I expect an entire pot full.
Because I like noodles.
Angela Cervantes
Jeremie's accent was just 10/10
i could seriously listen to someone with an accent all day
I feel like Andrew is my spirit animal 😂😂😂
Renato Balingit
My family left me at home (I'm sick) and went to Olive Garden, so I'm just watching this in sadness.
Jane Wallace
If this is scripted, it's bad acting. Obviously Andrew is annoyed by Steven. It's uncomfortable and awkward to watch as the viewer ...but pasta 🍝
Muhammad Haziq
Wow the buzzfeed unsolved crew and the worth it crew at the beginning tho.
Emmett Ochrach-Konradi
Buzzfeed wide issue: Overuse of slow-motion and classical music

Its just not as funny as you think
Sofia Larsson
3:33AM n I'm hungry
Ilai V
can you guys please do $1 donuts vs $100 Donut please
ayna che
the black pasta looks like gummy worms put burned and thinner looking.
6:05 😂😂 they are so gay for each other
Alejandro McKell
Pause at 3:44 and look a Steven's face😂😂
Zita Just Zita
Am I the only one thinking that Andrew would make an amazing person to Play Dexter?
Toxic Waste
gay af
J Ling
This series is absolutely the best! I just visited the US from Singapore, and visited 7 places in the 4 days we were in LA! That is counting Pasta Sisters twice..:) A brilliant trio, great to watch! Looking forward to the next season!
Chanza Cuva
Favourite part is always the adam taste test 👍
I was eating Ramen during this! 😂😂
I speak a bit Italian and when he said "How do you say Excuse me, in Italian?" I immediately said "Scusi"
Rebecca Vizcarrondo
why didn't they just say spaghetti ... Why pasta 😂😂😂
Kenzie Smith
Never watch this hungry and have a snack on hand but I didn't so I'm so hungry right now
Anna Sylvier
"It's wet. It made me wet."
((Sorry if I spelled his name wrong...))
I find the fact that they never criticise in this series sceptical
Catz Chaos
If only school lunches where this good.
Risa Boopette
Andrew is my favourite person on this show I swear to god
Ishita Singh
I started with sneakers
faisal mohajer
Where's keithhhh
Emma Stallings
Why the hell is every other pasta place make there own pasta except for the hundred dollar one?!?!?!?!
Katam Priyanka
M an Indian and if I ever come to America m not gonna come back till I taste all the places you guys went to 😍😍😍
Kim Vu
There faces when they eat the $100 pasta!!!!!
i cant help but love Adam because he's adorable 😍😍😍
sixela gnaf
does he ever get caught for drunk driving
The PC Dude
I bet papyrus would of been VERY jealous
Sean Utter
I'm happy to see that the chef at every fancy restaurant in this series is a Mexican guy
francesco piromalli
Italian food it's different
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