SML Movie: The Golden Egg!

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It's Easter! And there is a golden egg hidden somewhere in the house!

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL MY FANS! If I could wish for anything, I would wish for all the fake accounts posing to be me in the comment to disappear forever! Remember to only believe comments that are actually posted by me with the verified channel name! What would you wish for?
mr soggy lord the s4lty
i would wish oh god i cant pick a life time supply of meth or 9/11 to repeat every day
Homa building Gavin
It was my birthday that day you recorded
Veronica Armendariz
I would wish to be in the paradise๐Ÿ˜
Arasely Sanchez
I seen when Bowser Junior and Jeffy switch their bodies and Cody's always weird he is one weird character
Arthur Washington
it would be for all the money in the world.
Carson Hamilton
To have a vagina on my face
Anabel Perez
I would wish for 10000000000000000000000000 dollars
Wizard Gabe
I'd wish for a million subway meatball sandwiches
Emir Adilovic
i would wish for a nintendo switch
Maria Estrada
To get all the characters from sml
MarQuez Sturgis
I would wish for jeffy to be real and beat his a@@ every time I see him
Kaleb Tay
Lightning power
Amber Philpot
Rock to beat myself
Jeevan Elliott
A Nintendo switch
Sport Bros
10mil so I can give it to my mom
Rowan Skelton
Kailey Lourenco
I'd wish for pizza
Mariona Stapleton-Daniels
I wish for to be the ruler of everything
Harry Gardiner
A life sub plz
Julian Urbina
I wood wish I had a million dollars
jacobcool septiceye
Wish for money
Xavier Mundell
My wish would be a million dollars or all the money in the world that's on this planet oh you know the planet is Earth hey dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy
Alfonso Golero
I wish for my family is happy forever and ever
Like Sab
Garden hoes
Like Sab
Cheskajayyy Pierre
Make a video with mega man
Felipe Arellano
$1000000 dollars
Braydyn Berry
Bowser jr:if i found the egg i would wish to cremate ken.cody:...

Hi person in the comments reading this!
I would wish for unlimited wishes
You should make a prank wars with everyone in it
NoahCraft05 _
I'd wish for 1 quadrillion dollars
Ari Buss
I would wish to have sex with my girfriend
Janne Galindo
Every lego Harry Potter set
Seth me Rex Vlogs
I would want to be a closer so I could live in the biggest house in the world
Trevor Ciaglo
Jr. is a jerk to chef pee pee
Suck my chef peepee
rap god rap god
Ima wish for fire powers
Antonio Jr simental
I am your biggest fan please come to Las Vegas and make a video about it
Mr Crocker
I wish I was stronger in Xenoverse 2
I would wish for 1,000,000,000 genies and then I would wish for hoes and 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Dollars
Malak Alsaudi
Justis Tucker
You are so osom
Carl Hill
Paulo Valdez
I will wish for hot dog
Mike Sears
Chief Kyle
I would wish for sml crew to meet me and record a vid
Carmen Brillhart
100000000000 dollars
Caryn Long
I would wish for a billions of dallars
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