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After my phone got stolen, I quickly realized just how much of my personal information and data the thief had instantly obtained. So, I let another phone get stolen. This time my phone was pre-programmed with spyware so I could keep tabs on the thief in order to get to know him. However, to what extent is it possible to truly get to know someone by going through the content of their phone?

In the Netherlands, 300 police reports a week are filed for smartphone-theft. Besides losing your expensive device, a stranger has access to all of your photos, videos, e-mails, messages and contacts.

Yet, what kind of person steals a phone? And where do stolen phones eventually end up?

The short documentary ‘Find My Phone’ follows a stolen phone’s second life by means of using spyware.

Although you’ll meet the person behind the theft up close and personal, the question remains: how well can you actually get to know someone when you base yourself on the information retrieved from their phone?

Do you want the full story behind the film? You can contact me in order to answer all of your questions by means of an interview (I’m proficient in Dutch and English), or to invite me to a film festival.

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Eng.Mohamed Bassuny
i am an Egyptian and i feel like i want to say to you "I am Sorry for this"
Nicolas daniel laskosky mota
Mr. Anthony i find your york really amazing and well produced! congratulations to you and all your team!
Jacob Ellinger
when I was a teenageer me and my friend would sometimes play a game where we sit on the front porch and call out " hey man that's my bike" to random strangers riding by. Bad part of town so we got lots of people to apalogize and some speed up and fled. if they tried to give us the bike we would fess-up and have a good laugh at their reaction. sooooo many possibly stolen bikes. I say possibly because some of those people probably baught the bike from a friend or something.
did the phone got turn on ?? plz tell me :x
Muhammad Farrel
can you add subtitle indonesia
dude thats creepy as hell!!
Alex Cosinus
Hi Anthony! I saw this short film and then again because I really enjoyed it. I realized the second time when I saw the short film that it said '''dispozitiv conectat''. I was shocked when I saw that's my language because I am romanian. I can't wait to see the SECOND PART OF THIS, IN ROMANIA!
Stannis the Mannis of House Baratheannis
You could have seriously messed with this guy's head. Like contact him afterwards and share personal details about his whereabouts and conversations with him. What a missed opportunity.
tina fokes
pq Q1000
Rahul Kumar
Is this based on true story or just a drama?
G elli
When you found the last place he was at you should have ran called the cops told them you know where he is and you'd tracked him and they will help
Wow!! Ich hätte ab sofort Verfolgungswahn. Ich würde mir auch täglich Gedanken darüber machen, wo das Smartphone in diesem Moment sein könnte. Ich glaube er hat es verkauft.
Hi. Im from germany. What an amazing Video. Great, thanks and good luck. Please continue this Story
there is no possible way to unlock the iphone just by removing sim card or reseting format memory on itunes
Aboubakr Atef
Maybe He's not the Thief maybe he just bought your phone from the thief ... ?
Sergey Lavidenko
great job/good/
Ni Nyu
What kind of person steals a phone? You mean, a flagship phone?Common sense suggests, those that could not ever afford an overpriced flagship phone might be tempted to steal one if the opportunity presents itself. And of course, professional thieves. But more interesting is the question, who get their phone stolen and why? Usually those showing off their flagship phone in ordinary public places. Privileged people that are apparently being overpaid due to influence while others are being forced to toil dead end jobs. More often than none, unfathomable wealth comes from exploitation. Best example, Apple. Who is manufacturing the iPhone versus who is actually using it? And what are the working conditions?
Ну ты молодец такое придумать)))
Muck Yyuck
Кто с пикабу?)
Game Run
thans for subs
2279 GANM
wow, really nice sharing. thanks!
Софья Офрова
What's the language they're speaking? Sounds pretty pleasantly
Очень крутой фильм вышел, лайк за находчивость !
Markus TV
Опять наши русские бабы нас позорят.
Это новый уровень социальной инженерии
DrSoft Drsoft
Автор, ты подонок и провокатор!
DrSoft Drsoft
Bullshit! Shoddy! Какая он а к черту русская? Какой-то бред на английском с немецким акцентом и постановочным голосом. Если бы это была русская, она бы говорила с интонацией и материлась бы на чем свет стоит! Не будьте идиотами, не ведитесь на это фейковое видео.
Дима Григорьев
ВДЖЛИНК ЭТО ТЫ???????????????????
Sizuy Keks
Well, the thief certainly did not look like good person at any point of the film. Just an old scumbag, empty inside. I wish people like him never existed. Unfortunately, they do, quite a lot of them.
Равиль Нацу
Really good job man! Very interesting film.
Android = 1
iPhone = 0
Kurt Rozentaun
И фамилия такая режиссёрская
Александр Довбенко
Парень молодец! Грамотная работа! Но все эти сопли про связь с вором и даже жалость к нему - это излишне! Это сраный вор - и он должен сидеть в тюрьме! Сколько же сброда болтается по Европе и нихуя не делают полезного!!!
Alexey Soshin
Привет с Пикабу)
Denis Evdokimov
в России бы посадили за шпионаж на 30 лет
Александр Калмыков
Thats great work!
مجووود majoody
ياخرا شنو هذا 😂😂😂😂🌚
Alberto Martín Cárdenas
I liked very much
Каюмов Шухрат
good work
Петр Белоусов
Russian Internet also know about thus story.
Олег Бугаев
I'm sure his name muhamed
Brayan Calderón
What's the app name?
Ultrax XP
You can also install Android on an IOS smartphone. Than you have to install an interface which looks like IOS and then it isnt as obvious as it was here.
Christian Burmeister
Hi. Why didnt you report him to the police and/or tell all is friends what a sexy dude he is?
Clayton Clark
High-Tech Racism?! I have quite a few concerns regarding the integrity of this video, not
the least of which is how you could detect the smell of hashish on your
"suspect" from across the street. This would be especially difficult
while beaiing a hasty retreat in just under the time it takes for an
Arab to question why the guy who gave him a free used phone two weeks
ago (the theft wasn't caught on camera) is now filming in front of his house. Also note the excited antiicipation of the cameraman every time someone with a dark complexion approaches the 'bait,' and their subsequent disappointment when they don't walk off with it. His disregard for the truth is apparent in his willingness to file a false police report.
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