ATP Tennis - Top 10 Funny Crowd Interactions (HD)

Tennis is known for having a quiet crowd during rallies, so naturally the breaks in between points can seem really tempting to say something smart. These are 10 picks where the crowd has said something funny to the players, and it is really great to see the players reactions, they are also only human after all. What would you like to be the next Top 10?

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Tennis Top 10's:

Abdul Muiz
lets go nadal 😂
Byron Williams
No closed captions?
let's go pospisil! hahahahaha
Урош Васић
The thing on the Wimbledon between Victor and Novak would be so fucking hilarious in any other place on the world except in England.You boring teadrinkers
Bobby Fischer
Anyone can tell me what was said in 3:25? Anyone??
Marie Bührle
I bet he's tempted to have a look 😂😂
and the commentators sounds like they're orgasming.
is it just me or does that woman who yelled at nadal to marry her sounds like sophia vergara?
Roddick after won point "what? Okay, from now i have to be rafa."
Really enjoyed this. May I suggest Top 10 worst crowd interactions?
Mathew Tran
My favourite one was when federa put up his hands and then everyone started to cheer and when he put his hands down everyone stopped and I also liked the one when someone yelled "Nadal will you marry me?"
4:47 -- "Hey Nadal, will you marry me?" No thanks, my crack sweat smells better than you!!
EMT Quiver
Awesome compilation! Tennis sport is so intense, its special to see/review moments especially for players..good luck with your feeds.
I am so high right now I am seeing Andre with LONG HAIR!!!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Tennis - the best sport!
my favourite was someone in the crowd at wimbledon calling out in a confused voice, "Come on, Tim!" henman wasn't in the match.
Pra_Cash Raja
He said yes to that lady but remind himself he doesn't wanna die from her girlfriend's hand 😂😂😂
Ajay Mulekar
Give him a chance roger..😃😃
Navid Namini
What did he say at 1:47
Matt Clark
You've definitely got my like, and a smile. Thanks for all these amazing videos.
Matt Clark
I remember watching that Troicki vs. Djokovic watch live and that moment was really funny.
Let's go Pospisil! <3
kid gloves
Nathaniel Atkinson
Counterpart spill laugh emotion salad craft respond.
Steffi Graf was still the best ever.... and it's not even on this list.
I disliked
Matthew Shearer
2:37 good old donald trump in the background
Pospisil has one fan!
Robert Latta
What was said at 1:46, I can't quite tell
Nidza BlejaCox
4:34 hahaha! :D
Elle Chim
Let's go Pospisil....
Eljay Shaun
Could you do a video on "Top 10 Revenge Matches" or something like that? The idea is a player getting revenge for a famous match he lost in the past against the same player. So, for example Verdasco beating Nadal in AO 2016 was revenge for his defeat in AO 2009, Nalbandian beating Hewitt in AO 2011 after losing to him in AO 2005, Federer beating Murray in Wimbledon 2015 after losing to him in 2013, etc. Basically all these matches were famous matches that more often than not went to 5 sets or were very tightly contested.
The best one for me "Give him a chance Roger" and then Roger's fault on the serve lol
Muhammad Wasif Ali Khan
What happend to "How much money do you have?" ???
Micah Erwin
I remember reading about that "he's a punk you're a legend" in Andre Agassi's book
Monika Prokopová
Love it :)
عاشق هزيم الرعد
do a seconde parte plz
You should have forgetten about Steffi Graf and "Will you marry me" Crowd interaction.
Great one, but it would have been perfect if you included the Steffi Graf interaction. "Steffi will you marry me?" "How much money do you have?"
Davotschki 16
these are really mi favourite moments in this sport, so great to see that kind of things somethimes!
Abraham Villalobos
Top 10 demanding and yet lost points.
Thomas Johnson
3:22 I was there at that match😂😂😂
Damn, i cant hear anything
what is shouted by the audience on the first?
Devil's .Breath
Nice compil. I like it
There was a good one at Wimbledon during Federer v Evans
Youssef Dri
What did the guy yell to Djokovic?
diego dominguez
hahaha funny
TheBigSquirrel 50
1:45 "he's a f*ck, you're a legend" 😂😂😂
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