Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge!! Kids Eat Worms & Giant Gummy Candy!!

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Hiya Kids! Today we're playing the Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge with the KIDCITY family! We're going to eat some super gross food, like worms, alligator, shark, and more + we get to enjoy some Giant Gummy Candy as well!

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Janelie Guerrero
That's fake
Tabitha White
gummy vs real smoothie challenge
Jackson Brown Jaliyah
Ava is such a brave little girl 😱😘🙉🙊😄❤💖👍👏😫😘😘😛👍👍👏🙉😄😄😄😛😘😍
Marisol Herrera
Mark Tolbert
can you do a shootout to me
DRM Gamer
Ava is so cute I wish she could be my sister
Emma Penrod
gummy drinks
Brianna Lemar
TreVon Ojo
Charlize Lucas
Johnny Gonzalez
Denise Booher
Kichu Philip
can u do part 3 gummy vs real
Annloves lai
your son is such a bad sport, ava is such a good sport and she is so cute!
Kane Rainwater
corn gummy 🍌 corn
Yuliana Antunez
fuck you i thaut you were going to eat a real aligator you suck.
Michael Mills
do a 🐍 snake
Amanda Charlton
dam nam
i ate that pizza too and it doesn't taste like a real pizza
Britney Field
He wants everything he see and he snatched everything from his parents
Tammy Sutton
the little boy is so stupid he acts like every thing he gets that he dont like he jerks every thing out of his parints hand so stupid
Ivan Nguyen
ice bath challenge
FoFogaming Daily game videos and more
Aiden Duck
They are so cute
Elijah Jones
my month old sister is name Ava
Elijah Jones
the mom Is HOT
Linda Soto
Gummyfood vs real food 3
Sarah Ear
Whisper Jones
Andy Clement
Do a spider
Dennis Valdivia
N&J Nation
The boy can't try what u have
chris andres
gross gummys
FoFogaming Daily game videos and more
Anthony Hamilton
how about an eat it or wear it challenge u put some foods in a bag sime disgusting some normall they pic the bag if they don't like it they don't eat it if u like it replay back and u will tell u about the other part to it
Anthony Hamilton
dwl she ate the earth worm o. m. g this vedio is awesome
Romeo Cortes
margarita pizarro
Ty T
i subbed
Sharie Chiles
iLoveit to​
Sharie Chiles
R10 Penny
Bren L
Blindfold cookie challenge
magikas LTU
11:53 :D
Jalen Kuski
Ava is so cute I'm gonna faint
Jalen Kuski
Chew with your mouth closed
Neffea Thompson
Clark Mount
gummy bear
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