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Clara Anna Kristoffersen 9Y Usserød Skole
Clara Anna Kristoffersen 9Y Usserød Skole
Was the first vine real to fake
Destiny Stilley
In the first vine. Is her eyes actually stuck or did she just do it for the vine. Please answer
Niki vlogs
is innnnaaaaannnnaaaaa okkkk??!!!😟😟
Isac Gamer
8:39 lol my favorite!
thumbnail at 5:49
Yessica Sanchez
It's cool when flash ran fast
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴄᴀɴᴇ101
Did anyone else see at 6.39 he had 300 messages 😂😂
S.M. Hridoy
may i know the name of that girl at 0:36 besides​ hanna
rayyan Arkana
so hot
is hannah's eye thing real? because ik that the others are edited
Rafy-L Brick Films
first vine that was painful.
awsome nail arter
+Wilam foran yes it was...i think
Mireya Mendoza
When I was 25 and my girlfriend was 23 and we do the same thing in 5:50
Mireya Mendoza
Ooooooohhhhhh yaaaaaaaa 5:50
Dark Boyz
Lydia Roblyer
did Innana really get her I stuck
Pug Life
Random Pads
I wanna be a youtuber too can you subscribe to me all
Larns Jacko
How do u do the eye trick
Claire Jones
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I came for the thumbnail,
So did you! 😉
loved the vine at 11:16
Julie Manley
omfg the first vine is so funny at frist but then...yah thats the proplem i tried to do it but i almost i dient do it again
Ashley Morris
Ashley Morris 😅😅👑👑😁😁😁🏡👑👑😁😁😁
Sandra Sauceda
layantube it wasn't real it was fake it didn't get stuck
Me and Rihanna in the house Rihanna work
lele pons😊
Hamza Touhami
ahmet kaya
that 1 is cool and de last one is cool to
Kamar Bridges
my last name is bridges
Alisheba Moorehead
fuck you
MasterGamer 4651
sexiest man alive all panties falling if i was there i would ask him for 2 or 1 chick
Valentino Condello
Hi lele pons
Julia love
who is prettyier hannah or Amanda ?😂
Surkhab Sekhon
so funny and sexy vhen she romoving clothes
Azren Hodzic
what is the name of the song at 9:47, by the way can i get a like because i dont care about likes :)
lavon305playzRoblox Sanderson
raindrops drop top smoking on a cookie in an croppot fucking on yo bitch she a thought thought my nigga's bad and boujee bad cooking up wit lil uzi my bitche's bad and boujee XD
Hernandez Henry
The song is dope but I don't know the name of the song
Hernandez Henry
Do you know what is the name of the song in the vine " you can't pull Santa over" by arberi feraj
Harun Bin Ali
fuck you on the last one
Skylar Taylor
is she ok
is your eye ok
Bianca Phongphiou
omg Ianna got her eye stuck!!😅😂😂😂😂😂
Kare Bear
The last one said a lot of bad words. I didn't like it at all 😔😠
M Lewis
Trust issues got me dead
Are those creepy eyes from Hannah real?
Цветелина Георгиева
9:48 song?
Football Master
Cct XX cv x
Rachells Slimes!
can we get to 1 like
Koda Phoenix
That is how we girls give complements
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