janet Scott
It made me cry!!!
Ellis Bell
Does anyone know if this song is available on iTunes? Love the slow version of this classic 80s song.
Saul Martinez
This is so absolutely beautiful and charming so very Christmassy and better
Haha u brits r weird as fuck. How did this make you cry ya dweebs
Loved it! I Think the one chosen is crap but Happy Christmas to all!
jonathan edwards
It isont
Karen Matthews
Nailed it.............Who sang the A'Ha cover?
mils smith
ofc this shld be the one lol
Abbie Bradbury-Smith
This made me cry 😭 it should have been this advert instead ❤️
Chris H
Better than the actual one
Patsy Foulkes
I have been sharing this as much as possible,
FayeZboss Lol
Omg I love this so much
weird Welsh girl
I just cried!!!!!
The mouse was going to die but the fox saved it!!!!!
So sad
Roxy McKenna
This ones much better
Steve L
Should of been the real one not the utter rubbish that is now the John Lewis Xmas advert. It is just rubbish but this was beautiful and a perfect Xmas advert. John Lewis really did do a bad one this year.
Chris Dumigan
this is beautiful. It deserves to be the official one , no doubt about it ! So, if its not, what is it then ? And why was it done ?
XxSunrise BeautyxX
This made me cry so much! I love it so much! It’s much better than the real one that is for 2017. It’s so beautiful! I love it the most even though it made me cry ❤️😭♥️
Amanda Lane
We all here at Starmaker Stage School in Dundalk absolutely think it should be the 2017 advert x
Even more stupid than the other one
Joe Gallagher
Brilliant. Andrea Begley should try and get this released as a single. Apart from the obvious charm of the animation, her treatment of the Ah Ha classic is perfect. I loved the original but I think that this version actually surpasses it.
Sophie Beale
This one is so much better!! Gutted when I saw the actual one.
Bella H
This is beautiful and it made me cry.
Cat Lover
This made me cry
Cat Lover
It should it's so great
This should've been the john Lewis advert this year
Tom Mckevitt
Better than moz the monster
I’m crying, so touching
Raymond Harrison
so much better than the one chosen.can't understand why john lewis didn't go for this.
Beautiful !
Sue Tungay
What a change from you usual Christmas adverts.
This ad is what Christmas is all about. It reminds me of the bear and the hare. It shows the true meaning of friendship. It's so much better than the real john lewis ad. They should have used this one!
Stella Pearson
should have gone with this one huge mistake John Lewis :(
another swan
I agree this should have been the official Christmas advert. the JL crimbo ad always makes me cry as this one did. who did the one with the cute carrots in (I think I just "pea-ed" myself)? that one is better than the moz one.
Melissa Hobbs
This one is way better than the one they have chosen 😧 has so much more meaning & so sweet !
Marguerite Wilkinson
This is definitely far better than the one picked . I cried through most of this which is how I score John Lewis ads . No tears at all in Monster one . A complete let down for this year . Aldi’s is much better .......I think I just pea’d myself 😊😊😊
Patronat Iluminat
politically correct!
Susan Blackburn
Wonderful, beautiful and magical
Paul Humpage
It’s depressing that an actually decent short film can go largely unoticed but when someone claims it’s a John Lewis they go mad for it, because being told where to buy overpriced christmas socks or whatever is the absolute height of emotionally moving art these days.
Trudy Styler
Beautiful, stunning, heart breaking, just a perfect ad. Loved it.
Myriam Ojazz
Just beautiful!
Tru Pype
No! This is brilliant!
Flora Waldie
Loved it! Great storyline, so good to watch and beautiful song!!
Jill Moger
Oh that is so gorgeous! I want to show it to all my family!
Pamela Saunders
Great ad, I love it!
Jolene Gines
Wonderful, I like Moz but this should have been the one :-)
Not a cheerful one but it has an important message and I like it
oracle see
Sweet, but not enough race-mixing/white genocide potential, so they could not use it.
Shirley Silcock
Heather Mactaggart
I preferred this to the monster one.
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