Benedict Cumberbatch & Tilda Swinton Ask Strange Questions

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What does Benedict Cumberbatch smell like?

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Earth at night

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Flange Plackitt😂
Mandy Olsen
they both look very strange but it's kind of cool. like exotic and otherwordly
I didn't know what my name should be
I have three lurchers💜
Bookish Isabela Louise
i thought i had a basic understanding of the world but then benedict said "water" in two different accents and nothing makes sense anymore
Raven Bird
All I care about are there new names XD
Jojo Villamor
kennedy cumbertrump?
Emerald Malfoy
Cumberpatch. Click.
Sarah Michaels
Flange Placket and Dirk Carpfull are beautiful aliens
gorby darby
Unslaad Krosis
Now tilda needs to be the next DOCTOR or a villain at least OOOR a villain in sherlock! please please pretty please
Dung Luu
these two are hilarious 😂
Can they do please make all thw audiobooks? Please?!?
xuyun nong
Doctor Strange x The ancient one


[ Strange Sensei ]
Kimberly Bos
describe the taste of water...

its a slight wet taste, i died of laughter there. xD
"LOLZ BALLZ" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cloud 4.5
"Jon Stewart" Benedict is now my new favorite person
Haley Strickland
Am i the only one who doesn't like Beyoncè?
Favorite Part 2:48
Rose Van Wylich
Ahh Tilda is a magical creature of awesomeness <3
Camila Belén Chuco Torres
I just love Benedict so much
Hannah West
no he smells like cumbermusk (if anyone gets this I am impressed and like you😂)
Jolie McLaughlin
Anyone else think of dirk gently when he said dirk😂😂
The White Witch and Smaug xD
Julie Williams
A Tianna's Life
and that's the correct answer
Vinissa K-aree
what's the animal again??
I love Tilda and she is adorable in this interview with Benedict.
Elsa Choi
And that's the correct answer....
Omg she is a lurcher! Such an elegant and strong animal:)
Beka Emery
i can't help but only think of Tilda as the white witch from Narnia.
Zohar Bashan
"who ever that is"
Anusha sharma
They both look like beautiful aliens !! 😍😍
Olivia Polerowicz
Totally my kind of question and answer
Zoe Wealthy
1:16 Benedict doing the finger dance move
Luz Puebla Lara
hahahhaa his impression of Trump!!!
Broadway Baby
Benedict is so... Benedict. You'd never think he portrays Sherlock. Please tell me that someone else understands what I'm trying to get to.
Summer Salt
such beautiful people... give it up for dirk carpfull and flange plackett, ladies and gentlemen!
gelber Eisenhut
I did not undersoot Benedict's awnswer on the question "If Tilda Swinton were an animal, she would be..." what did he said? at minute ehm... 2:12
only clicked on this bc i thought the rest of the title was stranger things related..
郭女王 Tofu
backwards/ wha
Eilidh Smith
Tilda lives in my home town
Momo the Sloth
Why does this not have more views?
dodie trash
For the president one I would choose George Takei I don't know why.
Daniel Daruda
tilda has trumps hair going thee opposite direction
B Wagner
LadyBerserker *
they look like siblings or cousins lol
I love them ahhh
he looks like if he was wearing lipstick! haha!
Teah__ McCafferty
Jennifer M
mind blown
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