Ricky Gervais And Stephen Disagree On 'Lord Of The Rings'

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Ricky Gervais takes a breather from his 'Humanity' tour to offset the balance of Stephen's love for Tolkien.

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Saw this guy live in the U.K. A few weeks ago, it was amazing, there was no holding back
Jane..baby's dead... look...dead
Thomas Steele
I prefer Karl Pilkington.
Gordon Freemason
Bit disappointed he doesn't like Tokien. Colbert should ask that of everyone. I'll make a list.
stephen colbert creeps me the fuck out :D
I just love them both!!!
10 second Lord of the Ring conversation that apparently needed 11 minutes
dragonball bows
I liked everything about Ricky until I heard about his opinion on lotr trilogy
Therio Cassius
Great News Composer Chance Thomas is returning for The Lord of the Rings Online Mordor Expansion
Joe Brown
watch every intervieew hes done and take a shot every time RG mentions atheism
amy davis
keep tight yellow accuse hard ideal related.
why is ricky siting like he has no balls
Listening to Colbert that first 3 minutes was actually terrifying.
Japanese people don't blow their noses in public (ever?) and so they constantly sniffle on the trains, buses etc. It drives me up the wall! Especially bad when its crowded. Ughh.
dat ass
John Ottaway
No-one with THAT laugh, has the right to be offended by other people's noise
Preston Granger
I feel like Stephen understands that religion is inane but believes in it anyway
Amy Mantravadi
Colbert's theology needs some help.
bleep blarp
What sort of benevolent, loving God sentences someone to an ETERNITY of brutal torture and humiliation because they didn't worship him for the average human lifespan? God sounds like a disgusting sociopath to me.
Canada plays in the World Series. And all the players are Dominican, so that's something.
im from iceland and i dont belive in elves
Gelly Rokz
Ricky is my favorite comedian. That last part was genius. "3 hours without a beer... blood of christ" LMAO! #dead
Wait, you can't say "(off your) rocker"?
Casey Steger
How do people find him funny?
John Highwood
What the fuck is this? The most cringeworthy, awkward interview ever. Gervais isn't funny. He laughs at things that aren't funny. His jokes are vulgar and infantile. Is he high?

And then he criticises fiction because it's nonsense?

Ultimate cringe.
Carlos Paz Despierta
If nonsense it's ok, I'm in LOL
To save any LOTR fans time, the title is completely misleading as LOTR barely gets a mention.

Colbert: I like Tolkien, why don't you?
Gervais: It's nonsense.

End of discussion on Tolkien.
Lukas Adomaitis
I have not pressed play, and I already can't stop laughing.
ricky is the guy who played in the creation of the lie and he want to pass out that he's against fantasy because he's christian? jesus fucking christ
Ivan B Comdeth
Ricky Gervais is an athiest heathen and probably has the new strain of HIV3 that most hollywood people have.

he does icky things like the rest of hollywood
Joseph P
Tolkien was a Catholic. Stephen is a Tolkien fan first, a Catholic second. In that order. :-)
Gary Hendrick
Lol, can't say "tits" on yank TV, but can say "piss"
Well this one started off to a bit of an awkward start, yeah?
are they talking about "The Lord of the cock rings"?
Ricky's face is slowly turning into Michael Gambon's.
Ricky looking T H I Q C C C BOI.
Tony Glenholmes
Gervais is looking fat. Fat and bored. And fat.
Jean-Luc Walker
now debate about the Christian symbolism of LOTR!
Only Ricky could find ways to amuse himself in Iceland.
For fuck's sake, we've got the highest suicide rate in the world!
Evil Spyke
How can men sit like Ricky is? that looks so uncomfortable.
A Sunny Disposition
"Sniffing in the locker room" LMAO!!
I love these two so much.
actually we just use the excuse of elves to try and help keep our nature mostly intact...
Did Ricky Gervais ever tell you he was an atheist???
Ben Allan
1:34 there is no way Rick didn't make a sound here- totally switched his mic off!
James Watkins
0 rapport.
Are you shitting me?? I was convinced Stephen was an atheist. Now I respect him a bit less for knowing he believes in an imaginary gray bearded grandpa who lives in the sky and watches our every step every second of our lives...
john tellnott
funny man.
8:06 Ricky's face lol
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