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Marty and Moog head to LA to embark on a budget build off with rival TV show Roadkill. With a tiny budget and just a couple of days to build it, they'll have to pull off some crazy mods to get their car finished in time for battle...

Check out Roadkill's Episode and the Battle here:

This video was totally self funded. If you'd like to support the show feel free to grab a shirt, sticker or song from the MCM website. We ship worldwide!

The song featured in this video is by MOOG 
'Lift Me Up (feat. 7Skies)'


Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

Synergy Vince
Iam really want to buy that subaru no jokes!!
Pop's How To's
Not gonna lie, those "safety" nozzles on fuel/Jerry Cans cause more spills than they prevent it seems
"A mess with the new filter on"?
I remember when I rebuilt a 420A on my 1st gen Avenger... using old petroleum to break in the motor, an old filter gasket laid stuck when I replaced the oil filter. I remember the noise and running my heart out to shut the engine off because all the oil spurted out. Luckily this was only a few seconds, but oil filter gaskets are a true nuisance
What was the RED BUTTON for?
i want it. please raffle the Brat!! lol Baha
Aaron Renfroe
Nice spacex shirt,
SiouxPreme Golf
Roadkill doesn't deserve any of this. LoL nice job.
Andrew Bramwell
Benny is as cool as f##k!
27:39 check out mechanical stigs shirt :P
Cas V
at 2:20 that golf 6 tho..........
thomas pryor
I'm a road kill guy. Your build was SOOOOOOO much better than theres. Gunna have to check you out. Great Build!
James Labelle
This makes me want a Subaru Baja sti conversion.
22:42...what is the song?
I love how they never agree on the cars they get it just makes the episode much better
Guys. Just subscribed. Just found out about you blokes from the Roadkill video! Loved the Suba-Ute!
You guys made pretty good job but i wanted to see something more than just a carbuild. I'll stay with Roadkill.
Stay tuned and please no butthurt!
Joshua Shepherd
A Mighty Car Mods vs Car Throttle would be cool too! I smell a battle of the MX5's!
you just turned it into a baja
Horizon Bass22
they should add the subarute into fh3 in a car pack
Cruser Power
If ur in Australia everywhere is the other side of the world
Roland Muller
Bingo is ya monkey!
But what does the red switch do!?
"subaru brat sport"
45:07 - Can someone provide the name of the track? Thanks
John Doe
I've always dreamed of seeing this
Cheezitz 777
their videos are like watching a tutorial
B Boss
That random sweet lemon
I want a subarute
so you basically built an updated subaru turbo brumby
Michael Mars
I love you guys and have been watching for years. Word of advice don't ever agree to anything with Gas Monkey Garage. The guys from Roadkill will tell you Lol. Love you guys. Keep up all the good videos!!!!!!!!
its a brat pretty much
"I live my life one railroad at a time." You guys crack me up! The way you played those F&F jokes off one another was spot on. Keep up the great work!
Samuel Coventry
I subscribed
John Becay
talk about playing an away game...
You dudes basically built a modern BRAT.
so a ute is a pick up?
subaru does make one of these..
DrMike gas pwred
what is that red button for
EagleGamer - Gaming, Vlogs and more!
That supra tho
Josh Nicholson
Right when they are introducing the Subaru, who else spotted the sweet af mk6 golf in the background! šŸ˜
Benjamin James
as my dad always said with the right tools you can make anything fit
Jose Alberto Rivera
I want that bad beast šŸ˜Subi
I guess it looks like I'm going against public opinion but....I hope that neither of your webshows go on TV for any major length of time. These shows are what is all about; small budget, why not try it "Just Because", call the guys over for the weekend project FUN! Yah, yah, yah, Roadkill had a short run but they were just reruns from the web and the Motor Trend spin-off doesn't effect Roadkill. I enjoy Both series and can't pick either over the other. Just keep up having FUN with what you're doing and don't let anyone try to "sponsor" you into changing your formula; it's Perfect. BTW, since I live in the USA I'm pretty PO'd that I can't get either one of the Aussie Ute's! They are awesome as hell!
Scott Boyer
Does anyone know the song playing from 29:49 to 30:13 ? Please.
I figure this is what a modern BRAT could've looked like...
The bass is real in this episode especially when running the ute! Lol
I like how there's an r33 in the parking lot and they think nothing of it lol
ired Red
Will this fit on my honda
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