Boating With Bae - Tampa Bay Flats Fishing

boatadventuretravelfishingmangrovesnatureecosystemflats fishingredfishsheepsheadoystershigh tidewatertampa baybeautifulprettyamazingswimoceanmarinenavigatetrailkayakcockroach bayruskinsun Epic Adventure on the Little Manatee River during high tide we go through the mangrove trails and cruise up and down the river. Caroline accidentally dumped out the majority of our bait right when we got out, but we still managed to Catch a Fish. We filmed under water showing the mangrove root system, Redfish, Mullet and Sheepshead. we have a 14 foot Alumacraft boat with a 15 horsepower Mercury. top cruising speed is around 24 mph, or 21 knots. We saw tons of fish all day and the weather was perfect, a great day to be out on the water. Check out Caroline's channel:

anvil hammer
That is one fine fishing buddy.
Ric Trexell
She is not wearing a life jacket. Oh, never mind, she wouldn't sink anyway.
andres lopez lopez
awesome boobs!! my god!!!!
alex bauman
Does she have her own page?
Frank Pagano
nice floatation devices
Really Dry
That bikini ALMOST fits. That means it is just right!
Caroline is one sexy lady , very pretty !!!
Arrow Raptor
Didn't even realize this was about fishing. All I saw was dem Tig ole Bitties..
Brent Meacham
You were in weedon idles in St. Petersburg.
junaid Khan
juicy watermelons
JB Hoogenboezem
mooi stel tieten maar waar is de vis
Seisman 75
Well, that's one way to get views and thumbs up. LOL Those are huge!
Edmondo Cortopassi
bel seno, vorrei tenerle io.
What a Babe, Reminds me of that Country
Song " Hunting, Fishing, LOVING EVERYDAY ".
Keep Those BOOBS Coming. Cheers.
Timothy Mychaluk
you are a beautiful woman ,love you .
Walkingdeadhead TWD
Tig ass bitties
Danny Boy
Tampa Bae
Al Savard
nice day to go "motorboating"
Willy D
looks like she got shot in the back with a couple rockets
G gunz
this shit is wack! using your lady to get views. no fishing skill just a pair of tits.
AJ Rockin Shockin Williams
I can't understand why so many dislikes for this video. He's a lucky man to have such a wonderful fishing buddy. C'mon guys admit it. ☺😊☺😊
I think we all know why we watched this video!!
Casimiro Buenavista Miramontes
Que tremendos chicharrones!!!
zep head
The only thing flat in this video is the water...
dave right
only came for the tits wasn't disappointed thanks
Wicho G
WOW nice boobs
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talk about rocking a motorboat if you know what I mean...Burburburburburburbur...
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Beautiful mammaries!
how many cylinders does she have :Dd
Dino Palada
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Love you Bae!! Where can I come fishing with you Babe.
Terry Bruce
How about some bone fishing
Arturo es chistoso Cervantes
I like all white bbw big monster tits
What a great pair of juggernauts.
Dr Chris Gray
I wish she was my mother and I was just born.
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dog gone she fine no disrespect great video
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Paul Brickey
they were all natural boobs text me back I like being a boat ride with me
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Mainely History
Apparently you need big tits to fish in Florida.
I'm here for two reasons...
Jay P
neal fox
an amazing rack!!
Hamzou Sebrou
so beautiful girl
Bob A
No flats fishing here.
Mike Edwards
Don't think I would get much fishing done. Nice puppies 🐢🐢
Bryan Calhoun
Shane Robinson
u have a tidy Mrs there dude fair play
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