Erika Costell - There For You (Official Music Video)

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Erika Costell - There For You (Official Music Video)





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Are you Salty?
Cj Vlogs
Love this
Don't Read My Profile Picture
I learned something today, there will not be enough auto tune, EVER.
Honey Polley
I'm a goat Erika is a savege and she did on her own ok so leave her Alan's
Ruby Rose
You are here just beacuse of jake. Beacuse he is famous. But not you man.
Rachel Stewart
I've been hustlin' *Goat merch*lol
Jess Kennelly
Isn't it kinda creepy to be looking at yourself while naked
alyxsis aurio
Ericka:"way back when we started TEAM 10" Me:"way back when JAKE started TEAM 10"
alyxsis aurio
Erika:" 0-1million subs real quick" Me:" 0-1million subs real quick cause Jake"
Aleksia Maksimovic
I like Jessa better, Who agrees???
Dayana Castillo
You wont be all of that if it wasnt for jake pauk
leonardo reyna
Do you like Érica
Little Rainbow
Btw, haters back off!
Little Rainbow
Love Erika. Her and Jake make the cutest couple. If anybody thinks this was auto tuned, wear is the proof?
Sponge Cloud
I know my credit score because of credit karma so dont come for me
Xxprincessfiona 27
if these are Music videos these days then we're all FUCKED.
Thicc Woofer
Notice how jake isn’t in the song lol
Luis Garduno
She had clothes under ,she tried her best,i bet she sings better than you you will probaly say something dumb
Steve Johnson
I knew you were a hooker but damn you really wanted go for the whole prostitue look
Yoslin Tojin
grande babby
tf is this ?
Sahara Poulsen
If you guys are just gonna critize her and not appreciate her hard work then get the f out
silly slime universe
Why are you lying throughout this whole song
Caitlyn Ott
Maria Devora
Hi Erika
Randomness Ricki
Erika, u sound so stuck up in this song. It sounds like you only like your self and way to much autotune plz

Satu Bangura
You all just haters do you guys are doing she was actually doing YouTube by herself she did this by herself Erika you do you
Alexandradance 101
Erika love it so much awesome!!! I have a question when is team 10 going to react to There for you? It was really cool to see their reactions on camera! And please do it when everyone is there “including Jake” love you hope you take my request
Chanel Smith
Tone deaf
Emiliano Hernandez
Go to credit karma then we’ll know her
Amberlee Espinoza
I love the song Erika it's amaz
Francisco Hernandez
my daugher love you
shay mack
Why are you so. Bad at singing wait is it because you could not think of lyrics
Addison Schattenberg
I love this song
kuwala bear2435
i love the song
kuwala bear2435
i love the song
chan kim
Hi love song
Meri H
You go Erika ❤️😊👍🏻LOVE YA❤️❤️❤️
Kalyssa Hernandez
You wouldn't be right here without doing the nasty w/jake
Loretta Minnick
Be you erika im ajake pauler
Loretta Minnick
Thats not true nessa she is cool an jake ill dab on you if i was jake
gg vlogz
I WAS THERE FOR YOU!! -Costeller
Kelsey Norman
You mad me cry
Natalie Morales
anybody want a girlfriend not Erika me comment
I'm a Jake Pauler
How is Jake not in here I mean she said Jerika
Gamergirl101 Reynoso
I like this song is not that bad
Lucky Tiger13
You mean your hear because Jake paul
Maria Lara
Ericka ples send me a mech
Oisin Fanning
kill me now
Gigi Tinez
i feel ray was like in love with her in this music video bc hes smiling while staring at her lmao
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