Batman And Harley Quinn Trailer


Trailer For The Upcoming Bruce Timm Movie 'Batman And Harley' Starring Kevin Conroy As Batman and 'The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch As Harley Quinn. Directed by Sam Liu

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Влад Мерлев
She always was sexy ))
Eric Mok
Bruce Timm is the man!
karen grota
That blue guy was not batman it was batmans son blueman
MR Cómico
I hate Harley quins voice
That's a really bad trailer but will always watch DC animated movies.
They should also make a Movie about a Boxingfight between Superman and Harley Quinn in the same Animationstyle
stella rawr
I thought this was going to be good but now i really think bruce timm has gone insane.
Alisia Mantini
Do sexy hiphop
Red Blaze
Harly Quinn is voiced by Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory XD
what's the name of the song?
Malhar Carvalho
Where's Tara Strong??!!!
The Kind Monks
Am I the only one who noticed the wall design in 0:15
i thought this was really good to be fair.

i also enjoyed harleys voice it really was a good choice for her to play harley
Samuel Berggren
Is this a trailer for an adult movie
how to do &&&&
How are they gonna make the girl friends beat up on each other like that. :(
Why the hell does Harley Quin sounds like Kyle's mom (South Park)?
Benji Man
I guess Harley was curious about Nightwings name xD
Srl who asked for this movie? Harley without the Joker is like Robin without Batman. Takes out all the fun.
Andy Thompson
30 minutes in this movie and it already went gay. Wtf!
Todd Renee
Todd Renee
我爱死你了night wing(≧v≦)
Harleys Charakter ist my Charakter
Tammy Rogers
I'm a fan of Harley Quinn
Mikael Guggenheim
WTF is wrong with the music. Ruined the hole trailer.
Sexy Amy
is this a kids movie
Harley Quinn
Film byłby fajny gdyby nie te sceny w których zrobili z Harley jakąś dziwkę nie podoba mi się ta scena w której Harley zdradziła jokera z nightwingiem tego nikt się nie spodziewał i obawiam się że to połączenie nie jest zbyt logiczne ;-; chyba większość fanów woli Harley z jokerem. Fajnie by było gdyby Harley Quinn w kolejnym filmie o Batmanie pogodziła się z jokerem. Dla mnie to jest dziwne że jeszcze nigdy nie pokazali Harley i jokera jak wiecie...nooo wiecie xD
Ale jestem oburzona co oni robią z tą Harley!? Robią z niej po prostu dziwkę nic więcej! Najlepiej by było gdyby Harley wruciła do jokera bo wydaje mi się że Harley nie ma co ze sobą zrobić i po prostu puszcza się na prawo i lewo ;-; masakra! Zepsuliscie Harley na amen... Powiem tylko tyle że nie jestem już fanką DC. Harley w Batmanie The animated series była najlepsza a teraz to zwykła dziwka ;-; jak nie deadshot to znowu nightwing . Teraz jedyne co mogę powiedzieć o Harley to puszczalska dziwka ;-; od teraz będzie tak kojarzona. kobieto lepiej wruć do jokera bo nie wiesz co ze sobą zrobić ;-; to tyle co miałam do powiedzenia , musiałam wylądować te złość i napisać co myślę o tym guwnie ;-;
meh no thanks
Okay Silence
Can't believe this is a real life trailer.
King Jiggah
Adult movie lol
AudreyGamePlay YT
Fucking cancerous
Martin Ga
So is Batman and....Bernadette..
gabe prentiss
Hearing a non Tara strong Harley is bothering
Fredi Galindo
How many times has Dick been raped at this point?
DeNasty one
She farted
this is the worst trailer i saw this whole year.
Isn't it a coincidence the day before its official release I see this? And its been up for months..
Ugh, why the Crapwing... Also animation looks kinda cheap
Alida Morris
For a second I thought harley quinn was circus baby
Johnathan Casey
Harleys pussy is wet as fuck u can see a damp patch on nightwings knee,where she been rubbing her mut all over him,awww i bet she is one meen fuck,,,now the joker is the lucky one who busted her pussy in the first place,,lucky spunky bastard,,,,pmsl
LoL Darth Ynot
Nightwing gets caught everytime.
I love when the people that made the series make these movies. These are better than the other DC animated movies they make. I hope they continue to make more!
Anna Włodarczyk
Francisco Castillo
1:07 batman be savage
Dylan Kaiser
dammit 5 days is too long
Harley's voice just feels wrong. Doesn't feel like she's even Harley.
Anthony Judd
Remember in DCUA her and dead shot did the mattress mambo in Suicide Squad. She had a and itch that she needed scratched...
Thomas Z
the music for this trailer is godawful
Worst animation!
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