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Hi friends:)
Me and Summer are very bad babies LOL Summer had a bit of a problem with the toilet and i had a few super cool magic tricks for her.

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marsha mallari.amelia
marsha mallari.amelia
Your so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute baby tiana and summer
Holly Reyes
make her poop on the other girl
Allyson Jarvis
love this video
sofia torres villa
aaajajjajaj en el minuto AAJAJJAJAJ at minute

4:01 sale algo :I QUEEEEE 4:01 SOMETHING COMES OUT :i whatttttttttttttttttttttt
sofia torres villa
ajjaajjja en el jjjjjajjajajj at minute
minuto 6:02 6:02 something comes
Lyla Underwood
u r the best
Nick Spice
Ewww she farted !!! 🤢🤢
Okyanus Hoverbord
Malsınız amkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Tiffany R
that looks real oh my her butt💩
Mya Jackson
the dinosaur is her dad
RobloxGirlGamer MSP/Roblox Gameplay,Anime and more
cupcake swirl
Chinchilla hats
This was very gross, even my three year old son was confused 😷
Vicki Green
What were you watching at the start🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Florina Papalet
You îs esaniol
Sparkyboy 96
It's so horrendous that we live in a generation where you can get paid shitloads of cash by acting completely mentaly unstable and assuming that playing with human feceas (real or not) is actually going to be entertaining for children. Hurry up world war 3...
Fatty Fat アヒル
salah larouach
Luke Stretch
Ff rhytyuthtegthnet
Freya Haynes
Lily Endersby
What did I just watch
Lily Endersby
That is so gross🤢
Why the f*ck did a dinosaur come in at the end and have the one that sh*t herself basically be a scat fetishist?
Nicola Woolcock
hey tiana
Laura Vazquez
how can she poop if she has her pajama on
Lps Kamryn cat
Omg that's my sister on taco Tuesday
Lilou Dupont
Elderflower Elderflower 62
Alice Shine
Imagine a pedophile with a fart + scat fetish watching this. Oh god...
Mason Zajicek
pasupathy balasubramaniam
its toooooooooooooooooo horible
Ella Nottle
T acts so gready in this
Why am I watching this at 4:21 AM?
Brenda Martins
Buy tu três cf hit xá txt três FGF no
klavdia tancosova
does tiana wear dummys because she has a lot of them.
like if same
Akami Itachi Pain Naruto Gaara Madara
Irgendwie traurig mit was man heutzutage alles geld verdienen kann
Sudenaz Kanberr
Nov milk
Imane Essarrare
fak you
Tatiana Façanha
Silvana Esparza
baja poop
Gamer Saleemithdod
she was the last two years later in the morning of the day of work and I will have to do with it and the best of luck with the new one of the most part of my favorite part of my life and I have a lot of the most of my favorite things are looking at it is the first to write YouTube videos on the way you can find
Einhorn Regenbogen
the old flat
brooke stallard
omg sumer
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