Women Diet Like Kardashians For 30 Days

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Four women take on the challenge of working with nutritionist Kevin Libby (PH2 Nutrition) to diet like the Kardashians for a month. 

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Givenchy : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015
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Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Nightclub
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Kardashian Kollection Cocktail Party - Arrivals
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Khloe Kardashian Good American Launch Event
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011 Official Coverage - Atmosphere Day 2
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Vanessa Hudgens Cover: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/vanessa-hudgens-interview

Made By:
PH2 Nutrition
Kevin Libby, Nutritionist
Medical Sources: 

Teodora Djukic
did she actually say that she doesn't feel tired because she cut out all the cards.....
hazhelle gamolo
Before: Stomach out
After: Stomach in
Yeah great. Really great.
What's the diet?
I_am_a_unicorn _
Eat healthy but don't DIE-T
Esther Johnson
That's the amazing thing about healthy food; you can eat so much more of it because there are less calories in healthy food.
Why is diary so bad? :)
Amina Ibrahim
dam i want this diet
Academy of Despair
me, while making myself a bowl of pasta: huh, i should try that.
Hot damn they are whiny about cooking their own food.
As an exercise science major watching him use the male body fat caliper site on them made me cringe.
Faiza Anam
I love how one girl says part of the reason being healthy is hard because food is a huge part of socializing lmao I don't socialize I just love food..honest truth. I wish they talked about their workout routine.
MZMH////Myintzu Min Han
they are all over 20 and wording about that they are above 130 or 120 and stuff while I'm almost 13 and 150 lbs .-.
kalanithy video
I found whаt got tо be the beest weight lоsing info and to сheсk it out go tо https://vk.com/id432304135?w=wall432304135_11
Cactus Imagination Inc.
I'm like 12 and I'm about 125 pounds ☹️☹️
"I'm eating a piece of pizza and I don't care!"
Weighs her self
"I'm officially in the 120s! It's all worth it guys!"

.....what you broke the diet😂
that is so stubborn for her to say if anyone knows what they are doing is the Kardashians the Kardashians have money and get surgery they don't have a natrual shape you can just get from dieting and working out everyone has a different body and you have to learn to be healthy and feel comfortable with your shape as long as you are a healthy weight
Reesa More
bro how tf does Michelle look so much slimmer/different after only losing 3 pounds!!
Angela Athanasia
I want to try this!
Anyone want to support my channel & Subscribe? It would make me uber happy! <3 :D
Sami Leach
I do not trust anyone with the name Kevin for some reason
I wish that it included their height. I'm 171cm and weigh 145lbs, but it's hard to gauge the figures of the women in the video without knowing their height/weight ratio.
Malia Rae Reyes
The only dieting the kardashians do is the 8+ hour fasting they need to do before they get surgery😂💀
Ali Cat
Willows And wonder
My friend has hashimodos and she calls it chronic laziness as an excuse for not being active
G Lynn
Working out and eating right is not their life style ! They are foodies! They hit every fast food joint ! And then say ooh think I need to go run aile ! They don't live healthy they want you to believe they do ! There idea of losing weght is benging , then go get lipo
Can you guys make a video for weight loss/fitness plans that WONT cost an arm and a leg for the regular people? I love watching your content but I wish I could actually try one of them, but they're so expensive.
Nicole Everett Everett
LOL $145 on a weeks worth of groceries. Unnecessary, I spend around $50 a week on my vegan lifestyle.
Joanna Forsyth
inspiring x
ray and trin
@ that one lady: WE GET IT YOU HAVE CHILDREN
Claire El Chulo
When Michelle got mad at her weight
, I wanted to throw something at her. I'm 16 and I weigh 123 😒
Frizzy 123
I don't think the women should have to pay out of pocket for the food of the month
Larrisa James
7:02 was the highlight of my day😭😂👏🏻
im happy this proves that your success doesn't always show on the scale, they all looked significantly better
Justas Hiron
Quik weight losing information is compррiled for уоoооu, go to https://vk.com/id432304135?w=wall432304135_11
Keisha Shirley
now theyre all gonna binge and put it back on. The body needs carbs.
Natalia Jimenez
It's sad that I weigh more than all of them and I'm 14
Breonia Cross
Plastic surgery is how Kim got that body girl
Hannah Vastine
I wouldn't care about the stupid diet I would go and eat the cookies because I can't stay away from cookies no matter ho board I try
Ador kable
Idk but the nutritionist sounded kind of unimpressed by the end results
C-X 3
6:56 7:05

why do they sometimes censor and sometimes not
Fat Loss
How, what and when to eat? follow me...
Teresa L
why don't i see any comments about how the kardashians bodies are fake...
Teresa L
"what are they doing? how do they look like that" uhhhhhhh p l a s t i c s u r g e r y .
•Schleich animal lover•
What I don't get is THEY AREN'T FAT, SOOO
Shmegicorn !
they act like they so fat when im only 13 and i weigh 170
Gigi renee
All these woman are already skinny 😂
I am 12 and I way 170 pounds. I am healthy I go on walks with my dogs and I go outside as much as I can but nothing is working. I work out in my room and I go swimming. Yes I eat treats but barley any! Does anyone have any tips for me?
bells kells
the Kardashians have all gone through cosmetic surgeries. I don't think they r opposed to liposuction ...not a good example to base video on.
I need this guy
Nichole Green
lol I'm 5'7'' and 160. lordy I should lose weight
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