Juan M. Peña Butrón
Family friendly, mis cojones 33 YOUTUBE. Es lo más perturbado que he visto en los 11 años que llevo usando esta plataforma... Por el amor de Dios, que son niñas...
Lemony Lemmoyn
everyone report for child abuse
Bukky Osineye
yuck. this is a bit better now.
Volcom Azura
yall need some Jesus
Nellie Bloomfield
that is not nice to them
Putos pedofilos enfermos. Que os gusta la pizza de queso cabrones! Puto asco!
Mazie Reed
When Tiana started singing happy birthday to you reminded me two more days until my birthday
Ruth Mendoza
thats grose
JP 36
Vamos a denunciar todos tus vídeos y te vamos a volcar el canal, pedofilo de mierda.
Madam Ogbole
Jose Cruz hernandez
inappropriate for kids
ilysm but....what the heak is this!!
4 chan and forocoches together. Lets destroy pedophilia all over the internet!
Alejandro Moreno
You´re a sick motherfucker, pedophile. Wish 4chan destroy this channel
Tavie Abeki
Juan Ortiz
putos pederastas sinvergüenzas.
José R. Fernández M.
This chanel must be ereased
Maya Hussain
Mermet the Mermaid
Please do more orbe videos
This is so fucked up...
Nice Job Soros
Yuri Xxx67
Im starting to think that the good side lost the ww2
Zoe Gray



Sophie Watson
biscussting as well
Sophie Watson
horrible in it
Héctor Robles Medina
Report this video pls
Najma guled
horrid and very disturbing no kids should watch this
Sienna Shanahan
Baby's can't chew anything but baby food
Giavanna Falls
MALiyah Kiana you're the best fan
photos on the wall at 5:05
This is not right
This is fucked up
J Lacarra
Si queréis ayudar, denunciar este vídeo.
Jose Medina
Antonio Ramos Martín
que erección mas tonta oye
I think CPS needs a call...
Dick Kickem
this is fucked up
Aaron Marcos Martinez
This should be forbidden.
Everybody involved in this needs to be arrested
Mighty Amur
how much more do you think you can get away with
Damn that's some fucked up kids (adults) right there.
dygnoł mi
daje plusa
Djdj Sbsjh
Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live
Yudelka Brown
I'm am Your Good Fan and I give you 100 likes
For For
Magdalena Prusak
OMG pooop lol
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