Sabz Ismail
Game of thrones is so boring I prefer Power
Saleh Abdallah
50, Come to Dubai and make a show! A lot of people love you here.
kool Mo cee
Got Is 7 seasons in power is on its forth u can't compare it takes at least 3 season for people to even really catch on to a series
James St. Patrick #FreeGhost
Power > Game of Thrones
Tatya Azanina
love both shows <33333
"Knowledge is power."
"Power is power."
Your Dad
I'm not into game of thrones, power much more interesting, for me anyway
Jesper Jespersen
In the game of thrones you get rich or die trying!
Preston Chandler
I love how people act like in 2017 in the age of multiple devices and dvr that people can't watch two shows
Preston Chandler
No one watches premium channels at the time the show comes on. the episodes are almost always available early.
Thompter S. Hunson
Power is nice, but a lot of acting is phony... GOT, on the other hand, some scenes are boring but overall is a masterpiece!
Francis Reyes
a man is not ready
Ms. Moses
I don't like game of Thrones so I would watch Power
i love power..but ima record it and watch it. there is noooo way im missing this.
Won't happen dude.
shawdi parker
get the starz app so u can watch power early
Red Durag
50 is brtter than jay z
resti pangestu
50 cent is smart
Aalim Chin
im a fan of both so i will clone myself so they both get my 1 rating during their air time
He's outta his big forehead ass mind if he thinks Power will get more viewers than GOT on Sundays. He's also ugly af when he smiles/talks lol
yoyo yoyo
put power on fox and see which show will do better
yoyo yoyo
empire is the best
Power is the best show on tv. Really good. Better than game of thrones.
to be fair i still haven't even seen game of thrones...

i haven't seen power either, so i'm not sure where i stand
Honestly, 10 times out of 10, I'd watch "Power" over "Game of Thrones."
Watched 1 season of Game of Thrones and didn't like it.
Watched 1 episode of Power and didn't like it.
Pizza Boy
Its a Hustlers Ambition (lenny face)
R Silva
How delusional is he? 😂
Nanashi Personne
The funny thing is the basics of politics and power do not change. That's why there are still hooked on Game of Thrones. Also awesome execution. See what I did there?
Xadrian Tajalle
Power the take over!
Levon H.
he is so much more humble and lovable than other rappers
Bad wolf
im still gonna watch game of thrones on Sunday
Ti. Sonders
Okay after that I'm definitely gonna start watching Power now.
What is dead may never die
lmao, ain't gonna happen.
There's PVR you old fools
Daniel Dew
power is about to take over as the best tv series
Hani griffin
Tried watching GOT but it was boring af. Power is my type of show lol
Ramzy Hamdy
This season power is getting canceled for lack of viewership. 50 can survive bullets, but when it comes to the game of thrones, he's gonna be like ole Ned. Even he didn't get the game.
Bree jordan
Game of thrones gets higher every season and has roughly 7+ mil to powers 3+ no comparison there. Yep totally different shows but numbers wise it's got nothing anywhere near thrones
Bree jordan
I'm here for the comment section only. #GoT
Daz Krackin
Nigga, yo show will never in its life come anywhere close to GOT status.
Flaming Phantom
Game of thrones = Zelda
Power is fcking crazyyy !!!!!
Is his hairline receding?
Kevin Gauthier
😂🤣😂😂that's right
50's cool but power sucks. Was good the first season
Abdullah Fazal
Kanaan still alive?
Ben Dover
I have neither channels in my country but I'm sure I'll find some way to watch both of them after they've aired...
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