Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge!! Kids Eat Worms & Giant Gummy Candy!!

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Hiya Kids! Today we're playing the Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge with the KIDCITY family! We're going to eat some super gross food, like worms, alligator, shark, and more + we get to enjoy some Giant Gummy Candy as well!

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Mehul Shah
I think ava is the best and she will be braver then little flash
Mehul Shah
Ava is brave and little flash isn't that much brave
Mehul Shah
I want to see sardines fish in the next video
Christi Ocasio
Ava is so cute
MNI Accounting &Taxation Services
Sheri Patrick
Gummy Crocdlie
Toy gaming
That kid it gonna die of diabetes he eats all the gummy’s
Amanda Huggins
I eat gader
Stefan Banu
I do not like masterd
At all
Antonio Escobars
That was funny
' 25qqq
Carson Callaghan
I Lave your version
Ethan James
I love egg
Cool Zack
Next one do a fish
Ariel Grant
Gummy snake and real real baby snake pppppppppplllllllllllĺĺleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeèeeee
Ethan James
The yellow part of the egg is the best
carson sisters
I like alligator beaf jurky
Keke Hairstylist
You guys are better than eventudehd
Jason Gralla
Andree Rabel
i. like. ava
Choice Gimenez
Debbie Riddle
She is so cute
Malinda Duncan
Jeffrey Raymond Mario demetion
Gummy eyes vs real st eyes
Harry PH
Spot it

Jose Pena
I was at Olive Garden and I ate the lemon
Patti S
Gabrielle Davis
Lil flash
Gabrielle Davis
Marilyn 1315
Do gummy Plato and real videop
Lisa Spencer
Why was bekit
Max Briggs
Blindfolded dorito challenge
Leigh Takel
Jack is a very braiv. boy
Omariel Báez
Next put srawberry and gummy strawberry
Maria Deligiannis
Y the tvs
Awesome A
Awesome A
Sanjana Sethuraman
Ava is so brave
Yoana Martinez
Yoana Martinez
Dan B
A spider
Keith wright
real poo please
Kevin Helgren
GodzillaTron X
snake gummy alligator gummy snake and never spelling
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gummy bear
Cameron Gafford
you should pick super heros then that should guest the name of the super heros then if that get it right that get a point and if they get it wrong that lose a. point but remember that have to guess what's the super hero gummi is
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