Sean Spicer Goes "FULL SNL" on April Ryan, "DON'T Shake Your Head While I'm Talking"

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WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer does his best Melissa McCarthy Impression as he berates White House Correspondent April Ryan. April asked Sean a simple question about how Trump plans to proceed in saving his reputation moving forward, and Sean completely lost his mind. When asked later about Spicer's rude and ridiculous behavior, April Ryan said simply, "I'll Be Back"

I love spicey tho
I can get my SNL fix by watching this
blimy01 Maynard
You like that dork?
stop shaking your head lool
Darlena Outing
Spicey just can't handle the heat. The reporter's "agenda" was to get an answer. This is not the job for someone who hates questions.
Joe Tullius
Sean Spicer clearly does not care about anything or anyone.
What a complete horse's ass!!!
Daniel Perez
these idiot morons cannot seem to be able to move away from Russia.. these are all libtards morons disgrace of reporters I feel for Spicer at some point this constant Russian thing will start to annoy any normal person... the reporter got what she deserved I did not see anything wrong in the exchange between Spicer and the reporter...
Baghdad Bob strikes again.

Our Minister of Propaganda is on the job.
Love seeing Liberals on this feed shedding tears. #MAGA
Viktoria Martin
if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight... somehow that's a russian connection. - sean spicer ... WHO THE FUCK USES RUSSIAN SALAD DRESSING?!! anything other than ranch is unamerican. lol
Twenty Øne piløts fan
T-t-t-t-today jr
Best Version of Me
Answer the question asshole!
Dorian Graye
Sean told her to get back in the kitchen!
Speak TRUTH to power Sean
Shame on you Spicer! An administration so fucked up they all crack under pressure. And this is just the beginning.....
This is activist not journalist.
Shameless Hillary
She looks like the Nutty Professor! Wig and all!
Those wimpy White House reporters looked down and let frickin bully Spicer to jump on a woman! Privileged journalists must become people like everybody else and defend the First Amendment and each other! Journalism is under serious attack. ! Fight for EACH OTHER! Stop bullying!
That podium is going to have JET PROPULSION before this is over .
The holy spirit within me is on FIRE from all these lies!!! The Devil is a liar, and we see him.
Combative April drives me bats.
Vale Bene
April, you are a biased Democrat, so stop bringing your agenda to the White House, because you are extremely annoying!
Jay Bugatti
He didn't even answer the question in a PROFESSIONAL manner. If you are a politician, you have to act as such, which means answering questions by the press respectfully, even if you don't like those questions. I'm pretty sure despite your specific political party affiliation, you still should be able to understand right from wrong, basic things as far as respect and how to treat people. You wouldn't go into working disrespecting your coworker or boss for answering a question would you? She didn't come off as rude or disrespectful towards Mr. Spicer.

Then the fact that he talked down to her. Shaking your head is natural body language, which means she didn't agree with what was being said. You don't demand someone to stop doing something like that, it was not hurting him at all. She is not a child. I could imagine how embarrassed she was because of this situation.
1202 Program Alarm
April went Angry Black Woman here
It sickens me to no end how his boss managed to fool so many into voting for him and now he's basically killing them. (Meals on wheels, after school programs, affordable health care and the list goes on) the problems with the AHCA should be fixed! Do not repeal the entire thing!

This Sean Spicer is a complete idiot just like Trump. I don't know how they sleep at night after telling so many lies. Pure Evil.
John Bee
Why isn't the press corps pushing back on this whiny bitch? Can he really vindictively shut someone off completely or refuse to hold press briefings if he feels embarrassed in any way? He should've simply responded: "I'll stop shaking my head when you stop being disrespectful". And she also should've gone off on Trump during that Congressional Black Caucus question a while back - "With all due respect, Mr President, that's YOUR JOB".
This fish is rotten from the head down. From Trump all the way down ROTTEN!
Paula Mears
Sean Spicer lies for Trump, spreads propaganda, and reminds me of Joseph Goebbels. He is so annoying!!
Trumps authoritarian attitude is rubbing off on lil old Spicer. He'll live to regret all those words, looking forward to seeing him eat crow!!
Tremenna McLeod
Who the F does he think he's talking to a kid...?!
Hilarious ! Melissa at her best ! Mr. Spicer , nobody will ever be able to see you as a person any more. All that is left of you is a bad joke! Is this worth all the money you get?
Sonia warren
It's Soo obvious that Lil Spicey is under an enormous amount of pressure and he's about to crack trying to put his lil fingers in all those leaks, aka fake storylines his boss has created. For once, can this administration be transparent.
Dalisu Ngobese
He wants her to nod
Mac Harper
At one point Spicer asked her to report the facts. Now, which facts was he talking about? The real facts or the "alternative facts" that this president is always fucking making up?
what in the world, the administration is under investigation right now over ties to russia.
the whole press corp should have start shaking their heads and this little fool would have shot himself
are americans so bereft off good professionals that this is the only idiot that trump could hire?????
Sean Spicer put her in her place. thank goodness
Give that man some Valium. When will he explode? LOL
gennae lynch
it is like he lives in an alternate universe... totally refusing to acknowledge and disassociate the crap that has happened on the past two months
Ferrero Rocher
eff off disgusting spicer, you inspire disease
Joe Laraza
What a fucking joke this Spicer character is.
Ivan_ [Ka]
Spicer is menstruating again
Earl A. Birkett
Sean Spicer is what happened to Doug Niedermeyer in Animal House.
Brynjar The Warrior
Spicer tea bags Donald.
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