Anonymous Official
Warning YOU are being Distracted!

Help by spreading this information, and facts the government doesn't want you to know.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.
Richard Best
Richard Best
OK , I'll work on that!
Team Cloud gaming
Video shared
Just Semih
I love you guys i have so manny masks <3
Exploring with JMD
Your the best anonymous you tell the truth
Dark jeff
I agree but if the war happens we need to be preade with are own guns and weapons we cant let them controll us like household pets we are the dominant race as you stated but yet we will eventually have to fight back with weapons if you like it or not it is just a way to protect yourselves it is hard to say this as many as hundreds will fight back against it but they might all eventually fall due to the government's advancing technology so most likely we might win for the good side or the bad side might win it's a 50-50 chance it all depends on how much Firepower in determination we have to make the world good again
James Vincent
Say hallow cia I know I have seed it once I'll say it again this is our cia there fucking with you I'm had every thing that they stand against happen to me no word there are the real monsters cod they do for give the left but they won't forget the fucking real people like me
anonymous india
why u do not hack Facebook on 4 November
Super slicergaming 53
You are a true anonymous
Richard Trevino III
The government has fucked me n my family over for more 20 years n the whole world know n they still try thier cheap attempts to have me murderd or arest me for ptty shit and plan to kill me
Richard Trevino III
Sweet , sounds like a plan, 20 years down the drain, I need Royalties (Infridgment Act) (Invasion of Privacy)(Home Vasion){200+ TransistorsSpy-Cam)[Installed in my home}[ ILLEGLY]350-Flavoreant Cases, BULLSHIT MADEa World WIDE TarGeT Government to the Highest Level - Project X -Low-Key RSSN - {OBAMAZ pet Raindeer -Hamildoph/Then planed to have Hamildolph -Murderd After he LED all the other Raindeer out of the FOG so the KIDS got there TOYS THEY had the GILLITEENs READY to Chop Richard Trevino III Head off to the Highest Bider - Donald Trump $ Arragont , was going to have TROGEN HORSE - Green Lighted - Killed - by GOV > VICE > Law Enforcment > CCPD > Fake Hospitilest, Polotitions, EMPD, Fire Fighter, Nueces County Jail . All these GOVERNMENT work places with Public Saftey Dept, have no choice but to obey propoganda, Bobby La Rock, Robert LeBewski, has been steady using his wait PRYing on little kids families on low income defensless people old people, picking on people suffering already thru poverty. Bobby le Rock , Robert Lebewski Head of Narcotics Vice District works with unision with all south texas Law Enforcment Tri County, all soorounind Cities to eliminate poplulation in a JOINT Venture with Gang Members providing Drugs , promoting Drug usge, to entrapt N eliminating what they deemed Trash of our society but putting them in prison the rest of there LIFE, or having them mysteriously KILLED. Low-KEY illegly planted n my back by HOMELAND sercurity, MRSA US NAVY Inplanted MRSA (SHELL) in my body, 20 years of Electromagnetic Devices been Victem of this 24/7=365 days of the year(CARCINOGEN) I need all my ROYALTIES , I barly started , , I dont think I should go on ! I need my SHIT soon !No JOKE all gas no breaks , putiing in my collage to bring everyone down in this corrupted system !
Tài bi
thich mấy anh
Rose Marie Leonard
Thanks for your help Anonymous!
Razy Coner
How to stop it fast
Robbie Rolfe
You would think more people would be watching anonymous and it is sad how we set limits for ourselves and others. Support anonymous for one is equal and equality is one. What makes me sad is the people that support trump for the wall and ice. I feel like we are just really misunderstood and uneducated about each and every one of us. That includes me too we should only build from here not tear apart and separate. We have gone blind into this society's darkness "do not go gentle into that dark night" someone said. I really don't know how to take that quote either. Thank you anonymous for putting "life" back into my life.
Selin Hijaz
Selin Hijaz
Selin Hijaz
I belive you because i see it happing in front of me and i do nothing HOW CAN I HELP?im just a kid
All these comments saying they don't know if this is the Real anonymous they are wrong anonymous is a movement not a group
#Expect us
Diyar Oyunda
ay yıldız tim
mr. leighbach
the new would order will hunt down theses people
mr. leighbach
you anti government anarchist the illunitie will kill you all
The lightning Society
Anonymous ur right
Lucas Ijland
Anonymous👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👊👊👊👊👊👊 The best
wonder bread
hey anon. i have a favor to ask. a question really. i think it would be good for you to update us on any bills or laws that resul in oppresion or anything outrageous.
slayer1104 thelastdragon
I swear this video actually brought tears to my eyes fuck yeah I love anonymous they are legion
Lazer Fly
are u guys like the illuminati
Voicemail message to “Secretary State’ Tillerson @ 10:51am PST 02/18/16: [(202) 647-4000 Ext4]:

"Hi. Are you aware the US has been proven scientifically to be an oligarchy and not a democracy? Are you aware this is not an opinion but scientific fact from a Princeton 2014 study? Do you realize until a conflicting scientific study is shown you do not represent democracy, the people of the US and/or the US Constitution? Are you aware you, the executive-branch and/or the "president" will be acting puppets for an oligarchy and/or organized crime? Who are the oligarchs? Would it be possible for you to follow international and US domestic laws ending illegal military aid to 'Israel'? Thank you.”

