*MUST SEE!* 100+MPH Amtrak Train Hits Snow Bank! (was not expecting this!)

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On Friday, March 8th, we got over 20+ inches of snow, here in good old Massachusetts. I decided to visit Canton Junction, to get some photos of trains throughout the snowstorm. When this happened...

*I was unaware of the snow rift, and at first thought that my camera was smashed and my forehead was bleeding. Thankfully my camera was fine, and my forehead was not bleeding. 

So I was pretty happy, although the snow blast kinda through me off balance. I thought the video came out pretty nice, if this was ice, I may have not been so lucky. 

Thanks for watching!

What a fuck speed, very, very fast.
Joe Smith
in russia you dont plow snow. snow plows you.
tired of the BS
What are you gonna do about it? Not a damn thing.
Biruk Habtamu
if they were not expecting it then why did they record it??
nexus 0
one of a holistic learning you could say😄😄😄😄😄
Hans Landa
What'd this guy expect to happen, when train plows into huge snow drift at speed?.... To be whisked away by naked strip club dancers, adorned with fluffy marshmallows and cotton balls?
You weren't expecting it? Why do you think it blew the horn?
Robert Williams
Excellent video.
It blew it's horn for a reason
jamie carlson
i would be like wtf also
Crack _You
fucking clickbaity tittle
Eoin Is lit
Holy shit that's crazy but the maximum speed a Locomotive can go on that line is 150 so that's probably the speed
Noah Glymph
Northeast Regional?
John Smith
You need to learn how to fucking use pronouns. Maybe that's why "was not expecting this" because you're an idiot. You also don't start a sentence with a conjunction, you fucking idiot. I wish it had been ice.
Oliver Porter
Really want to railfan and catch this stuff in boston tomorrow
Dana H
I had no idea that Amtrak trains travel that fast.
Frank Clock
Warning for kids! Cussing ahead! Before watching this video, Get parent supervision!
i almoast pissed my pants!! lmao !!!!! what did you think would happen ??
Irfu Khan
was expecting flowers
barry phillips
Good stuff, haha someone got free snow shower haha haha.
PickelJars ForHillary
Train snowballed you!
Mr.Beast's Giant Asian Sticker
looks like papa aem-7 wasnt happy ahehehhee
Aidan Flagg
Wow that is fast, and that snow came like a wall of ice
The AEM-7 laughed its ass off.
sans The Skeleton
this is way everyone hates AEM-7 Diesels
Ricardo Montes
lol it did worn u
sans The Skeleton
the hell was that
Cole Croley
always expect the unexpected
Ron Geremy
haha haha haha what a slap in the face..
Brain Salad Surgery
I thought it was Cocaine, flying all over.
When trains attack lol
Helene Wortham
Liam Dumancic
Whipsters Idle
I'd say more like 60mph
Mike Jones
awesome video, glad you didn't get hurt!
"What the beep!"
Idiots, he was telling you to move -_-
Parker Belcher
Jump scare in real life.
Ken Long
speed limit is 87 mph on trains
Niko Valinteno
where you ok?
buddy u said the bad f word twice
Joan Williams
that must of hurt LOL
American Rails
LOL cool video!
Florida Railfanning 812
Hahah! And you even got hit by an AEM-7. I bet it wasn't "TOASTY"! Get it? "Toasty" "Toaster"?
Ian H.
95% of people in this situation would probably say wtf.
he said what the fuck XD
Richard Heade
This just advertises what a jerk he is for thinking after 20 inches of snowfall in
Mass. some of it wouldn't be lying around on railtracks waiting for a train to
come along, and when it did, at 100 mph, surely, this isn't unusual at this Station, he starts crying like a baby 'cos it hit him.
Derek Wall
this may have seemed like a harmless event but that snow could've had ice chunks in it big enough to take the camers head off
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