Bath Bomb Fizzy Mermaid Surprise Eggs In Water with Barbie Dolls In Mini Pool

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These two Brarbie doll mermaids are taking a swim in the water when they see some mermaid eggs! Wow 5 bath bombs that fizzy pink water and have a fun surprise on the inside. What is the mystery surprise? Watch as they fizzy in the mermaid pool to find out!

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angeleena rivera
I am a fan
Minecraft Eagle WonderFull
guys, love swirly cookie........!!!!🔴🔵⚫⚪
Minecraft Eagle WonderFull
i love cookie........
Mariana Garcia
The orange
Troy Ricci
I love your channel
Xime Soto
Xime Soto
Natalie's Channel
Once I saw one in Walmart...

I ate it and it was a dinosaur one I feel guilty
CookieSwirlC 2
Samantha Flatley
It's Camille time!!!
it was orange
Valentin Vasquez
orange is the double
Amy Conner
i love your videos it a kid
serena Leong
Can you do cally can please do diy
Lauren Russell
it's my birthday in two days yeah 😄😄 🎂🎂🍰🍰❣❣❣👧
Ayesha Chowdhury
play animal jam I am kittylo53
willow tree
Alex Barnett
IT WAS ORANGE COOKIE!;):):):):):):):):):):)
Me max And toys
The orange Gem stones
Wait I thought there were mermaids in the bath bombs😂
katytės ir triušytės kanalas
can you go i my den my animal jam username i ula3 pls :3
Rora MacDonald
Halleys Comet Gt
Hi cookie!!
stickbot unlimited
I made shopkins season 6
deniz bastimur
Kiwitopia yay
Rebecca Alega
Cookie I love your vids and u should make mini Gemma stones!!!🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪😄😄
Susy Hernandez
can you give me a shout out about a giant surprise pinata with blind bags
Fronnie Silla
lindsey ramganesh
plz play aj
Streamheart A hunter queen of a Straycat clan
Daniella Espinosa
When r u playing animal jam again
Noel Brough Moshimonster
you found two of the orange gems
Daniella Espinosa
I love your vids
Maribelle Tamsout
it was orange
Jayla Marie
gigi gigi
two orange jems, cookie
Jūlija Bahareva Bahareva
Yassy World
Green and do a DIY small Gemma Stone,Cookie!
walid dalil
like bath booms
cookie my world
I love BTS Suga
Cookie you bright up my day when im sad or down and when i think of bad memories
Cheeky Girl
I have a great idea for the gem stones you can use it to be like the baby for the big gemma's stones =) =) ☆ ★ ♡ ♥ ◇ ◆ :) :)
AnimatinMah Candie
u found double of orange :)
Stacy Nelson
1,112 like lol love you cookie
gummy worms451
PLEASE do a morning routine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malak Mohamed Nabih
I Love you so much Cookie swirl c
Malak Mohamed Nabih
I am a Big Cookie Fan
Yumi Ishiyama
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