Voicemail message to “Secretary State’ Tillerson @ 10:44am PST 02/18/17: [(202) 647-4000 Ext4]:

"Hi Are you aware 'Israel' didn't exist prior to 1948? Were Palestinians not consulted over the name-change from Palestine to 'Israel?" How were zionists and/or fascists able to steal an entire country? Could the current puppet president Trump show me in the 'Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its activities during the Second World War, September 1, 1939-June 30,1947' where it describes 'death camps,' 'gas chambers' or 'extermination'? Please stop abetting the murder of children with my tax dollars. Please end our illegal military aid to ‘Israel.’ Thank you”

Voicemail message to “Secretary State’ Tillerson @ 10:36am PST 02/18/17: [(202) 647-4000 Ext4]:

“Hi. Are you aware 'Israel' is stolen land? Are you aware 'Israel' did not exist prior to 1948? Are you aware there is no scientific evidence of an 'ancient Israel'? Are you aware you zionists/fascists are ethnic cleansing Palestinians from Palestine? Are you aware the 'Occupied Palestinian Territories' (OPT) is more stolen land controlled illegally by 'Israel'? Are you aware 'Israel' cannot claim self-defense within the OPT, that those 'Israel' kills there are murdered'? Are you aware in 2014 in 51 days 'Israel' mass murdered 556 children within the OPT? Please stop abetting the murder of children with my tax dollars. Please end our illegal military aid to 'Israel,' Thank you.”
Guru Marke
how to join anonymous
Rich A.M
anonymouse with adsense? :)
Andres Guerrerero
I wish i could do something...
Jeffrey Toale
Bits 360
when i saw the religion part, i knew that the best of the best are not 100% perfect.
14.5K likes. Good stuff - stop watching your TV; this day and age nobody, NOBODY, has an excuse for not having internet. Educate yourself, before it's too late. They won't wait for us to prepare ourselves, they will act, and we NEED TO BE PREPARED!
armo 1997
I kindly ask that would take 1m out of your day to read this post.

The biggest distraction in the world is Sport.

Just think about how big sport actually is? How many people watch it then get envious of the rich athletes and think "I want that amount of money". So you work and grind in hope that you'll be able to complete that goal (sheep)

Why do you think they get paid silly amounts of money to play sport?

It's the same with acting, gaming etc.

They want us to feel like money will make you happier. Fuck that. Don't work like a sheep all your lifes. Go out and see the world. Be adventurous. Be kind and helpful when you can. Think positive and spread positive energy.

Look after your body. It's a temple. Love your family and keep in touch. If you do this, then you will be happy.

This is my philosophy on life anyway.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Right now i just wish i could get into stasis chamber, hibernate for 30 years. Sometimes I just feel like I came into this world waaay too early, we better get that age regressions stuff the secret space programs have 15 years !!!!!!!
please respond to me .
El Fellah Ahmed
Je remercie enormement les anonymous qui aide le peuple a nous ouvrir les yeux et notre coeur si nos dirigeant politique etais comme les anonymous on en serais pa la i love anonymous et je leur souhaite bon courage car ils mettent leur vie en danger pour toute l humanitè
Zeryab Ahmed
Good BLESS you ALL ANONYous :*
hack me i dare u u fcking twats lol
John Jett
Masses are eadily deceived and think they know but they do not know. Whats popular is not always right and whats right is not always popular. Soon Anonymous there will be a new government that will produce peace. Meanwhile the people will suffer great tribulations under present leaders.
John Jett
Anonymous. I just started watching and listening to your messages. Your messages appeals to a limited populace at level of intelligence for complete understanding. Drugs and electronics and wrong education have dummified brains with low intelligence.
안돼 대자뷰
Green_ man4200
we do not forgive we do not forget the fucking truth
The Unprofessionals
TBH Anonymous Official you guys are actually very cool! You interest me in the best way! And it makes me think differently! You guys are great, and thank you for your content, and justice!
PJ Bottoms
ps I know nothing means more than hiding your identity. I'm not a fan. not a fan at all. You sound like a liar and a bad guy. I get the point anon bu I think it sounds like your a liar go figure. you say all my own ideas but youre a lying anon terrorist making my own words seem stupid. You are a bad organization spreading proganda you cannot take mind either you pos.
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