$8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta

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“Pasta-la vista.”

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Jeremie Cazes
Filippo Cortivo
Francesco Sinatra

Alexandra Devilgore
I would have bet they were italians XD
Cindy Le
Awww bestfriend forever
Jcage 42
giant spaghetti monster
Karem Lopez
Love these guys!!!good chemistry together
Americans calling pasta noodles really grinds my gears lol
Love the carbs , be the carbs
Brayan Velez
Is that Walter White?????
Gabe 3062
I think the reason why this show is so amazing is
because of the wonderful and expensive foods and the two main guys different personalities get them still being the best of freinds and then the awesome yet quiet camera man
INU ultra
Adam lowkey sexy
China Mishell
"Camera guy" is soo awkward. 😂
Why is Adan so silently
Omg I love Adam!! He's so cute ❤
jake hart
look at buzzfeed appropriating all these cultures !
Jyang Liska
truffle in any pasta is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Josh Pearce
The question is: Which is better? Steven's pasta dance... or Steven's sausage dance?
The Kobster
The last one looks bad. Now pasta is my favourite food, but that looks BAD. So, based on observations and hints from what they said and visuals,
Best- £
Worst- £££
Renè Menozzi
That pasta in Italy you buy at 14€
Renè Menozzi
Quella pasta in Italia l'ha paghi neanche 14€
Sumita khurram
simply love your videos
Azra Maliha
adam is bae❤
Lillian Smith
I love how sometimes Steven annoys Andrew and sometimes Andrew annoys Steven
Every video, all the comments are about Adam. I feel like I need to balance it and say something negative about him.
EnderGamer Girl
I love how the comment section is all about Adam lol😂🤣
EnderGamer Girl
who else thinks that Adam is so cute and innocent?😄🤣😁
why do you treat adam like a dog
Dylan Schwartz
Stephen you are the sauce
Jin's Eyelash
All the comments I've seen are about how cute Adam is. But I'm still dying because I am obsessed with pasta. I mean just look at how sexy that stuff looks
Razanne Playz Gamez
Just think about all the pasta-bilities
Honey Wang
Adam is so so so cute!
Pyrrha Chibi
"Im wet" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lucas Green
1:30 she looked like she got caught doing something she shouldn't have been
Hyerim Park
"yellow and beautiful" same
Pedro Andres Quijada Anaya
Do the Worth it episode of lasaña
Telis Leos
i love Adams voice :D
(HAAAA GAY ) sry had to do that meme
Shaurya Jamwal
Does anyone know the song that's played when Andrew eats the expensive pasta? With the piano
Summer and her Equestrian
My mouth was drooling throughout this whole video!! I love pasta ! 🤤🍝
Elke Eilers
Find a Man that look at you the same way Andrew looks at Adam when he gives him food.
zaheeda datoo
Adam is so adorableeeeeeeee
Rox Bhatia
watching this series makes me say "I wish I had an infinite stomach if I had this job"
Hi I love Bts
They should do fries
Melissa Warren
I always wonder how they can eat so much food without getting sick.
Mace Peterson
wyf is white truffle? like in Canada it little chocolate things is that what is in the pasta??
Quynh Nguyen
Worth it :truffles,gold,and caviar
Cindy Uong
Hector B
Truffles aren't very common, so I can understand why it was $100
Purple Fox The Grim Reaper
Hey! Did I see the Buzzfeed Unsolved people at the beginning? I believe I did.
Felipe Correa
I hate you all so much! haha
Grumpy Sheep
Get you a man that looks at you the way Andrew looks at Adam
Adriana Torres
I ship Andrew and Steven.
XDHGX Debangshu
Eminem moms spaghetti
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