Boating With Bae - Tampa Bay Flats Fishing

boatadventuretravelfishingmangrovesnatureecosystemflats fishingredfishsheepsheadoystershigh tidewatertampa baybeautifulprettyamazingswimoceanmarinenavigatetrailkayakcockroach bayruskinsun Epic Adventure on the Little Manatee River during high tide we go through the mangrove trails and cruise up and down the river. Caroline accidentally dumped out the majority of our bait right when we got out, but we still managed to Catch a Fish. We filmed under water showing the mangrove root system, Redfish, Mullet and Sheepshead. we have a 14 foot Alumacraft boat with a 15 horsepower Mercury. top cruising speed is around 24 mph, or 21 knots. We saw tons of fish all day and the weather was perfect, a great day to be out on the water. Check out Caroline's channel:

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