typical youtuber
#🍚 rice
ty scooter trecks
You now what I beleve in you so make them stop
DragonModz Gaming
BEST YOUTUBE EVER 😀😀😀😀❤😀❤❤❤❤❤❤
Fatumata. aa
Awl I been with rice since this video dropped 🤙🏾❤️❤️❤️
if shes 13 im 96
Apple Pie Central
Miss old him
Jonathan Klavestad
Pineapple Team
I'm washing my face rn bc I didn't dodge it xD
hi rice gum u are a really funny guy and i love your videos byeeeeee
xOmqItzWolfx -Gaming And More!
I had multiple strokes while watching these kids...
Your Mum
2020? ANYONE?
hey alexaa
3:23 😂😭💀
Dave Smith
Sigh, these people are cringeworthy fucks, I wish I was born in the 80s, where youth had high school sex, social skills, and actual music. All of those things sound really good, but 1 stands out above the rest, you people know what I’m talking about.
Katie Lindemann
Cringe count:10000000000000
Sophie Prior
Rice creases me up
CoolBoy32 Ban
Man i cant believe the first one thats what jacob sartorious looks like lol
I dodged it
ThatOneGirlTasha :D
I'm not a hater, but, seriously do you not know what lip syncing is? Yeah, I get it, 13 year olds shouldn't be lip syncing to some of these lyrics, but you have to realise that they are songs. Obviously, they don't mean what they're saying because they are lip syncing to the song or audio. Seriously, how hard is it to pick up a hint or two? Again, I am not a hater, I am a fan, but that's what musical.ly is, they have innapropiate lyrics that 13 year olds lip sync to, I don't think they need to be stopped when they are clearly just lip syncing to a song. But, I do agree that some of these lyrics are just messed up way too much for young kids to be lip syncing to.
I dogged it
Trump's Successor
Just realised he low-key called Jacob a fucker rofl
Chris Davies
Rice used to be so chill 😂
Im a superstar
I'm 9 and I have a phone you Bitch!!!!!!!!!
Nitro Zeus
Uuuuu big mojor dickkkkkk u a child buller y to want fight i kid jusses cristh child abuse
Saniyah Gary
3 minutes into the vid
Me: Ok she's not that cringy I'll give it to her
Her: Playin' with my pu$$y
Me: F**k this Sh*t I'm out
This :$:$:$r said I’ll be bsbsshdjdjd
Nate Phillips
He said he was going to read all of the comments... can he read 140k comments?
Damien Wayne
Wow nobody liked my comment so sad😭
Damien Wayne
What does college rice gum your favorite YouTube or
Damien Wayne
I love rice gum he is my favorite YouTube or 😂😂😂 can you make me laugh until I die🤣🤣🤣
Damien Wayne
I'm from the year 2017 rice gum changed and he changed for the betterLol 😂
before he sold his soul to the illuminati
Cierra sartorius
I remember the first time I seen this I hated rice gum but now I watch all his videos 😂
crusty rusty musty dusty
R.I.P ricegum at 6:16
crusty rusty musty dusty
love you rice try stopping donold trump
Gennady Svetnikov
Who's watching in 2017 lmfao
Hagar NHC
Fuck I didn't dodge it
Adam Ali
Guys rice said when he was whipping with the belt his arm hurt. I though afro was whipping rice. Rice gum exposed
PointTime Gamer
7:28 one more thing to dodge
PointTime Gamer
Rewind and Dodge the kiss like it never happend
Anthony Young
music.ly is cringe af 😡😡😡
Brick Head
I Dodged It
Carlos Vargas Torres
Afro gum looks awesome 😌😌😌
Becky zena
Watching you is worst
DBZ Enthusiast
Rice how you about to expose Afro Gums identity
ItzAutumn MSP Msp
Maribel Vargas
You did a crime being a bitch.
They are way more popular than you.
Jordan Goad
I dogged that
RegenInstant Pro
Not judging, Buuuuuuut.
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