ROLLER COASTER TUNNEL Giant Water Slide Kids Ride Rollercoaster & Grab Surprise Toys Water Playing

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Roller Coaster Water Slide challenge with a giant rainbow tunnel. The DisneyCarToys kids ride in cars down a roller coaster to try to grab surprise toys that are attached inside a Pacific Play Tents huge rainbow tunnel. Ava rides on a Little Tikes Water slide and races Alex while enjoying the slip and slide. This is a great summer family fun activity.

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This video features a giant tunnel from Pacific Play Tents called Tickle Me Tunnel and Step 2 Roller Coaster

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GIANT ROLLER COASTER TUNNEL Kids Ride Challenge Quick Grab Surprise Toys & Playing by DisneyCarToys

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SURPRISE TOYS Ball Pit CHALLENGE Polly Pocket, Blind Bags, Frozen Olaf, Surprise Eggs Cat Paw

GIANT SURPRISE TOYS PARK! Little Tikes Tunnel & Slide Climber ❤ Kids Surprise Eggs & Blind Bag Toys

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