Benedict Cumberbatch & Tilda Swinton Ask Strange Questions

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What does Benedict Cumberbatch smell like?

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I'm sorry, but I only see Tilda as The White Witch from Narnia, and I can only see Benedict as Sherlock, only way I can see him, I'm sorry
Meagan Chalmers
Is it bad that I can recite this
"And that's the correct answer"
21holosecual crybabies
Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC
This was great 😭😂
What exactly... is Tilda Swinton?

Anywho, Benedict's Donald Trump impression was tops!
‘this is asking too much even from beyonc’
They are just like two nice old friends that having one
Lady Indulgence
Everything they say or do is attractive wtf help I can't stop it
Leonor Távora
okay Benedict Cumberbumch
helloooo Swintonya
For Narniaaaa
Izzy Hodson
"How would you describe the taste of water?"
Lost it😂😂
Gibral Ulhaq
Dirk carbfull and flanch plackett is so funny!!!!!!
Kawaii Walrus
Dirk Carpful and Flange Placket, my favourite actors...
A hot dog is just a skinny burger
Beneditch Cratesofbooze
'Donald trump... whoever that is' i love you Tilda
Rickus Kruger
Hilarious how they are so calm yet so goofy.
Lilah Grace
Master Kuukai
1:09 Is he deducing? hollers Mrs. Hudson! Ben is turning to Sherlock agaaain!
mark smith
Tilda Swinton was David Bowie's younger sister!
M. Fahri
I want Tilda to be my mother
Putri Halimah
Wtf is Ben doing at 1:20 ???
Lucky Tilda Swinton. She didn't know who Trump is.
emma duncan
Tilda has that almost ethereal, flawless porcelain, British skin that clinique cant bottle.
Am I the only one who's bothered that Tilda Swinton doesn't know who Donald Trump is?
Abi Reeuds
Benedict saying lolzballs is why I wake up in the morning
Frida Säterö
1:19 this man is My life
Molly Francis
Flange Placket?
Annaliese Grace
Tilda staring emotionless into the camera as she says "Flange Placket" is my new favorite thing
Millie A.
"You smell like napalm... in the morning... no-"
Mari Slawson
Am I the only one who jumped when he said water in an American accent?
Anusha sharma
I m cumberbinging all cumberbatch videos right now. any one else ??
Freshee Yulia
Myka Cloma
Tilda Swinton... oww her voice is music to my ears. IDk why.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Celebrity I'd make US President = David S. Pumpkins
the weirdo.
"Benedict Cumberbatch smells like..."
EnderQueen0485 _
1:19. What is he doing.
Nikki Michaeli
OMG yes!
Can I just have Tilda Swinton follow me a round and say "That, is the correct answer" whenever I make a point.
Ezria Daniels
They are both good looking in a weird way.
Wolfram Stahl
I want those two beautiful people talking nonsense to be the soundtrack of my life.
I could listen to them forever.
jolyn_ art
He wished to be at the front of a Beyonce concert but in an "anonymous bubble" 😂 thats so sad, he can't go anywhere and be left alone.
cheshire cat
Tilda needs to do asmr
Kelsey Stover
Tilda Swanson = gross!
Ziggy Zig
phlange plhacket
Ziggy Zig
"Whoever that is"

bless your heart Tilda Swinton
What animal? I have no idea what he said.
I love the fact that benedict said that Tilda would be a lurcher dog, cause he said in an older interview that that was his favorite dog breed 😱💖
The Poof is Back
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