Ricky Gervais And Stephen Disagree On 'Lord Of The Rings'

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Ricky Gervais takes a breather from his 'Humanity' tour to offset the balance of Stephen's love for Tolkien.

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Johannes Hellstrand
They don't believe in elves... wtf. It's just USA that make up all these rumors to have fun on behalf of Europe. Many Americans believe that scandinavians believe in trolls, which nobody in Scandinavia does... So the question is; who is more stupid? Maybe the ones who believes that one of the smartest people in the world, Icelandic people, believe in elves? I think so. Ironic.
Joe Fangers
As much as I love Ricky, I don't think he need concern himself with thoughts of a shortlisting for 'Life on the Road'.
Sadly, a more apt name for that movie would be 'The Death of David Brent'.
I adore how easily Ricky can laugh. God or no God, a man who can laugh so easily at jokes made at his expense is a man who will outlive us all
Comon man. People really don´t believe in Elfs This is just old Folklore.Stories.Myths
The Thing with the Rock did happen but people Don´t really believe in Elfs
The Equipment broke Down few times and Some one got hurt so they built around it
Stephen ho? Sorry... Who?
Major Frost
Colbert is so sharp I find it incomprehensible he's a practicing Catholic. I know the Mormon Church and Scientology have eclipsed the Catholic Church in terms or pure stupid, but they have been creating misery a lot longer.
thats right :) good job stephen. i love u. tell the good news of Jesus. its the truth love always
Alin Trinca
Your audience disagrees on your clickbait titles. I mean, I was rooting for a 4 minute nerd debate on why Tolkien should have eased up on the brandy.
pamela rose
Jeesh, Stephen! Cut the preaching!
Ben Alos
When the subconscious shows what the conscious refuses to acknowledge. In other words, in 5:17, he says that everything offends him. Then, he literally, said: "Oh God".
I.R.D.K. Productions
Iceland is in the North Atlantic. It's capital city is Reykjavik.
Dave Hageman
and obviously ricky Gervais is Christian, he's only pretending to be an atheist because that's what the masons tell him to do
Dave Hageman
if everything he's done since the office is rubbish, standup isn't so much a choice its the only option available
Jonathan Seagrave
I just realized that Ricky has such a David Bowie smile.
Antiochus III
colbert is a religious nut
Meridian Herschel
Mr TV-Personality doesn't understand literature. Hold the fucking press!
Umar hussain
Love seeing Ricky Gervais always wearing black to look slim. Fat people are funny 😂
Delightful Gentleman
what boring drivel
karina andersen
Ricky please bring back Derek
Julie NYC
British vulgarity, crudeness, honesty, and coarse language is SUCH a pleasure!! We need more of it. It's the SJW cryptonite.

BTW Christian Colbert is fuckin shit.
Remember guys.. Jesus cant be mocked.. its like an ant trying to put a whale in a headlock.
an atheist debating with a Supposed ''christian'' who is too nervous to actually stand his ground.
ohana means family nigga
Ricky T H I C K
Real question, could the Pope turn the entire ocean into holy water?
Robin Banks
Gervais forgets the Catholic church worships Satan
Dougy doug
fuck me this shit is so painfull to watch..... bloody... hell...... (hell.. haha)
AE Conn
Religion is like smoking... it's something people should really want to quit, but keep making up shitty excuses to continue doing it.
Pardon Me
Ricky is so right here. Jesus was not, is not God. There is no sacrifice if you are sending an aspect of yourself and it's not a real death. The idea of a divine trinity came from Egypt and was common in other pagan religions. It wasn't until the 4th Century that the teaching became a church doctrine. There is no Scripture to support such a teaching, but many that contradict it. For example, Colossians 1:15, 16 says, "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation; because by means of him all other things were created in the heavens and on the earth.." when speaking about Jesus. How can a god be born? Jesus was the first direct creation by God and he was involved in all other creation, including us. He is very precious to God because he is his firstborn and they have a very close bond from eons of working together.
Daniel Spitalnik
Oh man. I read Stephen and thought it might be a new clip of Ricky and Steve together.
a happy banana
The way Stephen says "It's fantasy! what do you mean? Like, what's wrong with nonesense?" Is so charming, especially knowing that he's over fifty.
comedy gold
i think ricky brings out the real person in everyone.
They barely talk about LotR... Clickbait garbage.
Samuel Morse
This blows my mind.
Robin Hislop
Jesus was both the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the Universe, and knew exactly what was going to happen. But he was also human, and vulnerable. Sounds like Orwellian double-think.
Lukas Hermans
Exist commander depending monthly hundred enemy contractor fighter trouble.
Villaero Juve
Damn ricky is THICC
Even.Ways Music
"I'm absolutely off my fucking tits on the blood of Christ" - For non Brits
is where they get to the point in the title
Claudi' H.
Skip to 8:03 - 9:28 for LotR discussion 😂

Love this tho, if they had a podcast I'd immediately subscribe <3
i m surprised most comments say they mix well or the chemistry is good. i can only say colbert tried to play along with his guest and ricky tried his best to act friendly.
hobbit with massive bollocks?
... Bilbo Ball-Baggins
10:50 you can drink at the globen globes
Jamison Messerschmitt
the laugh at 4:48 is unreal :O
what a misleading title
Legendary Goken
Stephen is so damn dull with his boring leads. Ricky just carried that whole conversation.
Kieran Desmond
I have nothing against the fact he doesn't enjoy Tolkien or the fact he's an atheist. We're all entitled to our opinions and beliefs. I just have an issue with the fact that he's an arrogant and colossal cockwomble
I heard the lick, Jon Baptiste. I know you did that on purpose. ;)
I love their banter
Simon Kefas
Very good dynamics between those two, I'm a sucker for Letterman but Colbert is growing on me.
like, its not as if I didn't enjoy the whole interview and all, but the title was misleading. fo everyone looking for that: 07:50
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