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Hi friends:)
Me and Summer are very bad babies LOL Summer had a bit of a problem with the toilet and i had a few super cool magic tricks for her.

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Dominique Pelabon
quand elle a était​ au toilette elle a pas enlever sont pantalon
anais aparicio
que hasco
Katie_emojigirl_09 Katie
Tina you are funny when you do the go over to summer and you run away
Kortnija Saulitex
sumer your for real farted
Cindy Harshaw
you are cut😳o
Cindy Harshaw
you are cut😳
Cindy Harshaw
you are cut
Micheal Yarbrough
Jessica Knope
mak the dad doo a big poo video.
Dua lipa cutie
The poo was probably made out of chocolate but it does look like real poo
omaima omaima
omaima omaima
galaxy glam
summer said a indian word ,(khana)
Aluna Hartawan
Aluna hartawan
Graciela Esquivel
de donde sacaron la caca de un perro
Ayden Jenkins
Nijah Hickman
are you ok summer I am sorry that happened don't eat to much chocolate
Richard Castleberry
Jesus Christ !!!!!!!!!!
Jordan saylor
I think tiaras friend was constipated
Kamal Hussain
Duto Pratomo
DC boy k boy
co you have a bikr
Get Money
that was so food you like or you fart
Laura Cruz
hi MySpace numero usted kaira todo mucho chocolete
chris w
I love this one tiana I am a big fan I watch your videos in bed every single night these cheer me up lol love Bella xxxx
Matt Gilger
your pants wernt down
Relli Relle
Got to see the one I had to get with the new update I had no more problem then it Wes said I was an extra day or a game for the game because it had to work on my iPad and it won't be the back my new game is on point at this time I want you too back up on my iPhone but now you have a new version to do with what it is
Kelli Reece
No thank you
Aina Garcia
This is going to embarass them so much when they are teenagers OMG
quite Sqaishey
I love the poop bit 💩
Nicole Zawadi
MumThe uumyuu
Humphrey The Hot Wolf Blaze
here because of quackity
Brittany Chapman
her friend stank
Hillary Gamez Moore
زينه الشهري
Samantha Arreola
did you reely fort
Junlun Fang
What is your number to call
Yair Perez
n 🙅 el mundo es de chhyty
da costa castelo glinardello vallentini
😌😋😋😋😌😌😌😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😌 no 2:39
da costa castelo glinardello vallentini
aaaaah em m no 2:40
Jarlyn Francis
uuu m
Tyrece C
Nichole Sumpay
wehn she eats 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nichole Sumpay
por summur 😭😭😭😭
Ahmad Boestamam Jaafar
Keenan Akbar
who dose that
Reisa Rahmayanti
How do you poop with your pants on
Dymone Smith
T I j
Catalina Andrea Barriga Arismendi
que le pasa a la niña negrita
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