Ricky Gervais And Stephen Disagree On 'Lord Of The Rings'

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Ricky Gervais takes a breather from his 'Humanity' tour to offset the balance of Stephen's love for Tolkien.

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Darren Jones
What exactly is supposed to be funny about this dickhead?
Paddy Slattery
Why is this mans face always in high definition? Not Ricky; the other crisp guy.
that's why you should be muslim.
Spencer Martinez
Love these two together. Talking religion doesn't necessarily have to be a bloodbath.
Richard Philip
Colbert seems way too cool to be a religious person, disappointing
The Red slime
The part of the video that the title describes is the shortest part of the video.
Topi Korhonen
These have a cool vibe to them. Stephen has the balls to go in a little on ricky. It feels unpredictable and they have conflicting opinions but neither are obnoxious about them.
First Last
I saw him in uptown Manhattan with the same dress!
Milat Kebede
Amennn Colbert
Jake L
I don't watch a huge amount of Stephen Colbert and I only watch a limited amount of Ricky Gervais but when they are together it's fucking magical

Two people with opposite opinions having an actual civil debate and understanding each other, whilst being funny as fuck
Dewdropje Pindy
I love Gervais but he clearly knows nothing about quality film.
Kenneth Wilson
the bed rock of western civilization.... LOL
Iceland is not in Scandinavia.
Alpha January
Whoa Stephen. Wow. Across the board on my team.
a longo
What an amazing interview
Jake Green
Well done Colbert I`ve never seen a Gervais interview so flat and none spontaneous , then again satanists are control freaks .
I love watching Maher or Gervais eat up Colbert's bullshit religious babble and then watching Colbert squirm trying to somehow say something logical about religion.
if it's to costly to blow up we go around and blame the elves ;)
I hate Ricky Gervais.
Romans 10:9-10English Standard Version (ESV)

9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.
"Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go"
Muhammad Christ
Ricky gervais is so cocky
Bruh of course you're early, you got 4 days off mate.
interestingly, the subtitles confuse Christ with Kleist.
Strange Fruit
Ricky has done other talk show appearances - and the exact same subject matter is discussed, and the same jokes told !
I understand programming, but i thought ttalk shows were random and off-the-cuff
Ricky I'm with you...who gets Tolkien ,,,
Susanne Brandstetter
Great show, but who does the subtitles? They're horrible...
Dirk DigDuggler
"Sounds a bit far fetched to me". Sips coffee.
Yep, that's a pretty fair summary.
John D
I'm a huge Tolkien fan as well Stephen should do a series on the lore of Tolkien books starting with when the elves awoke etc
Constancio Tumbra
6:02 hey gandalf! call them eagles!
Did they play Humoresque when he came on stage?
devon haigh
You think Ricky is funny you wanna bring Karl Pilkington on the show and watch how many laughs you get
Ramona Segarceanu
Yea...... Jesus is not God is his son.
Nx Doyle
Life on the Road was never going to win anything.
Ricky Gervais is so very unfunny. Seven years? Get some new material.
Mark Scott
You can't be funny and be that sincere about your beliefs. Poor Colbert. Should be on a Sunday preaching show instead of trying to be funny.
Frank Newberry
Colbert is as nuts about Catholicism as Tom Cruise is for Scientology.
Oh my fucking god, Stephen is far more religious than I thought...I lost a little bit of respect for him.
Ausra Dwyer
I don't know how to reach Ricky so I'm there ...hope he will read this
-Hi Ricky...you are the ONLY HOPE to save this little calf...I standing on my knees in front of you and ready to do this for the rest of my life -PLEASE RESCUE THIS LITTLE CALF PLEASE...HELP this poor animal...FOR IT's EFFORTS TO LIVE in THAT HELL it DESERVED THE BEST THAT WORLD CAN OFFER...you are THE ONLY WHO CAN SAVE IT...PLEASE...i cried out my heart but can't do anything because don't have money to save it.PLEASE , I BEG YOU, PLEASE PLEASE
Daniel Liedtke
Wow, didn't expect to hear Biblical principles so clearly presented on a show like this.
Maxine Harper
goddamn he's brilliant
Olive Moskal
I love Ricky!! He inspired me to go vegan!
That was the dumbest Ricky Gervais I’ve ever seen...
Aaron King
Athens is the bedrock of western civilization, not christianity. Christianity was the cause of the dark ages; typical christian taking credit for something it shouldn't. If you look at the trend: less religion correlates with highly advanced civilizations.

Actually, I love Stephen. He's awesome!
I love Colbert in everything he does, except his politics. Everything else is golden!
Richard Westerlind
Steven, I believe in your "Sky God" too. Give me the blood! (also known as wine by humans, for a long time in history, before civilization ever existed in your geographical location, including where you are from, originally.) Happy Halloween, don't step on the dead.
You know I never cared for Ricky Gervais, and him stating he doesnt like Lord of the Rings because its nonsense is the icing on the cake.
Viktor Ragnar Washuus
Pretty sure the elf-thing is more about the icelandic people not wanting to spend extra money on being wasteful pricks and destroying their beautiful, geologically awesome environment.
Dann Vida
Ricky is the man
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