djoy (move one letter to the left on kb)
That could be a bomb..foolish ppl.
The Best Gaming
Im an Egyptian LMFAO
Eliz Cringle
Wow! This was really riveting, kind of edge on your seat type of a docmentary.
Why are you still using CRT monitors?
Who would have thought the thieve was arabic.. big fucking surprise.
People like this degenerate are at fault when we will start with mass deportations.
This devote muslims watches porn, does drugs, steals and lies to girls..
GTFO of Europe!
Ben anlamadim neden Turkce isimli attin video'yu. Harika bir kalite var, sanslisin ki yinede insanlar dikkatini cekti. Yoksa bizim Turkler ne anlar belgeselden, izdivac izlesinler.
carlos arrioja
Por un lado estuvo bien haberlo heccho para saber como y quien fue......saludos desde méxico ✌💙
Mercy Evia
my phone got stolen last week in Palma de mallorca uchhhhh and did find my iphone worked? NOOOO lol
What a story! btw typical Egyptian mindset.
Viktor Vaughn
ajjajajaj en ese pais ha durado como 3 años esperando que le roben su móvil. Buen experimento para otros países.
Blaž Sovdat
amazing film, i wish it would be longer :D
This is an awesome documentary. It was incredibly interesting !
Zong Lin Chiang
Quit interesting story, you should do part 2.
Daniel Andrade
Great fucking video man.
This is fun to see when you live in Argentina and you see how much work it took to get the phone actually stolen. I don't think that phone would last more than 15 minutes if it were here XD
F. Teixeira
poor people are always the ones that end up screwed over
Christian Maldonado
3:20-6:30 "why wont they steal my phone"
Tobias Dressler
Does somebody know how the name of the Software/spyware is ?
I want to install it on my phone to get it back if i lost it :)
Palo Štvorec
waw men..super video
Hazem Nadzmy
What font are you using in the intro? Mind to share with us? It is so brilliant!
more videos like this please
Johannes MagEs
Isac Ruiz
nice film man
Lukáš Dál Neřeš :P
That was awesome ! We need more parts..
Vilém Sedláček
Totally incredible.. wow
Opravdu výborný! Dobrý nápad.
What android cell phone model you use in this film
Something new ? Did you find your phone or not ?
Ondra Plecháč
That ending with mobile reconnection was amazing! Please continue in this movie!🙏😱
okolene 0510
Matěj Kačmář
12:01 fucking jumpscream
My phone was stolen last week. In just a matter of 5 minutes, someone stole it. I used the "locate my phone" feature and confronted the person twice but never got my phone back. I'm pretty sure I saw it on eBay but it was already re-formatted (and previously encrypted) so the only thing I wanted (my photos) are likely gone forever.
Ricardo Magron
well done!! best regards from brazil :P
Cristina Esposito
Marcus Miranda
4 dias sem ser roubado? Hahahahaha Queria ver aguentar 4 minutos aqui no Brasil.
Europeans are amazing people ... they could be stabbed but they would still smile!

Let's hope that soon they begin to speak Arabic, use burkas and follow Shariah.
Use this video for your application to the NSA, it's a nice portfolio piece.
D y e m Son
Wow supercreatief idee en mooie docu! Ook kudos voor de programmeur die je al die remote functies werkend kreeg!
Naz 17
Dit is ziek
Renato Assis
Júlia Freitas
In Brazil your phone would've been stolen the first day you tried, maybe in just a couple hours
Luiz Coimbra
Uitstekende video. Gefeliciteerd met uw initiatief!
Lucas Malaggi
very good
Sensacional!! But, what happens later when the phone is turned on again?
Documentaries Zone
The film takes an abrupt shift in tone at the end. I almost feel as if something happened that wasn't shown like he finally confronted the thief, even as to have a conversation and it went horribly wrong.
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