Anonymous - Christmas Warning YOU are being Distracted!

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Anonymous - Christmas Warning YOU are being Distracted!
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Anonymous Christmas Warning Message

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What if the real problems are hidden from you, and the brainwashing machine is at full swing?

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

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안돼 대자뷰
No-Scope Nation
Nathan Peacock
we do not forgive we do not forget the fucking truth
TBH Anonymous Official you guys are actually very cool! You interest me in the best way! And it makes me think differently! You guys are great, and thank you for your content, and justice!
PJ Bottoms
ps I know nothing means more than hiding your identity. I'm not a fan. not a fan at all. You sound like a liar and a bad guy. I get the point anon bu I think it sounds like your a liar go figure. you say all my own ideas but youre a lying anon terrorist making my own words seem stupid. You are a bad organization spreading proganda you cannot take mind either you pos.
PJ Bottoms
well no shit Sherlock. where the boobies at? the illusion stuff isn't distracting enough
Gaurav thakur
Anonymous you guys just think as I do I am also gonna start a chenal with this name. and I want to work with you. Because there is so many things in tge world that just a hoax and the world is possibly control by some more powerful then your government
shaun scott
this has been edited this is not the real video from anonymous
Michael Tillman
First, the capitalist culture that the United States has been driven into by our ruling class has nothing to do with morality. The culture has the strong stepping on the poor and the rich screwing over the weak by shackling us in chains off time. We have to work 70+ hours at working class wages of $15 or more to be able to survive. The economy is getting worse every day. Praying to god will not help us. The universe is neutral, and able to be manipulated by those people with power. I'm not talking about Republicans or Democrats. I'm talking about the people that are in think-tanks whom are coming up with new ways to distract us.
The media has been flooded with 'fake news' when most of our news has been fake for years. The ruling class is trying to make us doubt everything we know. This should have been standard practice for any person who has graduated middle school. Congress took 'Critical Thinking' education off the required middle school teaching list in the 1970s. This has caused an age of Idiocracy. Critical thinking is the only way we can save ourselves from this psychological epidemic. Do research, look up information. Don't trust anybody until their worth is vetted. Find ways to filter out the noise and find the real truth. You are what you make yourselves. You are not alone. WE ARE LEGION. WE DO NOT FORGIVE. WE DO NOT FORGET.
H20_ Delicious
We are anonymous. Anonymouse is so cool he is the best.
Blaze Fire
Wait is anonymous French the fuck
Kick buttocks 333
A violent revolution is the only true option
SanderPlayz Norsk-Gaming
Are you real !
Julian Sloman
Palin and God - great sources... :-O
Prince english
you should all respect anonymous
Prince english
Anonymous is a true hero. you should all really respect anonymous
Duz telling other people in social media help
Sammy Hakabye
Anonymous. You're time is up. Now it's time for the AUTHENTIC ANONYMOUS :)

Anonymous and everyone in the world keep 7 laws of Noah.
Rafael Naranjo
Sammy Hakabye
I Caution Anonymous to Aware the World about Nibiru, if the 7 Laws of Noah are not respected WORLDWIDE, then Comets will start raining where Nibiru has been revealed. A comet already fell in Dubai. But I just didn't wanna say Goodbai too fast you know. ~ root
Алекнадр Прибытков
why dont you translate these video on russia langage? sorry for my speaking)
Sir Duke
How about we start another war to overthrow the American government? Its been done before, why not do it again?
Zander Henriksen
so now you're supporting Donald Trump?
John Nathaniel
i need ure help... i have knowledge of hoarding of advanced technology... an organization is 800 years more advanced than the world and they organized this a long long time ago...
Christopher OLeary
I am new to social media but I got on at the right place and the right time. What you preach is going to happen. What you preach has happened and I revoke my military oaths of my past I found binding. I embrace my Christian upbringing and I love you too. Im publicly Anonymous. What now?
twysty tv
i 💜 Hacker i 💜 anonymous
Dope Music (B-RO)
let me join you !!!
when I first heard of anonymous I was scared and thought he was a super terrorist,or a country threat
psychedelic, spiritual

Anonymous page ( trusted)
All hail humanity!
fuck you Fatty
im killing my self
Jack Ruotolo
You coulda just said merry christmas, have a good one
Apoc goodman
yes they do have the means to fight us. they have the means to wipe us the fuck out.
一•Mira• 一
The word F. R. E. E. D. O. M. is where? I think it only exists in heaven. You can now see the government; everything within this world is a lie. It's time to turn to God our Lord Jesus!!! Spread this message!!!!!!! DO NOT EVER WATCH THE TELEVISION EVER AGAIN!!!! This is the last generation!!!!! The need to educate the children with The BIBLE. The world is transforming faster than you think....
I see the objective of the legion but do you think there will be no violence?

Do you think freedom is possible?
JustAnotherFace JustAnotherFace
War, famine, death, and conquest.
War-"anonymous" creating a problem for society to see, and to do create war in the states.
Famine- world wide bee's population will decrease. In the end it says Bee like creatures with human faces shall swarm the earth.
Death- without bees population starts to drop
Conquest- lower the population is, the greater control military officials take over. Anonymous and government are one of the same.
Do your research people and you'll find that the real anonymous officials have already been caught in the ninety's. Governments is doing nothing but distracting you from the truth by using the plans of anonymous and taking down those who would truly rebel.
Anonymous is hope
Oh yeah gods going to fix these problems. GROW UP.
Anonymous Man
Anonymous when are you starting the reveilotion
justice for harambe
fuck new world order
BillPrestin Esquire
common people ,,someone needs to be in charge , man cannot live without day to day management , it is the way it has always been and it is the way it will always be ,,,
Deon Wilson
show yo face nigga
Negan Killer
We are anonymous we are a legion we do not forget we do not forget expect us maby the best phrase Ever said and anonymous is the new world
Negan Killer
This is so true
Funky Android
I want to be a member
Funky Android
Can u all tell us how to hack small things
Funky Android
How to hack fb account
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