Katherine & Rachael Try New Foods!!!


Katherine and Rachael try foods from different places that they haven't had before.

Music: Enter the party
By: Kevin MacLeod

Michael Leckenby
My brother loves Marmight g
Maleah Overton
I'm half German
Daveen Gaming
Katherine is from England she should know what marmite is!
Jake Barber
marmite is not a candy spread
Lia Hike
There the same
Lia Hike
No they aren't I live in England
Marmite, but Pa might not :/
Jose Lopez
Poppy Hibbitt
Marmite is teribel
Mohammad Halla
I am from Sudia
Mohammad Halla
Topkuss look sooo delicious 😋 I wish I had it sooo bad
Jordyn Wood
It is ok
I tried the gum balls of bacon and it was yucky
Eloise Dunn
Marmite and Vegemite are different
Logang Wolf
I love Vegemite yum
siang rem
The chocolate ones are better
Monica Robles
Dylan Roache
You have to put butter on before vegemite and not so much
Tina Nguyen
What is marite I don't know but I know vegymy I am from Australia
Febi Febiola
I like Japanese food like the dough that you eat
Raging Gamer
I love Jaffa cakes
Lola Liddle
In try new foods you put touch marmite on.
Denise McDowell
How do they.iei
Tibor Makula
you look like baby i don't like you......
Blood Sweat and Tears
I like the Red Bean Mochi it's really Good 🌸
Chase Caiels
You need to spread marmite very thinly so it’s weak or you’ll..well you’ve seen what will happen :)
Sania Dahri
This is probably the most famous video of SevenSupergirls
Topaz Msp x
U guys realize that Katherine is like 17 now
Luna 3Gamer
I have topkus in my country
I love you guys your the best
Layla Saminas
Who ever hasn't tried Nutella hasn't lived a proper life
Mani Fallon
You are sopossed to bite a corner and than the corner diagonal from it than dip it in chocolate (Tim tams)
juan acero
Felicity Pornnikom
Im from newzealand
Felicity Pornnikom
what did you say before you said"are called toppkuss"
Emilia Uy
I am from America
Hailey Crystal
I like the marmite more better🔪👯
Foxy The Fox
You made me hungry I ate toast and I LOVE NUTELLA
jordyn jackson
Literally I'm like 1,000,000 of the veiws
Stephaine Barrett
Yes it is and I am from England and I love Jaffa cake
Siziwe Moyo
I am from England jafa cakes really good
Leonel Vega
Ur not suppose to put that much of marmite on ur bread I tried it and I am from England and it taste good with a little
Hilmy Zakeem
Ur supposed to put on thinly
{ CindyTheLeo }
Mochi is a very good to me
mustafa abdulhusein
Same I'm from Australia to go team Australia go team Australia
Jose Quinones
I thought you were trapped in the UK
Jose Quinones
You guy's make me feel better
the pink fluffy unicorn kawaii
2017 Anyone!! :3
Hannah Lockhart
There is a difference but marmite is disgustinggggg
Zakiyyah Brown
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