Scott Lanskey
Jiren is a nigger
wilfri castillo
Zeno sama is the worse looking kami ever
JOKER Batman
Nigga pls
Name of song?
Ktan Dantaktee
Compare this to Beerus and Whis sensing Universal Zamasu.
DDD Uchiha
Sugoiii, toki toki,waku waku
BENDY and the ink machine
saitama in a nutshell
Kev CMata
Jiren is so strong he made Beerus shit his pants.
2D FeelsGood
How did they just skip out on SSJ3.
I miss that form so much man.
Son Gogeta Anim Beginner
Is it just me or Goku looks afraid when he attacked Jiren for the first time?
God mr.satan vs jiren :V
Doki doki waku waku doki doki waku waku
Every time I see jirens eyes I keep thinking those white dots are his pupils
Garen Might
Lool. Jiren powered up like King Piccolo did before whooping Goku's ass XD
The Missing Link
0:12 Notice Hit and the little Blue guy are just chilling while everyone else has to block.
Moonlight Productions
Goku- how are you this strong
Jiren- 100 push ups 100 setups 100 squats 10k run for 3 years
Should have gone 3 he would have kicked his ass
fidamahim mahim
Beerus looked so dumb wow
thanks for uploading an episode with no subs. i'll just learn japanese on spot. thanks bruh. thanks. ZRaulS. Cannot thank you enough. thanks dude. bruh, thanks
Berkay Kara
İs jiren stronger than beerus sama?
Colour dog
Santama vs jiren , who would win?
Merged Zamasu
The ost? When He relases his power
Daniel Galarza
It was at that point beerus knew, he shouldn't have been sleeping all those years.
Daniel Galarza
If jiren went to the past or future time and fused with himself. He would cause a black hole out of his own body that will take in all the other universes slowly.
nobushi raider
Super saiyan 3 would be terrible because it would drain gokus stamina
Leonardo Carneiro
Shaikh Adnan
Goku is aswesome
Karthik Bharath
Badass Jiren level!!!
Hazzy Games
1:32 when my little sister hits me ALL THE TIME
1:55 incredible his punches are doing nothing to jihiren!
Shinsuke Sansaki
It would've been awesome if Monaka was actually strong and it's on Jiren's level.
chris proudfoot
According to power scaling: jiren > beerus because ssg managed to give beerus a good fight while jiren deflects goku with a finger

Not sure if it's just shit power scaling though..
Stronger than a GoD =/= Stronger than all GoDs. For now we only know that Jiren>Vermoud, since it was never stated that Vermoud>Beerus. Jiren is in the GoD tier, that's all we can be certain about. How many of them he could actually beat remains to be seen, only Vermoud is confirmed so far.
Daniel Galarza
Damn beerus didn't even play with ssj red god form like jiren did. Jiren didn't even move anything but his finger. Beerus did a whole play fight thing. And I like beerus, hard to accept.
does anyone know the name of the song / ost ??
so this is final proof: SSJ red is weaker than SSJ blue. Than, they could just call Red ''sayan God'' and blue ''SSJ God''. This would have avoided that ''SSJGSSJ'' bullshit
Johnny Boy
The fight we've all been waiting for ladies and gentlemen
TaeAdams Gaming
They should’ve gotten future trunks instead of tien man oh yeah I forgot Beerus destroyed the time Machine daaaaaaaaannnnng
Emmanuel Habtegabre
Brooo i wonder if future jiren is this strong he might of been able to defeat black goku when he attacked the kiaoshins of universe 11 yet im not sure if thats Toppo's responsibility since in our timeline he protects the kiaoshin but in the future timeline it could be different. What do u guys think? Black goku vs Toppo or Jiren? Future or present either way... i know for sure future goku would stand no chance for black goku.
how is saiyan beyond god goku unable to actually make jiren move even with head shots in ssj2???
Itachi 88
Easy money
To clear up a common misconception. Before the start of the tournament of power Whis said "there is a universe where lives a mortal even a god of destruction can't defeat" he then goes onto say "That god of destruction happens to be stronger than Beerus sama". When Whis says "a god of destruction" he means that god of that universe in question, this was used so that they wouldn't have to name the god. Saying he beat Beerus was to put into perspective the gods power.

In short if Jiren is that mortal then he is stronger than Belmod. This does not mean hes stronger than all the gods of destructions. As they have their own teachers and skills. For example we know Beerus is stronger than Champa for sure; probably by quite a bit too. For Whis its not possible to class all the Gods of destructions at one power level without knowing whos the strongest. So in episode 109 Whis isn't saying Jiren is stronger than them all, only that hes at their level and has surpassed Belmod.

On a side note in the manga, the gods were forced into battling and the grand priest made it so that they couldn't hold back. All the gods turned on Beerus but he was able to hold his own and some. He almost killed 4-5 of then very easily. Showing Beerus to be one of if not the strongest god of destruction. Belmod was one of the few nearly killed by Beerus.
Luis Genao
Beerus looks like he was doing godijuana with that face tho!
Aglo Calma
Jiren = madara of db?
xKinji _
How fkn close do the zenos need to get to the camera bro wtf
0:59 somebody PLEAAAASE get this OST ASAP
The Media Table
This guys should have called me to do the animation of super saiyan 3 since they too lazy and I actually am and animator and filmmaker.
chubba diaz
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