Batman And Harley Quinn Trailer


Trailer For The Upcoming Bruce Timm Movie 'Batman And Harley' Starring Kevin Conroy As Batman and 'The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch As Harley Quinn. Directed by Sam Liu

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Bane Knightfall
This voice actress isn't bad but I miss Arleen Sorkin.
yes please do a new WB animated batman series like in the 90´s. and a real live action series Batman with scott adkins as Batman.

And do a Knightfall arc, Wargames arc, Predator arc,night of the owl arc that would be awesome
Pro: The 1990's / early 2000's style
Con: Harley Quinn's voice
John Anderson
watch Harley Quinn give head 1:39
Was Tara Strong busy or did someone think this film wouldn't sell without a cast member from a second-rate sitcom that needs a laugh track to attract an audience?
Kira Hagen
This looks 100 times better than the recent trailer that dropped.
The fuck is this music playing?
Galimatías Oximoroniano
:o Looks nice.
michael miller
holy fuck this is DCAU
I hate it so much. I have no worlds.
Bob Reno
Oh yes ,he was raped by Harley. Gee to think that his hands were free at :049 and she's still winning the fight. That isn't how real rape works people. I've been there, it's how I lost my virginity. I could say it was rape if she was holding a weapon against his throat/head and threatened to kill him if he moved. I also felt like a complete wimp afterwards because I couldn't do anything to stop it. I couldn't deal with the shame of what had happened to me for years. I mentally took that memory , crumbled it into a ball and put it into my "it never happened vault" until I was ready to face it 15 years later. It's cool if you all are making "woman rapes man" jokes . But plz don't confuse Robin's situation for actual rape.
Genji Shimada
The music doesn't fit the trailer and the mood at all ....the voice acting is fucking boring..aaand yet again using harley for appealing purposes....0/10
Pretty Little Psycho
Always ready for a good fight! BRING IT ON! 🖤

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Jayne Pratt
Bryan W
Is nightwing the villain in this?
ryu Tripp
this video is...awful just shit and a half the idea is grand but this videos sound and voice was like acid trying to die from drugs
wow! '90s graphics style in HD quality
Kassy Poles
I love the original animatoon style and how they kept batman's viuce but as much as I love Paget Brewster and Melissa Ranch, I really would have hoped they would have used Arleen Sorkin or Tara Strong for Harley and Diane Pershing for Ivy.
Nightwing....are you secretly a masochist or do you genuinely get caught in situations like this that often?
Harley Quinn and Jason Todd would make for a much more interesting relationship. Whether its friendship, romance rivalry or something else, i would pay to see that.
The Trash Man
Nightwing falls for dem thots smh
five nights at freddy's and more mangle gamer
Juan Manuel Bernal Aranda
Batman and Harley Quinn.......&Nightwing? .....missing &knuckles
Angel Ascencio
was that swampthing
Carlos Ruiz
so this happens after the joker died?
oooooooh SEX!!!!!
iFoZa XO
thats awesome
Cool its in the style of the animated series or justice league.
aniyah rogers
nice action but too much
Karen Guessman
lmfao whats this movie..harley on dick...y am I not surprised...
There's always so much hope for these new Batman animated movies; Why do they all have to be letdowns? Either the animation, or lazy, sub-par voice acting (excluding Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill, of course), or just a lackluster plot, they're always just shy of enjoyable because of some easily preventable mistakes. In this one, it appears to be the animation; also, not super-crazy about Harley's voice.
Diego Crispim
The art style is spot on, but the music is atrocious. The 90s animated Batman had incredible music.
Greg Kiss
This trailer is amateur!
mhh not sure about Melissa Rauch voicing Harley. Why not Tara Strong or Arleen Sorkins? Way more iconic.
The Poke'Saurus
"God help us all!"
Nightwing is the stand in for Batman yet is made to look weak at always gets his ass kicked
Alexis Cash
Martin Stewart
the film looks interesting but the trailer showed way too much footage.
Rin Okumura
They decided to went with the old art style for this animated... Harley boob can poke both my eyes out, still has a great @$$ tho!
Melissa Rauch!?!?!?!??!?!?! perfect casting!
Karly C
These voices (other than batman) are horrible
Is Batman gonna get some clown pussy?
Alex Painter
I don't blame Nightwing for wanting to try and tap Harley's ass
Calipurnio, el Rey del Odio
It's my idea or the film looks... weird?
I'm talking about the animation. It doesn't look free-flowing. It's like some moments are in 23 fps but in other looks like that the render isn't good and go slower than usual.
Charley Newman
Is this theme for real? The music, sound design, and animation frame-rate are terrible.
Vitoria Gamer's 17
1:44 kkkkkkkkkk
What is the point of having Harley in this movie?
Austin Nwachukwu
Why does this look so... low quality?
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