Ring Collapses during match between Big Show and Braun Strowman on RAW

rawbig showwwering collapses

During the main event on RAW 4/17/17 the ring collapsed after Braun Strowman superplexed the Big Show.

Sayahu Hahau
Jb 007
made in china.
Shawn Lovable Vibe
Why would the lead on the ropes knowing it was about too fall over
Well that was stupid
Kevin Mcbrierty
this ain't the 1st time this has ever happened lol
James Clay
it was set up to do that don't get me wrong it was cool!!!
is wwe thinking we r stupid. it was obvious for the ring to collapse at this match as the post were the old thin one not those with LCD or whatever
Mike K
How many times is WWE gonna run this ring collapse into the ground lol. They have done it like 20 times.
mr. pokemon12
I Was there coulmbus ohio
Jimmy He
The ref made it obvious by holding on to the rope.
Neal Frost
The last time i saw a ring collapse when the big show vs mark henry
We kinda saw it coming. There was no LED light panel on the front or side of the ring and the turnbuckle posts weren't covered in color changing lights
Eduardo Rodriguez
All you newbies. Look up Brock and Big Show, years and years ago this happened.
Tony Montano
Wow! Who's Going To Have To Pay For That Ring? BS Or BS?
Face That Runs The Place
It was better when it was real years ago. But I guess it could have only ended this way.
Karim games
hhhhhhhh this is senarico wher is led in arena ?
Compton 187
big show always breaking rings
Alan Doherty
Was this meant to happen last night live?
Apple Mahmood
Braun Strowman is the future of wwe.
Apple Mahmood
Big show you always the ring collaps man.
The Lob Mob
The official gave it away by holding the rope the entire time... he should've waited until mid suplex to do it... it wouldn't be hard to time it!
Lone Wolf
ohio is a haven for serial killers
Nazreen Mohammed
Quentin Bizz
Makes me want to watch WWE again moments like these!
The best part is the referee falling out the ring and getting hit by the steel steps
Snake In The Grass
0:21 Jon Jones enjoyed this
Joshua Sixx
You can tell it was planned, they took off the LED ring apron and brought back the thing ring posts, but Jeese they are pushing Strowman hard. He's improving in the ring, he's got the size Vince likes, he has conviction, he can move pretty well for his size and he's still young. Last week it was an ambulance now it's the fucking ring. What's he gonna do next week? Pick up the announce table and throw it at someone? This is why Strowman should've beat Undertaker instead of Reigns.
i don't get why people are shocked or surprised this happend. which isn't the first time its happend lol. unless...unless you're new to the product
John Schmitt
Is it that cool though? I mean once Big Show revealed how it was done it lost a lot of its thrill. I remember they teased it in the one match they had that people were actually excited for I wasn't surprised at all they did it here
Tagflies Lucario
Goddamn the referee fell
The Savage Randy Savage
Matt Hardy trying to delete the ring
Soccer Rodrigo69
Can't stop laughing about the ref on how he fell 😂
But is the ref OK?
imon paban
thi shit is fake hate to break it to yah dumbasses
noone you know
saw this on raw earlier!
Don Makaveli
lesnar invented that move
Brock Lesnar vs Big Show June 12, 2003 ring collapsed.
Mark Henry vs Big Show October 23rd, 2011 ring collapsed.
Braun Strowman vs Big Show April 17th, 2017 ring collapsed.

there you go. the history of ring breaking from these giants. hope i didnt miss anything.
Austin Campbell
The best part was the ref giving the best bump ever lololol
Big Show is always the victim
Brock Lesnar and Big Show for the 3rd fucking time. So tired of this.
Nothing special.
People On
better match than Brock vs Goldberg all three times combined.
Sachin The Gamer
Sachin The Gamer
It was obvious it was gonna happen because of the ring posts
Wrestling News

Abomb Alex 1
Abraham Galan
Rafael Castillo
Its sad that a shit crowd got this. Like, if they're going to do this for a raw, save it for NY, Houston, or Chicago. You know, places that appreciate and live on wrestling instead of being dead inside for 3 hours.
The Front Seven Podcast
That ref deserves a raise and a job for life for taking a bump like that. Kudos to John Cone(I think) for willing to take a bump like that.
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