Katherine & Rachael Try New Foods!!!


Katherine and Rachael try foods from different places that they haven't had before.

Music: Enter the party
By: Kevin MacLeod

Alexandre Edwards
Sup guys there is a good makeup giveaway at makeup717. com
Leah Cromartie
Gracie Grass
The eating of the topkuus was satisfying. IT LOOKS TASTY!!
VideoStarPro & VideoStarBro
Jaffa cakes are not cakes lol they are biscuits
VideoStarPro & VideoStarBro
Who's watching in 2017?? Omg they look so young
Irene Rodriguez
on the vegermite u add a little bit
Harley Quinn Loveing
Angelyta Rovidal
i like the bacen gum
Swaggie Love
jennifer burke
Richard Lynch
l dout
Joanne McDonald
what contarey are you guys from katherine and rachel
Hollye Harrison
I really want to try those bacon gumballs
Linda MacDougall
me to
Linda MacDougall
you are amazing
Mellow Kat
Y'all made me hungry 😖🌮🍔🍪🍩🍿🎂🍰🍫🍦🍭.
Itz_Marian_ Louise
i want katherine To be my sister😞
Sarah Hehhinga
Marmite is originally from NewZealand
Alice Shine
I am from ingland
mushi mushi anone
Ang ganda
mushi mushi anone
I want to eat topkuss its so yummy in my tummy
Roses are red violets are blue why cannot you be happy like me
Lacey Coulter
pepe Santer your dym
Keisha Mae Hospital
marmite is different
malou calubad
Amy Beutler
can i send katherine and rachael fan mail
Keeley Simister
I'm from England
Keeley Simister
Veggie might is different to marmite
Pee Pee
Princess Simbulan
I think I like the IDAHO SPUD because it was covered in chocolate and coconuts.The thing is I don't know what is inside of it
jowen francisco
i love timtam so mutch❤❤ i will give timtam 100,000 ,000%
that last one was insulting I am part chinese
LAURETA krasniqi
One of my cousin live in jrmeny
Josie Mejia-Sarate
DanielAndrewEdwardClaire Tran
Vagmite ,you are so pous to put a little bit.
Nicola Maria Ch
I'm from England and l don't like Mamite to 🤢🤢🤢
John Oliver
Amelia Moffat
I love marmite
Marianne Langley
you are meant to put a little bit of Marmite on your toese
Hawk Girl
I'm from Ingland
Diana Hernandez Martinez
I want to eat the JAFFA CAKES, TIM TAM, and TOPKUSS!!! 🍫🍬 And I like your shirts 👚🙃
Zhazjake Smith
Gasaok Seraj
اكو عربي لايك
Universal Galaxy
Lol I came here 2017 and looking back on this is so emotional but hilarious!
erdbeer donut
hey i come from germany topkuss is a eggwhite sweet its may favourit and its at best on brötschen
Fan Forever
Topkuss is so yummi 😋😍😊
Lilivy Wolf
lol Rachel looks so different from 2017
Daisy German
And I love Jaffa jakes
Daisy German
Marmite is so nice I LOVE IT
Anna Stevens
I love marmite and Jaffa cakes not together though!😀
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