10 DIY Projects With Drinking Straws – 10 New Amazing Drinking Straw Crafts and Life Hacks

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Absolutely awesome craft ideas using drinking straws – DIY room decorations, bracelets, earrings, lights, jewelry organizer and much more. Everything is very easy and creative :)

Hope you'll like this video as much as my old video (DIY Bracelet Out Of A Drinking Straw - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVoF6Pw0MIU) ;)

I start with absolutely easy but incredibly cute bracelets. You will need just a drinking straw and a pencil sharpener. ;)

The second project – is DIY Jewelry organizer. You will need 2 set squares (triangle rulers (30°-60°-30°)), 4 drinking straws and 8 thumb tacks. Try it with any color and size :)

The third of ten projects is a candle jar with stained glass effect :) Take a glass, double-sided tape and drinking straws of any colors you'd like. I show how to make a rainbow jar.

Next DIY consists of 3 in 1, actually :) I show how to make beads of drinking straws and three ways of using it – bracelet, earrings and scrunchie. You'll need a candle, cold water, drinking straws and rubber band (you can use hair elastics).

Fifth idea – is a perfect way to decorate your home plants. I love this idea, because I have many potted plants and the decoration way with drinking straws is absolutely fantastic. Plants' soil can still “breathe” (unlike decorative stones), it is light, so doesn't press on plant's roots and it is beautiful! And recycled! ;)

Moving to the sixth project – great DIY bracelet idea. Seriously – cool! You will need an iron (turn it on the maximum high), parchment paper and drinking straws. Use any size of straws diameter, any color, experiment... But, be careful! After melting straws with iron give them 15 seconds to cool before touching.

Next – DIY Lamp with drinking straws – or DIY Colorful Pompom Light out of drinking straws. You will need bendy drinking straws, LED light bulb (make sure it doesn't heat up more than 40-50°) and a hot glue gun. Just a tip – don't glue straws to the ceramic part of LED bulb – just to the plastic part.

Eighth DIY is a bracelet. Similar to the previous one, but with cut straws. I love the mosaic effect! Do you? :)

Ninth – is a life hack :) If you're tired of solid natural color of your string lights – use drinking straws to improve it. Choose the color fits to your mood, change it everyday... I like this project, because it is impossible to find lights of colors which drinking straws could create – purple, violet, neon pink, lemon yellow etc. 

And the last, tenth project – is a necklace. Melt drinking straws with iron and cut any shape you like. I cut the heart shape, using pink+red+white straws, but it could be a green clover, purple star or black musical note... :)

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