Batman And Harley Quinn Trailer


Trailer For The Upcoming Bruce Timm Movie 'Batman And Harley' Starring Kevin Conroy As Batman and 'The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch As Harley Quinn. Directed by Sam Liu

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Keri Webb
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Imagine if Nightwing said that he's gay
I love this voice for harley quinn so nasaly i love nasal noice. Same for lois griffin and fran fine from the nanny
Firelord House
Whoever edited this trailer.... needs to not edit things. Ever.
I'm so pissed at how they're mistreating Nightwing. Wow.
Sophie Grace
This is terrible
Patty Esquibel
nightwing and harley looked like they were having fun
I might cry
Page Smith
funk you
This look old as fuck
So is this set in the Bruce Timm DCAU then?
Uufff that voice actor for Harley sounds awful, her voice inverts my dick
Theresa Algeri
also Harley sounds older I like it better than when she sounded like a tween girl high off of 10 gallons of helium
Theresa Algeri
Bonny 812
todavía no está en español? ??????
Rock Princess
i know this movie is getting alot of hate but it looks awesome, i dont ship harley and nightwing but i do believe harley is insane enough to have sex with nightwing. ♥
Dizzy Blu
1:40, I thought that was something else at first...
So glad this isn't new 52
Is that Swamp Thing?😂😂
spider man
1:39 OH SHIT...oh lol
The Purple Umbrella
Is this the real trailer? It's terrible
Before the movie starts, there's a 30 minute prologue of how Robin eventually became Nightwing after having sex with Batman on a rooftop.
Daniel Layson
Hey look, fake Harley came back after that equity gig
So batman dropped out med school? Hmmm, fascinating.
Marcus Blixenkrone-Møller
Harley Quinn kicking Nightwings ass? No
Zaliyah Whitaker
charles chan
they should hv used the same animation style and cast as batman assault on arkham
Pasindu Abesekara
is this the official trailer?? this sucks ....... a lot!
HANDICORN Includes rainbows and glitter!
So everyone complains about harley voice wow you cant change it its not like you can change it probs the best harley quinn voice acotr was tired so dont get startled
John L. Reed
00:54 haha I was just about to call you
Javan Aguirre
Lol Harley, I'd fool around with Nightwing too if I had the chance.
Christa Deklyen
Nightwing and Harley Quinn I ship it
Ya know what I hate, people who don't know Bruce timms excellent writing style and are only familiar with hacks like Doug mounch or frank miller and decide to bash him, I mean the guy wrote the 1990's batman series and it was friggin' awesome.
S. Wright
@1:40 it looks like Harley is blowing Batman😂
Kaki Flores
What the heck is wrong with her voice
Tyler Birdman
0:15 Who blames him?
Hugo Osorno Lima
Pero miren nada más ese enorme fanservice
Lovable Idiot Lance
Can't wait to get attacked by bat fans when I admit I ship nightwing and Harley a little after watching this
i will be boycotting this movie because of the big bang theory connection. i loath that show and its poor attempt at comedy.
Fruit Salad
Why does Harley Quinn sound like my grandma?
Mci Almc
The music makes no sense
holy shit this trailer is awfully put together
what is this called when she has nightwing tied up
Peter Barbarossa
Music is abysmal, Harley's voice is just hard to get past and um, sorry, but does this animation look a bit low-rent, or is it me?
Kieran Fitzpatric
That voice does not work
Jason TW
This movie is one falt experiment
Isaias Reis Jr
They got her voice all wrong. The animation not my favorite either.
Perlui Frank
XD h
Kitty Mist Gamer
Nightwing"I I was.. I was just about to get you sir."
Me:"Sure you were......"
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