Moms Get Kylie Jenner Makeovers

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Celebrity Sightings in New York City - September 10, 2016
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Kristina Fox
Kylie is overrated & Kendall is underrated.
Ashley Style
"are they gonna give us lip injections cause i'll be into that" lol whose mom is this im dying
Tatum Reinholdt
Ochi looks more like Jen Akins in her Make up! ❤️❤️❤️
Aulona Hadroj
Kylie Kardashian... cringe right??? like if u think so
Wow the looked sooooo gooooddd
Cora Close
That wig was the only halfway decent thing about this video
Lisa Reeve
Lmao. Bad makeup.
Ally Russell
Morgan does not look good....
Ally Russell
The foundation is horrible for both of them...
First Last
Those two are probably in their 30s and their obsessed with Kylie lmaooo get a life
the colour is burnt sienna
Kucsora Tomi
Am I the only one that thinks Morgan (the blonde woman) looks like a drag queen with this makeup?
Vanesa Carlström
She looks good in long Hair
G Cool
People always think that young girls especially are always thinking of what other people think of them, but really everything we do is because we like to do it. We don't always try to impress other people and even if we do it's not always about impressing it's about sharing.
Nicole Johnson
Omg the foundation colors were so bad
Juliet Mosby
its a yeezy color.... you mean a khaki
it was a color before Kanye..... just saying
Lilly Morgan
No offence but LOL 😂😂😂
Tiana pryce
2:39 she looks like Jennifer Aniston
Strictly country
The one with the dark hair is what Kyle I will look like in 30 years
Perrie Edwards
one of them looks like kourtney
Tonia Young
The one with black hair looks so much like cournty
Avalokita Tuladhar
at 2:25 I thought she had a wardrobe malfunction
The mom with dark hair ended up looking like Kourtney
Alexandria Kelly
The blonde one actually kinda looks like a bigger version of Jennifer Aniston with makeup on...
Edwin Garcia
Ochi with make up on looks like Kourtney Kardashian
gracie machin
I cant be the only one who thinks the dark haired woman looks like Kourtney?
I'd ride park jimin's d for free
I'm disturbed
Daisha Magee
The darker features mom literally looked like a kourtney look alike
The mom with platinum hair's foundation is horribly matched her undertone is probably pink instead of yellow
Even Kylie Jenner herself has admitted that she made her lips too big so XD
enoch wade
I have to say they look gorgeous both ways! And being a mommy does not mean you stop caring for youself ❤️🤘🏻
Addy Rawr
they really need to get a better make up artist
"Everyone should want to show off their bodies!"
No. Some people don't want that. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to show a lot of skin, just as there is nothing wrong with wanting to do so.
Kay Calla
I so want to work at buzzfeed
Elena Diridis
1:05 FINISH HER!!!!!!!
Nicole Nininahazwe
Ochi looks like Kourtney K !!!!!!!
Forest Ginger
Totally a Kourtney and khloe ☺ Good job mamas ❤
Zipppie Derf
wow their makeup artist is terrible... those lashes were lopsided and cheap looking
Brooke Ottaway
Am I the only one that thought her elbow was her breast at 2:26 😂
Nath alie
i think there really pretty
Kate Lindblom
that mom with the plaid dress looks kind of just like kortney kardashian
K Leshea
they do look like Kourt &Klo
Hi C
The girl with short brown hair looks like kourtney
ii want to do this now :'(
;_; im gay 4 ochi (and some other folks but my god she's beautiful) also they're both funny & cool
Morgan Beckham
Moms are great
Maeva Mae
The woman with the short black hair looks so much alike Kourtney Kardashian !
Mansi Chandra
They have experts for kylie?
Idk how I feel about that.PERIOD.
Ashley Bosch
my dream is literally to work for buzzfeed
bleach rat
goalsss omg !
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